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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Self Extinguishing Cigarettes - Yuck.

Well, they snuck them in on us - the awful - stale tasting "self extinguishing cigarettes".

It started in Kansas - of course - when I bought my first pack of these nasty bastards I thought that I just got a really stale pack. Then my brother told me about the new law about self extinguishing cigarettes.

I immediately started buying up as many cartons in good old Missouri as fast as I could, knowing that the awful new cigarettes would soon be stocked in Missouri. I was too late - now they're the only kind of cigs you can get.

I only hope that whatever they added to the cigarettes is not any more toxic than what's already in cigarettes to begin with.

Oh well - maybe another reason to finally quit.

Anyone know what's actually IN these things?


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