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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cassel Outstanding in Return From Surgery Chiefs Win 27-13

The Chiefs started a little slow on Sunday in St Louis against the Rams. By the end of the first half, however, the Chiefs had stolen momentum and it was apparent they would go on to a victory. The Rams got off to an early 6-0 lead before the Chiefs woke up on offense and scored 14 unanswered for a 14-6 halftime Chiefs lead and never looked back. Ryan Succop (how would you like to grow up with that last name) added added two field goals, including a 53 yarder to put the Chiefs up by 2 TDs in the 4th Quarter. A Rams score added some drama until this Jamaal Charles outstanding 80 yard run set up an insurance 2 yard TD run by Thomas Jones. Incidentally did you see Cassel's AWESOME spike after Jones's TD - Man he was fired up.

Matt Cassel didn't show any ill effects of his recent appendectomy and was very efficient all day (with the exception of the 1INT he threw). He was 15-29 for 184 yards, and I counted 2 terrible drops by receivers, both on third downs. Cassel also had a gutsy 13 yard scramble in the second quarter. Great performance by a gamer 11 days after invasive surgery.

You also can't say enough about Jamaal Charles. He increased his season yards/carry to an incredible 6.4, more than yard/carry more than anyone else in the league. He probably would have reached the endzone on that 80 yard run if not for legs cramps that had bothered him throughout the game.

The Chiefs still hold their destiny in their hands. Wins at home against Tennessee and Oakland ensure a Division title and a playoff game at Arrowhead. Get some Chiefs!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Matt Cassel to Start on Sunday vs. St. Louis

Matt Cassel to Start on Sunday vs. St. Louis
by Kansas City News

I'm going to go ahead and call it - after listening to coach Todd Haley's interview today it really looks like Matt Cassel is going to be a go for Sunday.  The Chiefs are looking at this game as the biggest game they have faced so far this year - not because of the weak ass Rams, but because the game means so much now that the 49rs couldn't figure out how to stop the Chargers.  I don't want to hear any more about how great the 49rs defense is - NO GOOD - they suck ass.

We will be the first news source to announce the starting of Matt Cassel, and we hope that Matt feels well on Sunday and can lead us to victory.  Further into the interview today Haley mentions that he is preparing "multiple quarterbacks" for Sunday, showing us that he does not trust Brody Croyle and that he is probably taking applicants from people on the street to play the QB role for the Chiefs.

No matter who is playing QB this week, we need to throw the ball early and often so that the St. Louis defense doesn't get comfortable early in keying on our running game - like we did vs the Chargers last Sunday - sheesh - let's just telegraph exactly what we're going to do - idiots.  The Chiefs running game shouldn't even be featured until the 2nd quarter at the earliest.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chiefs Dominated by Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs were dominated by the Chargers in every phase of the game Sunday. It can only be described as a forgetful performance by the Chiefs. Brody Croyle certainly would like to forget his only start of the season, and 10th consecutive loss as a Chiefs Starter. Though Croyle could be an easy target, this game was by no means his fault. In fact, the rest of the team and the coaching staff should issue a public apology to Brody for the lack of support.

The Offensive Line play was terrible - the worst of the season. Barry Richardson looked lost, and the coaching staff doesn't get the man any help. No holes opened up for the running game and no time for the quarterback. When Croyle did have time, he actually passed the ball pretty well. A key drop by Bowe on third down, a nice pass play called back by penalty, and a great defensive play by a San Diego back kept Croyle's efforts from showing up on a stat sheet.

Defensively, the Chiefs just couldn't get off the field. The Chargers made play after play on third down to keep floundering drives going - The Charger's 11 of 15 on third down compared to the Chief's 0-11. Is that right? 0% third down efficiency? uggghh, this game was worse than I thought. Nevermind, why am I trying to find bright spots. Fuck it, let's look at the rest of the season.

The Chiefs now most likely have to win out to win the division and go to the playoffs. The Chargers have a game lead in Conference record which would be a tiebreaker if they finish with the same record as our Chiefs. Certainly it is doable with the remaining schedule.

at St Louis - St Louis is a young team fighting for their division Championship (very dangerous game)
Home against Tennessee - They seem to have given up, should be an easy win
Home against Oakland - Throw out the record books when we play the Raiders, anything could happen.

Take care of business and we go to the playoffs. I think we can do it, but let's be honest, it's just good to play meaningful games in December.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Matt Cassel Appendectomy Injury Report for Chiefs

Matt Cassel Has Appendectomy Surgery - Injury Report for The Kansas City Chiefs
by Kansas City News

Today the question about why Matt Cassel was suddenly absent from Wednesday's practice was answered when it was reported from The Chiefs camp that Cassel had an emergency Appendectomy this afternoon.  Cassel, who has been performing great on the field for the Chiefs of late will likely miss up to 4 weeks due to this injury.  At the very least he will miss this Sunday's game when the Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers - a must win game for the Chiefs.  According to medical sports experts, the earliest that a player has returned from an appendectomy was 10 days, but the injury should likely sideline a player for up to 4 weeks.

While we are all happy that Cassel will be okay, this will surely affect the outcome of the game against San Diego this Sunday.  Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones will really have to step up and carry The Chiefs to a victory this week.  With Cassel out, Chiefs backup quarterback Brody Croyle will be the starter.  Croyle has not thrown a pass in regular season this year, while Matt Cassel has thrown for 2503 yards, with an astonishing 23 - 4 touchdown / interception ratio with a passer rating of 98.4.

The Chiefs officially gave Cassel a 50% chance of starting once the news of his appendectomy was announced, but this statistic is very doubtful according to medical experts.


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