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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Kansas City 2011 Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day at Home Ideas - Kansas City
by Kansas City News

Valentine's Day is once again upon us and we've got some fun ideas for a great night at home.  Although Valentine's Day is somewhat of a commercially inspired holiday, it does help to break up the monotony of the long winter months - and besides, this year it falls on a Monday and with football season over what else is there to do on a Monday night?

If you can't tell already, this article will be told from the male perspective.

Valentine's Day at home definitely has it's advantages.  It gives you a chance to stretch out your cooking skills, and when the meal is over let's face it, you're closer to the bedroom.  Setting up your home for a romantic Valentine's Day is easy.

First, make sure that you buy flowers.  Don't try to arrange them, simply put them in a large vase with water.  Girls like to arrange flowers, simply tell her that you're not very good at arranging - girls love guys that need a little help :)  This will also give her something to do besides sit there and stare at you.

Candles are always good.  Make sure that you put out a lot of candles.  If you have a fireplace be sure and have that going as well.

Get some good tunes flowing.  Not the typical Dave Matthews, John Mayer mainstream crap that you always have on, but something unique and classy like Frank Sinatra or Sam Cooke.  Or, for the more adventurous listener you may find yourself becoming strangely attached to a band called The Sea and Cake.

When it comes to preparing the meal, make sure that it is a work in progress.  Make the meal happen in stages.  Have some hors d'oeuvres ready for starters, a nice shrimp cocktail is easy - or you can do a cold tray with veggies, cheeses and dip (you can buy these pre-made at the store, just unwrap and rearrange on your own serving dish).  While she is enjoying the hors d'oeuvres, flowers and candles, you should be working on the main course.  Let her help you in the kitchen, women love to help.  There are several great easy dishes for guys to make.  Make something that takes a little while to cook and will get your house smelling good early on.  It's nice to walk into a house that smells like food cooking - get something boiling or simmering.  The easiest and most impressive dish is Pasta.  Pick out an exotic pasta that you don't normally use, like Farfalle (bow-tie pasta).  Then just pick out a mixture to pour over the pasta.  Chicken is a good choice, throw some boneless breast of chicken (chopped) into a pan with some lemon pepper, olive oil, veggies of your choice.  Then take a jar of alfredo sauce (find at any store) and mix in last.  Let this simmer until chicken is done (get the good smell going).  When you're ready to eat, get the pasta boiling, throw some garlic bread in the oven and your good to go.  For desert, a chocolate fondue is easy to do, or you could get some Valentine's Day cupcakes - women LOVE cupcakes - chocolate of course.

You might want to engage in an old fashioned board game like Life or Scrabble - Yahtzee is kind of cool also.  Compliment your Valentine's Day at Home evening with a nice bottle (or box) of wine and you're good to go.

If you have a date that insists on going out on Valentine's Day, you may have trouble finding a restaurant in Kansas City that isn't booked up.  There are several great restaurants listed at


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