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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kansas Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect, Met with Opposition

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Effective this morning, the Kansas smoking ban has officially gone into effect. The state now prohibits smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces, joining 30 other states that enforce a similar policy.

When news of the ban originally broke, several businesses decided to take the ruling to court. A Shawnee County District Court ruled yesterday that the ban would be enforced, however over 30 private clubs may permit smoking. This replaces the old policy that had a ban in place in Kansas, however bars and restaurants could opt out by paying an annual $250 fee.

There appear to be more legal challenges on the horizon from a variety of bars, restaurants and casinos that feel the law will greatly restrict business and could be unconstitutional. It will be interesting to see how many of these businesses win a permit to allow smoking such as the private clubs that benefited from the Shawnee County Court’s ruling.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kansas Smoking Ban Bans Smoking In All Enclosed Public Places

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Effective July 1st, Kansas will join many other states in banning smoking in almost all enclosed public places. Prohibiting smoking in enclosed public places is part of a growing trend nationwide that makes the habit more of a hassle for smokers.

Many smokers are being forced to pay higher premiums in health insurance and other acts that are being protested as discriminative. As more anti-smoking laws get passed, the debate between legislature that promotes public health and boundaries of citizen rights presses on.

Republican Representative Ray Merrick has suggested that smoking restrictions remain a local option, which gives businesses a choice on following the ban. Giving local businesses an option may be a way to find a middle ground between personal freedoms and public health, however it may not be an option given the recent momentum in the anti-smoking campaigns.


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