Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol

Earlier today American Idol judge Paula Abdul announced via Twitter that she was stepping down from the popular TV show. Paula was surely upset with American Idol after they secured a contract with their newest judge Kara DioGuardi and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest before even making Paula an offer. Seacrest signed a three year, $15 Million dollar deal with A.I. just last week.

It's pretty obvious that American Idol expected Paula to quit. If they wanted her back they would have been more careful to time the contract negotiations with Kara DioGuardi and Ryan Seacrest in such a manner as not to offend Paula. Paula felt hurt that an offer had not even been thrown her way. It is quite possible that A.I. had no intentions of even making an offer.

In Paula Abdul's own words - "With sadness in my heart, I've decided not to return to Idol," Abdul posted on her Twitter feed. "I'll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day one become an international phenomenon. What I want to say most is how much I appreciate the undying support and enormous love that you have showered on me."

So much for the "good witch" :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missouri Gas Energy - Aren't Monopolies Illegal?

Call me crazy - and I'm sure that you're right - but didn't we make monopolies illegal back in the Pendergast days? Is there another company out there that provides gas energy to Missouri homes other than Missouri Gas Energy? I don't think there is.

I brought this up because recently we got a "comment card" from Missouri Gas Energy asking us a few questions. "How satisfied are you with your service?", and "Does the pricing seem affordable?". My significant other filled out the form with "What friggin' choice do we have? Please tell us the name and contact information of your closest competition - I thought Monopolies were illegal?"

Although I'm certain that whoever processes these little comment cards doesn't even know the meaning of the word "monopoly", we still sent it in.

Can anyone explain how the utilities companies are NOT a monopoly?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Best Kansas City Golf Courses to Play when you SUCK

I speak from experience guys! Here are Kansas City's best golf courses to play when you totally SUCK at golf:

South Kansas City

Without a doubt, the best golf course to play in South Kansas City when you suck is Minor Park Golf Course. First of all there is ONE sand trap on the entire course. ONE. I've been in it several times - it's almost like a little bonus to be in the only sand trap on the course - all of your friends will laugh at you and point and say nice job dumb ass - you found the only trap on the course. The good news is, you get to bring your corona with you when you play out. Minor Park Golf Course is also very short, making walking a breeze, and the play is relatively fast even on Sundays. HINT: Don't park your car too close to the 9th green or you may not have a windshield when you get back.

North Kansas City

If you're up north - in which case I feel sorry for you to begin with - Zona Rosa is a joke - what are they trying to do, copy off of Johnson County? The streets and buildings might look like Johnson County but the people in the streets and buildings are still rubes from the sticks - but I digress...if you are stuck up north for some reason, a great place to play is Hodge Park. Although there are two golf courses up north that are rated higher in Tiffany Greens (not a bad course but it is somewhat of a treeless ranch) and Shoal Creek (which is a TOTAL treeless ranch), Hodge Park is a MUCH better course than either Tiffany Greens or Shoal Creek - especially suck.

Hodge Park is similar to it's southern counter-part Minor Park in that it is a nice little well-kept course that is short and relatively free of sand and water. There is a lot of water up there - but it is off in the distance and makes great scenery.

Olathe / Johnson County

If you are not a wealthy member of one of Johnson County's numerous country clubs, then I suggest you look at playing The Overland Park Golf Course. Be sure and make a tee time out there or you will be screwed son. The good news is, some of the best Kansas City Restaurants are in that area so at least you can catch a good meal.


If you're lucky enough to get through Leawood without getting pulled over, I suggest Deer Creek golf course. I am a member at Deer Creek and I love this place. It has all of the country club feel without the country club snobs. A full bar, a great staff, and a fairly easy - no wait a minute - this course isn't easy at all! This course is hard as hell! Indeed, do not go to Deer Creek expecting to put up great numbers. No, my friends, pack a nice cooler of booze, bring someone that you enjoy talking to no matter what else is going on, and just enjoy not being at work. You WILL suck ass on this golf course - it is designed to make you realize just how bad a golfer you really are. Remember that day you shot a 78 at that one course? Not going to happen at Deer Creek. But the houses around the course are super sweet and the course is as close to a pro course as you will see in the city, and did I mention that they had a full bar?

WAY out South

If you're in the mood to play somewhere really weird, try playing a round at River Oaks Golf Course. Located in rural Grandview (I know, don't laugh yet, it gets better), River Oaks offers a lovely course that literally winds it's way through the ghetto. Your golf experience will be enhanced by lovely views of broken down basketball hoops, over-sized bbq grills, a roadside park, and even the occasional ghetto resident (who knows nothing about golf) will stroll out onto the fairway with their kids or their dog. You gotta see this place to believe it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jason Whitlock is a big, fat, racist idiot!!

As an avid Chiefs fan, I was searching for some information on training camp this morning and happened across an article by Jason Whitlock in the Kansas City Star. The article started out mainly focused on Larry Johnson and his ability to overcome his past. It went on to talk about Brian Waters and his botched meeting with the new management team and how it was the fault of management. At the end of the article I realized something I have always known. While Jason Whitlock certainly has an opinion that he voices quite well, at the end of it all, he is a big, fat, racist idiot.

