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Friday, September 9, 2011

UFO Sighting in Kansas City 2011

A local Kansas City news crew captured a UFO on their weather camera in May of 2011. The video clearly shows a brightly lit UFO flying into frame and then swooping upward into the night sky.

There have been a number of recent reports of UFO sightings in Kansas City in 2011. As we mentioned in a previous UFO sighting in Kansas City article, the occurrences of UFO sightings are bound to increase exponentially due to the increasing number of cameras that are available to the public. This UFO video was captured by a news weather camera that records every second of every day from it's lookout perch near the Plaza in Kansas City. This UFO only appears in the video for a couple of seconds, but it is clearly not a vehicle of technology that we have invented yet. The UFO moves extremely fast and smooth, and makes a maneuver as it exits the video that just wouldn't be possible with any modern aircraft available at this time (that we know about anyway).

With weather cameras, stoplight cameras, security cameras and of course everyone's personal phone cameras, UFO sightings in Kansas City and all around the world are going to increase. Most UFO encounters happen too quickly for someone to reach for their phone and capture any video, and the quality of phone videos is terrible, but it won't be long before technology advances and phones are able to capture professional quality MP2 video. I'm still waiting for a UFO to show up on National television during an NFL game or something of that magnitude, and the masses will get to see a live UFO first hand right in their own living room. Until then, keep watching the sky and listening to Coast to Coast!


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