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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Kansas City Events Date Ideas 2012 KC

Don't tell us you haven't made any plans YET? Well fear not, here at Kansas City News we did some research and found some great Valentine's Day Kansas City events and date ideas for you - you're welcome :)

Getting a table at a restaurant on Valentine's Day is going to be a challenge, but we thought of a few places that might be a little on the sneaky side and might be available for a great Valentine's Day date idea.

Located just on the outskirts of Leawood, EBT fine dining and lounge might be another sneaky restaurant that people may have overlooked and a great Kansas City Valentine's Day date idea. This elegant restaurant is very classy but not overpriced (plan on about $35 per plate) and they also have a very casual lounge area that is more laid back and you might just pop in for a drink. They also feature live music around 6pm or so on occasion in the lounge area.

The Intercontinental might be a place that many people overlooked, they have a wonderful 4 star restaurant and the restaurant is adjoined by a lovely cozy little bar called the Oak Room. Smoking is allowed out on the balcony that overlooks the plaza. They might even have a live Kansas City jazz band going in there on that night since it's Valentine's Day but we were unable to confirm that. The Intercontinental also has a great happy hour that includes gourmet dishes from the 4 star restaurant at cut rate prices.

Kind of a "wandering around" sort of adventure, but it could be really fun. Park at the Westin Crown Center free parking garage and then go through the shops, etc. and there are several little places to eat, a little ice cream shop, a movie theater and more. Then walk through the shops to the actual hotel part and they have a great lounge in the main lobby of the hotel itself. The bar is usually not overcrowded and it is just the right amount of upscale meets laid back and casual. After a drink at the bar you could walk through the overhead tunnel that goes over Pershing Street (very cool) and goes into Union Station. At Union Station there is Pierpont's Restaurant and they also have a lounge in the main lobby. Heck, while you're at it, they might even have a room available, maybe one of the balcony rooms, and you could just stay the night.

The Hyatt is just a really cool place to visit. It may be wide open on Valentine's Day and make a great place for a unique and classy date. The Hyatt has a nice bar on the second floor overlooking the gorgeous lobby area and they also have one of Kansas City's best restaurants, The Skies Restaurant which is probably booked up but it would be worth a try to call for a reservation. The Skies is a beautiful restaurant that rotates on top of the Hyatt giving you a breathtaking view of the entire city as it rotates around. The Skies also has a lounge area so you don't necessarily need a reservation, if you get there at the right time, they might be able to seat you for cocktails and food in the lounge area that requires no reservation.

There will be some great Kansas City bands spread out through the city on Valentine's Day, we recommend trying The Phoenix Jazz and Piano Bar downtown on 8th Street. It is a really fun upbeat club that is scheduled to have the Everette DeVan trio performing but if that is not the case there will always be a good live band of some kind at The Phoenix. Another place for live music will be at The Czar Bar on 15th Street. They will be featuring Kansas City piano great Mark Lowery and friends and that is always a treat. If you really want to take it up a notch, go down to the Power and Light District and go see the Dueling Pianos in action, get there early as it usually fills up quick in there. Several restaurants in Kansas City will most likely have live entertainment, along the lines of an acoustic guitarist / vocalist, even if they typically do not have live music so watch for that.

If all else fails, Price Chopper always has flowers, candy and food that you could prepare at home for you and your date. It's the lazy man's Valentine's Day date idea, but hey, it's a one-stop shop that has it all, and going out might be too much stress anyway.

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