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Monday, December 12, 2011

Man Escapes from Prison Lafayette County Jail Tommy Haubrich

Just like in the movies, Tommy Haubrich, who was serving consecutive sentences for robbing Walgreens pharmacies has done the near impossible - he escaped! Tommy gained access to a maintenance room that led to the roof of the Lafayette County Jail on Saturday night and escaped from the prison. It was not until Sunday afternoon that prison officials discovered Haubrich had escaped so we're guessing that he is probably almost over the wall in Mexico or somewhere in the deep woods in Canada.

Haubrich pled guilty in 2010 to charges of robbery as he and a few buddies were going around knocking over local Walgreens stores robbing the pharmacies in order to get pain pills. Details weren't mentioned but they were probably after the popular pain killer Oxycontin, which has a high street value and a large client base as many Americans are addicted to Oxycontin (check out the TV show "Intervention" for a close look at Oxycontin addicts and their daily habits). It is highly unlikely that Tommy Haubrich is dangerous, and he is most likely trying to lay as low as he can, making his way toward an area of the world where he can find shelter, hide out, and probably score some Oxycontin.

Breaking out of prison isn't easy I'm sure and Tommy Haubrich proved that he has what it takes to bust out of the joint. He was reported to have over 100 years of prison time coming to him and it must have been too much to fathom for this prisoner as he took matters into his own hands and broke out of jail. Haubrich is described as being 5'10, 200 pounds and is what authorities are calling "clean shaven". Tommy probably won't be clean shaven for long with that report floating around the news, he will hear that and begin growing a beard and mustache immediately. He might even head for the Ozarks as it would take quite awhile to find anyone down there since it became a ghost town back in 2009.

The Lafayette County Jail is located in Lexington, Missouri, but the internet has very little information on the jail - no photos, inmate info or anything that we could find. A sneaky little prison in a broken down town where the 31 percent of households have children and only 48 percent of households have married inhabitants. The mean income for Lexington, Missouri is a mere $17,000 per year. It sounds as though Haubrich had somewhat of a plan in place, and most likely arranged for transportation to assist him in his escape. If he indeed has access to a motor vehicle he is most likely miles away from Missouri by now.

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