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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breaking the Law Should Not Be Ignored or Embraced

It is amazing to me the large amount of United States Citizens that accept, if not embrace, the movement of illegal immigrants into our country. The vast majority of people that accept this movement are small business owners who can get hard working labor for a relatively small expense. These individuals are looking specifically at their own bottom line as opposed to the negative impact their actions have on society. Beyond this impact, it is only adding to an increasing lack of patriotic pride and, to be quite honest, it is really annoying me.

Let me begin by noting that I do not have a problem with foreigners immigrating into our country. However, there is a legal process that has to be followed for this to be done. I am referring to the large amount of illegal immigrants that cross our borders every year. They should have to go through the same process as everyone else. You need to have a sponsor, fill out the required paper work, go through a trial period, find a job, pay your damn taxes, and learn our language..ENGLISH!!

I am mad. I work hard to make a life for myself. I pay taxes to support public projects. Meanwhile, we have illegal immigrants taking jobs from the American worker. They do not pay taxes, but you bet your ass they take advantage of public programs. Don't believe me, try visiting a public school sometime. Yeah, some of us are paying for that. What about health care? Do you think these people are insured? No way. Most of all, I am so damn sick and tired of going to stores and seeing everything written in both English and Spanish. I am really over listening to some annoying idiot yelling on their cell phone in Spanish everywhere I go.

If you want to speak Spanish, eat Mexican food, drink Cerveza's, not pay your taxes, and not learn our language then go back to where you came from. We don't want you and we don't need you. On the other hand, if you want to go through the legal process to become a United States citizen, learn the language, and actually speak it, then you are welcome. This is my country and I am proud of it. I am tired of United States citizens ignoring the downfall of our society. Get a clue or we will have an economy as depressed as Mexico's. I hope you like chicklets.


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