While penning the article he starts by tugging at the reader's human desire for forgiveness. He then goes on to talk about how anyone would do what Larry Johnson has done. Um, Jason, the only thing Larry Johnson and I have in common is we both grew up in nice middle class neighborhoods. I have no tattoos. I don't make a multi-million dollar salary that I don't earn. And by the way, I have never hit or been accused of hitting a woman...on multiple occasions. Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Jason goes on to explain how poorly Chiefs General Manager, Scott Pioli, and Chiefs Head Coach, Todd Haley, handled the meeting with Brian Waters by basically ignoring him. I have news for Jason and Brian. You do not show up in town unannounced, walk into your bosses office, and demand to be seen and expect to be respected for it. Especially, when your mission is to tell your bosses how to do their jobs. Yeah. They had a couple of other things going on in preparing for the draft and wrapping their brain around a new town, a new organization, and a new season. Message: the inmates are not running the asylum anymore at 1 Arrowhead Drive.

Throughout the article and, when you come right down to it, through his career, Jason has played the part of devil's advocate. Following the lead of such media moguls as Rush Limbaugh, Jason actually enjoys writing and talking about his jaded, one-sided opinion that has very little logic and even less of an ability to understand the opinion of others. He writes and says things just to get a response out of people. I guess that is good for the media, but I would also prefer that you also care about that opinion.

At the end of the day, beneath the hollow, but strongly argued opinions, Jason basically is full of shit. Moreover, most of what he does is lobbying for black millionaire they need it. Much like our current president, he runs to the rescue of black people and then finds the facts afterward. Ordinarily, I wouldn't care, but he tends to hide his real opinion behind his talented style of writing. Want to hear the voice of the real Jason Whitlock? Tune in when he takes over the Jim Rome show. There is nothing good in it which is why they kicked his ass off both Kansas City Sports talk shows.

Jason Whitlock is not a figure that Kansas City should be proud to be represented by in the world. If someone actually takes the time read or listen to the crap he shovels out they will immediately think of our city as racially charged and full of shit. Overall, I do not believe that to be the case. I like my city and I don't care for it being represented by a big, fat, racist idiot!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The new face of the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are yet to take a snap at training camp, but you can already tell that the team has a new attitude. It starts at the top with Clark Hunt and goes all the way down to the water boy. The new attitude: Professionalism. Something that has long been missing at 1 Arrowhead Drive. Something Clark Hunt noticed and hired Scott Pioli to change.

After the first day in River Falls, WI you can tell that the Chiefs are taking care of business instead of looking for a ringleader to run the circus. This fact is evident in many facets of the team. The fact that the first day of camp was a rigorous physical test to see who has stayed in shape and who slacked off is a sign. As a a season ticket holder, I love this. I can't count how many times the Chiefs got their jocks handed to them last season because they were gassed.

Probably more to the point and a sign of things to come is all of the controversy surrounding first round draft pick, Tyson Jackson and the fact that he has not been signed. Wait a minute. Did I say controversy? I meant the total lack of controversy. Unlike in past years, when the Chiefs would launch an all out media blitz slandering the player, his agent, his posse, his baby's Momma, and anyone else who could be targeted, we have not heard a peep.

Yes, I believe Scott Pioli is "as promised." He is here to "run the business" and "running the business" is to be handled by those paid to "run the business." There have been no leaks to the media from unnamed sources. There have been no personal attacks creating ill will among players, agents, and the Chiefs staff. There have been no worries about signing Tyson Jackson. Just a hopeful and optimistic outlook as die hard Chiefs fans begin to become anxious for the season to start.

To this point, I am not overly excited about the "All-should be retired" off season acquisitions in Bobby Engram (14 yrs), Zach Thomas (14 yrs), and Mike Vrabel (13 yrs). I am cautiously optimistic about paying an obscene amount of money to a back up quarterback that played in the Bill Belichick system. I have some real questions in the coaching staff. However, I get it. Pioli is bringing in professionals. Guys that can help Pioli get his word across by using actions and experience. Not the kind of guys that continually are accused of drinking too much and abusing women every time you turn around.

What I may like best about it is that the revolving door of no talent sports hacks that hold our AM airwaves hostage every day have nothing to talk about. You know, the jokers that made you pay for Sirius or XM radio so you could get some logical and intelligent information without arguing with every other caller about who the liar is? I digress. There are no more leaks. No more sources. No more to talk about. That is, unless you actually want to talk about the facts as opposed to speculation. All they have to bitch about is having nothing to talk about. I love it.

It is early, but thus far, I am happy to see that the Chiefs are doing what they said they were going to do. They are going to run the business and try to build the best team they can. We are not going to the Super Bowl this year and probably not the year after that and maybe not for a while, but we are starting to act like a group of professionals. That is something that rubs off on people and something the fans of the Chiefs have deserved for a long, long time. I look forward to the future.


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