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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rachel Perez Sentanced to 8 1/2 Years

The De Soto, KS mother who starved her 6 year old Down Syndrome child nearly to death has been sentenced to the maximum 8 and a half years in prison. The 27 year old mother of 4 was arrested last year on outstanding traffic warrants. She told authorities at time of arrest that she didn't have the boy, but police returned to her house later that day at the persuading of a family member and discovered the boy. He was locked in the attic, nearly starved to death and covered in his own shit.

The judge, Peter Ruddick, quickly sentenced Rachel Perez to the maximum 102 months in prison. He could find no mitigating circumstances that would justify a lighter sentence even stating that 8 1/2 years "was not a terribly long sentence for what she did to her son". A tearful Perez had just asked the judge for leniency stating that she didn't mean to harm her son, but was afraid authorities would take the child.

What might be even adder is that this woman has three other children, including one she gave birth to in jail. All four are currently in foster care. I'm sure they all have bright futures with trash like this for a mother. Also, I would like to know where the father of these children is? More likely fathers - they share some responsibility too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Charges Upgraded for Mother in Attic Child Case

Rachel Perez will not be receiving the reduction in bail she was seeking earlier this week. You may remember her story and that of her 6yr old son with Down Syndrome. Because of a "high risk" pregnancy, Perez's lawyer had asked for a reduction in the $250,000 bail. That request was withdrawn yesterday as attempted Second Degree murder charges were added. Also previous charges of Child Abuse and Child Endangerment were expanded to cover two years instead of one day of abuse.

The case started in August when authorities were called to Perez's home in DeSoto, KS after her parents were concerned for the boy's safety. They found the boy starving in an unfurnished, sweltering attic. He weighed just twenty pounds; Less than half of what a 6yr old boy should weigh. Neighbors had said that Perez was seen walking with her two daughters, but they never saw a boy. They were told the boy lived with their father. Perez also did not alert the authorities to the boy's presence in the attic at the time of her initial arrest on an outstanding warrant. It was not until the authorities returned 6 hours later at the urging of the boy's grandparents did they find him in the attic. This is probably the basis for the murder charge - to knowing have left the boy in the attic while she was in jail, as well as his extremely low body weight.

No doubt Rachel Perez will spend many years in prison, but at least now these kids stand a chance. You just wonder how many other folks out there have similar situations going on with no one to alert authorities.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rachel Perez of Desoto Kansas Abandons 6 Year Old Boy in Attic

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Rachel Perez of Desoto Kansas Abandons 6 Year Old Boy in Attic

Welfare workers were alerted to a home at the 8200 block of Center Drive in Desoto Kansas where resident Rachel Perez had abandoned her 6 year old boy in an unfinished attic.  The 6 year old boy has down syndrome and was discovered on Tuesday in the attic covered in his own feces and weighing at about 20 pounds (a healthy 6 year old boy should weigh about 45 pounds).

Rachel Perez had been keeping her son in the attic of the home that she was renting with her two daughters.  The attic where the boy was kept was unfinished, about 3 feet tall and often reached temperatures of over 100 degrees.  When Desoto police arrived at Perez' home she told them that her son was not there and she was taken away by police on previous warrants.  When Perez' family members urged police to return to search for the boy, they found him abandoned and malnourished in the attic on the brink of death.

Rachel Perez is now in police custody and was arraigned today before a judge for child abuse and for aggravated child endangerment.  Courtroom witnesses reported that Rachel Perez appeared "void of emotion".  Rachel is currently 5 months pregnant.  Medical experts say that malnourished children can develop medical problems later in life such as damage to the nervous system and brain damage.



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