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Friday, March 9, 2012

KU Loses to Baylor MU Beats Texas 2012 Big 12 Tournament

Mizzou gets the last laugh as KU pathetically loses today to Baylor, thus knocking KU out of the Big 12 Tournament. Meanwhile, the better of the two local college teams, MU, stomps all over Texas like they weren't even there. That's KU out, MU in, and the Jayhawks will watch the rest of the Big 12 Tournament from their couches while the Tigers march on to the finals.

Today's Big 12 Tournament excitement started with a match up between Baylor and KU at The Sprint Center in Kansas City under the big spotlight. The number 1 seeded KU Jayhawks were immediately eliminated from the tournament by a thorough beating from Baylor as they sidestepped, juked, picked, blocked and SLAMMED against the weak KU defense all day long. The Jayhawks exit the Big 12 Tournament with little more than a "squawk" and they will watch the rest of the tournament from the couch. A fitting end to the KU Jayhawk season as they looked weak all season, losing to MU in Columbia in a decisive win by the Tigers, and then getting extremely lucky a few weeks later when Mizzou allowed the Jayhawks to miraculously come back from a 19 point hole at halftime. As KU walked off the court at the Sprint Center today in complete shame, the news started coming in from the second, more important game...

Enter the MU Tigers, the Big 12's best team by far, only ranked number 2 due to a skewed college NCAA ranking system that has always favored the hawks. MU showed the world which team was the best once and for all as they stomped all over Texas by a whopping score 81-67. Texas never stood a chance against the amazing MU Tigers basketball super power, and the Tigers had their starters pulled by the end of the game. Had KU and MU met in the Big 12 Tournament, it is now obvious that MU would have pummeled KU by a very large margin with almost no effort. KU showed how weak they were today, and MU showed how strong that they are.

MU will now go on to brighter pastures in a more elite league in the SEC, it was nice knowing you KU, but MU is going to need some better competition going forward.

2012 Big 12 Tournament - MU defeats Texas - KU loses to Baylor and is eliminated from the tournament, March 9th, 2012 - Kansas City News

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