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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scouting 500 2014 at Kansas Speedway Featuring The Zeros by KCMB News Kansas City

This Saturday Richard Petty will be bringing the Scouting 500 2014 to the Kansas Speedway. This event is expected to draw over 12,000 people and started on Friday night with a "camp in" on the infield of the Kansas Speedway race track. On Saturday the action starts with a mock NASCAR race presented by Richard Petty's NASCAR Experience. Drivers will make a 45 lap run around the track in a simulated race. There will be a pre-race flyover by America's finest, similar to what we see at Arrowhead prior to Chiefs games and then the 45 lap race will kick off. There will also be an appearance by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Christa Dubill from 41 Action News. After the race there will be a concert by Kansas City's favorite 80's band The Zeros, presented by Adam Blue Productions.

The Scouting 500 2014 at Kansas Speedway is meant to raise the awareness and the importance of scouting and it's benefits on the community. Activities during the day will include a NASCAR action challenge, a scuba pool, zip lines, rock climbing towers, a climbing wall and hot air balloons. There will be career training including welding, carpentry, aviation, engineering, architecture, and the KCMO Police Department will also be putting on a seminar and demonstration. And did we mention skydiving? There will also be skydiving. Wait, there's more! There will be sports clinics, Kansas City Chiefs ambassadors, personal training and an obstacle course. Tickets / Visitor Passes will be available throughout the entire day at Gate D.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kansas City News Headlines Friday September 30th, 2011

The American Royal BBQ 2011 - Kansas City News
The 2011 Contest and Kansas City event is under way this evening as over 100,000 people will pass through this year's American Royal BBQ 2011. Tickets are available to purchase at the gate but remember, just because you get into the event doesn't mean that you can get in to any of the parties and tents that are there. The tents and private areas are by invitation only, and are all just like small private parties. Some will have Kansas City DJs for entertainment, some will have live bands such as the Bayer Tent who will be featuring Spike Blake and Honky Tonk Rodeo. The American Royal will run through Sunday, October 2nd and will feature the "World Series of BBQ" contest. American Royal BBQ prizes are as follows:

Grand Champion:
Trophy & $10,000!

Automatic Return Invitations to American Royal Invitational Contest for next five years.

Reserve Grand Champion:
Trophy & $5,000

Second Runner-Up:
Trophy & $2,500

Third Runner-Up:

Fourth Runner-Up:

For each of four categories:

1st Place...................Trophy & $1,000
2nd Place.....................Ribbon & $500
3rd Place......................Ribbon & $400
4th Place......................Ribbon & $300
5th Place......................Ribbon & $250
6th -10th Places.........Ribbons & $100
11th -15th Places.....................Ribbons

The Zeros LIVE! at The Power and Light District - Kansas City News
If you don't feel like fighting the crowds at The American Royal BBQ 2011, you can head down to the Power and Light District and catch The Zeros, Kansas City's favorite 80's tribute band. The Zeros put on a great show, performing only "new wave" 80's music, none of the idiotic 80's hair band music. The Zeros hit the stage around 10pm and will rock until they shut the place down. The Power and Light District is losing momentum as it's owners, Cordesh Inc. continue to evict businesses in the district including the most recent closing of Raglan Road Irish Pub in September.

DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City - Kansas City News

Waldo Rapist Bernard Jackson Receives 18 Life Sentences - Kansas City News
It all started in 1977 when Bernard Jackson was convicted of his first rape at the age of 19. 6 years later, Jackson was released and he continued to torture, rob and rape women in the Waldo area until 1985 when Bernard was convicted of rape again and sentenced to 30 years. Jackson was then paroled in December of 2008, and was subsequently charged with additional rapes that occurred after his 2008 release. Bernard Jackson, a.k.a. the Waldo Rapist was sentenced today to 18 consecutive life sentences by assistant district attorney Ted Hunt for the rapes that Jackson committed back in the 1980's in light of new evidence that has been analyzed. Bernard Jackson's attorney, Carie Allen looked like some kind of bad joke today, her hair was fried out and she actually was seen laughing out loud several times during the case, yes, Carie, murder and rape are very funny topics, and your client is a ghetto stank piece of shit that belongs in jail - FOREVER.


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