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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weather - Tornados Strike Oklahoma, Storms Likely for Kansas City - KC News

There was some nasty weather out on the plains yesterday as tornados touched down in Woodward, Oklahoma killing 5 people and injuring 20.  Lighting struck the siren warning system and the tornado sirens did not sound.  At this time over 3000 people are out of power in Oklahoma.  Weather for Kansas City looks to be cloudy with a chance of intermittent thunderstorms depending on what part of Kansas City you live in.

Yesterday, April 14th, over 100 tornado warnings were issued across the Midwest.  A state of emergency was declared in Sedgwick County, Kansas and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is scheduled to tour the damaged areas today - what the hell good will that do?  Anyway, it seems the town of Thurman, Iowa got hit the hardest, with almost 75% of the ENTIRE town destroyed!  Hope the local bar is still standing.  The American Red Cross is focusing food and shelter efforts on the areas of Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas until the damage is repaired and the people left homeless are taken care of.  The weather in Kansas City today will be a slight reflection of the storms that passed through yesterday and last night, with cloud cover for most of the day and a chance of thunderstorms until early evening.  The 5 day weather conditions for Kansas City will see the sun come out again on Monday with mild temperatures in the low 70's and no rain in sight until Thursday.

In the wake of the terrible tornado that rocked Joplin, Missouri last year, officials and government agencies are quicker to issue warnings and watches during this year's tornado season.  Too bad it didn't thunderstorm on Friday night and "wash out" that hideous Royals home opener!  

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