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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 - Thursday Nov 25th

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 - This Thursday November 25th
by Kansas City News

Is it really Thanksgiving week?  Time flies when you're having fun, or when you're working your ass to the bone, either way.  One bright spot in this lead-in to the winter holidays is the Lighting of the Plaza Lights.  Kansas City is widely known for it's famous Plaza Lighting Ceremony, and on Thursday night at 7pm the lights will come on for the 81st time.  The Lighting Ceremony is sponsored by KCPL of the new Power and Light District and will feature the talents of Kansas City legendary band leader Dave Stephens and The Dave Stephens Orchestra.  Finally the old dorks who book the entertainment for the Kansas City Plaza Lighting Ceremony got rid of those irritating white women who sing with shrill and irritating vibrato voices and passed the torch to a real entertainer in the form of Dave Stephens who's "rat pack" style better suits the idea of Kansas City Jazz and Jazz Bands and well, he also throws fire - which is pretty cool.

This year the switch will be thrown by the Kansas City Chiefs tandem running back corps Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Tune in to KCTV-5 at 6pm for live coverage of the Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 or brave the cold and go in person.  Bundle up though, it's supposed to be 34 degrees that night with a wind chill of 20.

The Plaza Lights in Kansas City burn daily from 5pm until 3am from the Lighting Ceremony on Thursday November 24th until January 13th, 2011 when they shut them off.  KCP&L will replace over 10,000 light bulbs to prepare for Thursday's Lighting Ceremony.


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