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Monday, September 12, 2011

Stanford Griswold Trial for Brian Euston

The trial starts today for Stanford Griswold, who "accidentally" killed a drunken Brian Euston last October outside of the ghetto and trashy America's Pub in Westport. You can see from the picture at the right that Stanford Griswold is an upstanding fine young man...NOT. Look at his thug pot stoned eyes, and his smug ghetto face - this guy is a trashy thug piece of shit.

This incident occurred at a time when Westport was the hot spot for ghetto trash hanging out outside the nightclubs and driving around in their boom boom cars with nasty rap music blaring and causing legal problems for the Kansas City Police and of course, killing people. This is the natural flow of events for any area of Kansas City that attracts the ghetto folk to hang out. The ghetto thugs have moved their hang out to the Plaza now for the most part, as police have finally got them out of Westport. Do they go back to the neighborhoods that they live in to hang out? No, they just moved a few blocks south and now they are harassing customers on the Plaza instead, hoping to meet white women who watch too many rap videos and think that all young black males are rich rap stars (and most of them probably claim to be). But the story of Stanford Griswold and Brian Euston is just an unfortunate result of the ghetto folk hanging out where they shouldn't be.

Brian Euston was drunk that night at America's Pub, and his BAC level was over .30 which is incredibly high. But let's consider that most young white males who engage in heavy drinking do not end up dead at the end of the night, for instance fraternity parties. But, when you place an extremely drunk Brian Euston in the same place as a ghetto thug uneducated street trash Stanford Griswold, you get trouble. Black male youths are extremely violent and they absolutely HATE white people. They only go to places like Westport and the Plaza in hopes of picking up white women, otherwise they would stay in the hood where they belong. In the case of Brian Euston, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stanford Griswold, true to ignorant ghetto mentality, struck Brian Euston and then RAN - which is ghetto style - and luckily was later caught by police. Griswold is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for the involvement in the death of Brian Euston. Hopefully today Stanford Griswold will get a stiff sentence in court and teach the rest of the ghetto population in Kansas City to stay in their own neighborhoods to party, and let the rest of the good citizens party in their own neighborhoods where it is safe.


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