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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Center High School Greenhouse Kansas City

Center High School, with the help of volunteers, recently got together and decided to turn an abandoned greenhouse that sat decaying behind the school for years into a functioning greenhouse where the children can learn about horticulture and the human experience with plant life. The greenhouse is a great project as most students at the urban Center High School will benefit from participating in something besides playing X Box, eating McDonald's and listening to nasty rap music.

Center School District principal Elizabeth Heide and outside volunteer Durwin Rice began making arrangements 4 years ago to restore the old abandoned greenhouse when they were working together on the Tulips on Troost Project. The Tulips on Troost Project is a community participation project that plants tulips along Troost, a street in Kansas City that is deep in the ghetto and desperately needs some polishing, and this organization has plans to plant one million tulips along the urban street. The project has made excellent progress and now it has led to another great project with the greenhouse at Center High School.

Once a prominent high school in Kansas City, Center High School is now a completely urban, primarily minority attended school. Despite what most people thought initially, Center High School is NOT part of the failing and discredited Kansas City School District, it just resembles the schools in the Kansas City School District when you look at it's student body. Center High School was a quality high school from the time it opened until about 1989. During it's glory days, Center High School drew students from the wealthy upper middle class who resided in Red Bridge, Bridlespur, and even Sante Fe Hills when it used to be a good neighborhood. Paralleled by the decline of these neighborhoods as the ghetto slowly moved it's way south and west, Center High School soon began to look like Central High School and since 1989 it has been primarily an urban, lower class school.

This greenhouse will give the students at Center High School a chance to learn about plant life and how it affects humans and the Earth as a whole, as current economic crisis have prompted many of the world's innovative leaders to start projects that lead American consumers away from the processed foods and "getting back to the farm" by encouraging more Americans to eat more "live" foods that come from local farms and to stay away from the processed foods and fast food that has made our country extremely obese and unhealthy.

To assist in the greenhouse project at Center High School, contact principal Elizabeth Heide for more information.

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