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Monday, April 21, 2014

Terrelle Pryor Traded to Seattle Seahawks from the Raiders

Today the Oakland Raiders dealt quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks. Pryor often had problems including being late to over 5 meetings and other discipline issues with the Raiders. He was 3 and 6 as a starter in 2013, and was lackluster at best throwing the football.

Terrelle Pryor traded to the Seahawks is no surprise as his shady character dates all the way back to his college days at Ohio State. While attending Ohio State Pryor was accused of selling autographed memorabilia for a booster and accepting a vehicle. Though the charges were never officially proven, Terrelle Pryor officially "withdrew" from the University in 2011 and was subsequently banned from all affiliation with Ohio State. This only made him eligible for the Supplemental Draft in 2011 and the Oakland Raiders selected him in the 3rd round, becoming historically significant in that he was the last pick made by Al Davis before his death.

Terrelle Pryor's first play in the NFL came against the great and powerful Kansas City Chiefs, where Pryor lined up as a wide receiver and drew an illegal motion penalty.

Now that the headline is out - Terrelle Pryor traded to the Seattle Seahawks - it looks like he will be competing with Tarvaris Jackson for the backup spot behind Russell Wilson. The details of this trade have not yet been announced officially.

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