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Saturday, March 1, 2014

ALS Fundraiser 2014 Starlight Theatre Kansas City

A Night of Hope 2014 ALS Charity Event Starlight Theatre

This Friday the Keith Worthington Chapter of Kansas City's local ALS Foundation held it's 26th annual gala "A Night of Hope". The fundraiser was held at Starlight Theatre and the theme this year was stars of the big screen and theater. Guests dressed up as their favorite stars and walked the red carpet upon entrance to the gala. We spotted Elvis, Ellen, Austin Powers and his "shag girls", Cleopatra and several more great costumes. The guests at the ALS gala seem like one big family, even though there were several hundred in attendance. Many Kansas City charity events and fundraising organizations don't appear to be as closely knit as the ALS group. These kind people are very dedicated indeed to funding ALS research as was marked by the extraordinary length of the auction portion of the night.

A Night Of Hope 2014 at Starlight Theatre started out with a silent auction that included autographed sports memorabilia, and many great donations made by local Kansas City businesses and restaurants. The night then went into a live auction where patrons bid on lavish vacations to different tropical locations, condo stays and packages, and tickets to major sporting events. After that auction was over, they went into an open cash auction - in which bidders simply raised their bidding cards when a dollar amount was announced. The auctioneer would call out to the guests at Starlight Theatre "Ten Thousand Dollars, do we have anyone who would like to donate Ten Thousand Dollars", and on and on it went all the way down to $250. The auction portion of A Night Of Hope 2014 ALS charity event lasted over 3 hours, topping even the most lengthy auction in Kansas City, Children's Mercy Hospital, who are known to have extremely long auctions as well. Their goal was to raise over $50,000 in direct cash donations and they easily topped that number. It was very clear that the ALS chapter in Kansas City are extremely committed to their charity, and this charity event at Starlight Theatre proved their dedication. Awards were given out as well, one award called the Tom Watson Award for Courage, and another award called the George Brett Award for Commitment.

The 2014 ALS charity fundraiser event ended with a fantastic performance by Big Show Dueling Pianos, who got the audience up on their feet and dancing for the remainder of the evening. These guys were incredible, you could tell that they were no average piano bar players like what you see downtown, these dueling piano players were of the highest caliber and the night ended with chants of "one more song, one more song" - simply incredible entertainment from Big Show Dueling Pianos.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kansas City Charity Events - 2010 Charity Fundraisers in Kansas City

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Kansas City Charity Events - 2010 Fundraisers

Kansas City is known for having some of the biggest and brightest charity fundraisers in the nation, but if you're not paying attention you might miss them. That's why we at Kansas City News dot pro are going to give you the skinny:

Bacchus Black Ball

Charity - The Bacchus Foundation
Event Location - The Madrid Theatre
Event Date - February 6th, 2010
Attire - Black Tie
Cost - $100 per person - $175 per couple

The 55th Annual Bacchus Ball will be held this year at The Madrid Theatre and will feature live entertainment by Kansas City's favorite 80's band, The Zeros.

Horizon Academy's Bayou Bash

Charity - Horizon Academy Kansas City
Event Location - Starlight Theater
Event Date - Saturday, February 6th, 2010
Attire - New Orleans Mardi Gras Theme
Cost - $115 per ticket (sponsorship available)

Horizon Academy will hold their 6th annual Bayou Bash this year at Starlight Theater. Auction items will include a "Pick Your Destination" vacation, a "Las Vegas, Baby" getaway, and other great items. Entertainment for the event has not yet been announced as Starlight Theater coordinator Lindsey Rood denied Horizen Academy's request for their choice of entertainment.

Code Red 2010 - The Millennial League

Charity - AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Event Location - Madrid Theatre
Event Date - Friday, February 12th, 2010
Attire - Business Casual to Black Tie
Cost - $20 general admission, $75 VIP
Purchase Tickets to Code Red 2010 Event

The Millennial League is targeted toward young business professionals (although the spokeswoman that was just on Fox 4 was around 55 years old) and they support the missions and goals of the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The Millennial League's charity event is called "Val-O-Ween" and will feature live entertainment from The Zeros.

