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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phil Mickelson Wins The Masters for the 3rd Time at Augusta

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Just moments ago Phil Mickelson won his 3rd green jacket at The Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Phil Mickelson finishes with a 16 under for the round, a 4th place overall in Masters Tournament history. Phil did not lead the Masters after 18 holes, after 36 holes, or after 54 holes but wins the Masters today regardless.

Phil had an incredible shot from out of the woods on hole 13 which landed about 5 feet from the cup. He would birdie 13 and move on. Phil's wife Amy Mickelson has been undergoing treatments for breast cancer and laid down in the hotel room during much of The Masters Tournament. She and their three children were present for the final round today as Phil and Amy had an emotional embrace at the end of the 18th hole celebrating Phil's victory.

Tiger Woods was supposed to be the headline in The Masters tournament as he returned from a long hiatus from the game of golf after his public affairs sent him to the top of every news story in the country. Tiger did not perform up to his own standards this week but he still put up a 4th place showing of 11 under par.

But it was Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy at the finish of the 18th hole that made the story today; a very emotional win for an overjoyed Phil Mickelson.

Congratulations to one of the only left handed golfers on the tour, Phil Mickelson.


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