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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Madden 2010 Superstar & Franchise Tips

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Madden 2010 is definitely a tough game and we got so much response on our last blog about tips for madden 2010 superstar and madden 2010 franchise that we decided to put out some more tips and info about the game.


First of all, for all of you "sprint button freaks" out there, Madden 2010 has gotten wise to you. It no longer pays to mash on the sprint button all of the time. This is why they moved it to the outer buttons (R2). In Madden 2010 it is essential that you release the sprint button before you attempt to use any of the other buttons. For instance, if you're trying to make that big tackle, it's best to use sprint to get yourself into position, then release the sprint button at the last minute and mash on the tackle button of your choice. The safest tackle button is x. For a big hit (and possible fumble) you can use the square button, but make sure that you're in position or you will miss. Another good button to try is the "strip" button (L1), but if you're going to try the strip move you had better make sure that you have another teammate who has your back because this button will make you miss the tackle completely 50% of the time. On offense, the story is the same, you must release the sprint button before hitting other buttons in order for them to work to their full potential. When trying to catch the ball (triangle), try releasing the sprint button before going for the grab at the very last minute and you will have more success catching. When running the ball either with the running back or after a catch, sprint until they try to tackle you and then use another button to escape - beware of the "truck stick" (right joystick UP) because using this will make you fumble occasionally.


Odds are, the computer is not going to beat you with the running game. The running game is the easiest to stop on Madden 2010. Passing, on the other hand can be nearly impossible to stop (especially if you're playing against The Colts). To stop the pass, find the team's #1 target and use the "spotlight" function to place a special coverage circle around that player. To spotlight a player, wait until you have chosen your defense, then when your team takes the field hit and hold down the R2 button - a list of players will appear on your screen with a respective symbol next to each of their names (hit triangle to highlight Reggie Wayne, hit square to highlight Dallas Clark, etc.). This helps a little but you've still got to really watch the coverage. If you're a master at getting to the quarterback, then that will definitely help. The Colts LOVE to throw to Collie, The Titans LOVE to throw to Bo Scaife, etc. If you find that you're getting burned by the plays that the running back goes out for a pass in the flat, become the Strong Safety and shut that shit down.

Also, as a Kansas City fan, I tell you to be sure and kick Larry Johnson's butt right off the team if you play the Chiefs. Also, if you become the Chiefs you will need to beef up the line on offense and defense. My friends and I created two brothers called LUMP and LOAF who play defensive and offensive line respectively. You will also get burned on the sidelines if you don't pick up at least one good cornerback. Lastly, you will want to get a real quarterback - and if you give old ghetto Larry Johnson the boot, you will want to get a good running back as well - Charles is a good 3rd down back but he is not good as an every down back because he cannot break a tackle.


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