Sunflower House - Valentine Gala

Charity - Sunflower House
Event Location - Overland Park Sheraton
Event Date - Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Cost - $150 (sponsorship available)

The Sunflower House, a charity group that fights child abuse, will hold it's annual Valentine Gala this year featuring a V.I.P. cocktail hour, fine dining, and dancing to live music provided by Adam Blue Productions.

Children's Mercy Hospital's Red Hot Night

Charity - Children's Mercy Hospital
Event Location - Kansas City Convention Center
Event Date - Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Attire - Black Tie

The focus on this year's charity event is cancer research. Children’s Mercy is working towards achieving COG designation as a Phase I/II Clinical Trial Center within their Experimental Therapeutics Program – a prestigious designation held by fewer than 25 children’s hospitals worldwide.

The Red Ball

Charity - The American Red Cross
Event Location - The Sprint Center, Kansas City
Event Date - Friday, February 26th, 2010
Attire - Black Tie
Cost - $175 per ticket (sponsorship available)

In it's third year, The American Red Cross is set to roll out the red carpet once again this year for The Red Ball. This year, the event will feature a catered dinner from Levy Restaurants and entertainment from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. The event is set in a beautifully decorated Sprint Center, complete with red cross lights in the front windows of the massive event space.

Forks and Corks for Harvesters

Charity - Harvesters
Event Location - Kansas City Convention Center
Event Date - April 29th, 2010
Attire - Business Casual

The 14th annual Forks and Corks will assemble this year at the Kansas City Convention Center and will feature several top Kansas City Restaurants serving their best cuisine, a silent auction and a delightful wine selection and tasting.

Wayside Waifs - Fur Ball 2010

Charity - Wayside Waifs
Event Location - Overland Park Convention Center
Event Date - May 8th, 2010
Attire - Formal / Business Casual

Kansas City's favorite charity and charity event, Wayside Waifs annual FurBall will be held this year at The Overland Park Convention Center and will feature a live auction, and entertainment provided by Adam Blue Productions.

Jazzoo 2010

Charity - The Kansas City Zoo
Event Location - The Kansas City Zoo
Event Date - June 4th, 2010
Attire - Creative Black Tie

Kansas City's most creative and outrageous charity event has and always will be Jazzoo. Jazzoo 2010 will be no exception as there will be dozens of Kansas City's finest restaurants on site at The Kansas City Zoo, featuring their best cuisine. Party right along side the animals as the entire zoo will be flowing with festively dressed party goers.

This year's entertainment has not yet been announced, but there are usually at least 3 different live bands playing all night long at different locations around the zoo grounds.

For more info visit Kansas City Charity Events

Monday, August 10, 2009

Epic Entertainment -Starlight Theater Denies Horizon Academy Their Wishes

Epic Entertainment Kansas City, who recently took over the events at Starlight Theater, has done the unthinkable. Epic Entertainment received a deposit from a local charity - "Horizons Academy" - in advance for their 2010 annual fundraiser on good faith from Horizons that they would be able to put on a similar event as the previous successful year.  Horizons Academy submitted their deposit money to Epic Entertainment and they were told that Epic would be choosing their entertainment for them and that they were going to deny them their request for their favorite Kansas City band (the band that had put their event over the top the previous year).  Horizons Academy is a local Kansas City Charity which is a learning disabilities school specializing in educating students with learning disabilities. Here's what they got from Epic Entertainment...

Horizons Academy previously held their annual charity fundraiser in 2009 at Starlight Theater, managed by Epic Entertainment, with the most successful fundraiser in Horizon's history. Horizons Academy, incredibly happy with the 2009 fundraiser results, requested the same local band for the 2010 fundraiser after booking The Starlight Theater. Epic Entertainment, who has been openly criticized by many of Kansas City's big name bands, told Horizon's Academy that they would not allow Horizons to have the same band again in 2010.

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