Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James Decision to go to Miami Makes Sense

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 Lebron James' decision to go to Miami makes sense.  After listening to the whining of all of the old school players, coaches and sports analysts - who claim that it hurts the game of basketball to lump all of the star players on one team (cough cough - the Lakers for the last 10 years), Miami still looks a hell of a lot better than frickin' Cleveland.

Before you judge or say one word..............have you ever actually BEEN to Cleveland, Ohio?  There is literally NOTHING pleasant or fun or even mildly interesting in that town.  It is a ghetto ridden, one cigarette at a time selling, metro bus riding, don't even think about walking around after dark city that makes you want to get on the earliest plane possible to get out.  Okay, now think about Miami.  Sunshine, beaches, the other kind of "beaches", and a community that in the last 2 years has put more momentum behind their sports programs than any other city in the United States.  Miami is FULLY dedicated to their sports teams.  Local celebrities (yes, Miami actually has celebrities that LIVE there) are all rallying around the Miami Dolphins like it was their job.

I love the energy that I'm seeing in Miami that has gathered around their sports organizations like a warm fire - or wait, they don't need a warm fire in Miami - the temperature is already perfect.  Miami will certainly be one of the top teams in the NBA with the addition of Lebron James, coupled together with Dwayne Wade and company, and his decision to make the move to Miami will prove to be very rewarding for everyone.  Everyone, that is, except Cleveland, Ohio.

Royals Winning Ways Puts Team in an Interesting Position

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In case the circus following Lebron James’ free agency or the World Cup distracted you, you may have noticed that the Royals have slowly crawled out of mediocrity to put together a solid 2010 season. Despite the signs of improvement, the organization is now faced with an interesting decision: continue to push for a playoff spot or start to give younger prospects a chance to gain valuable experience and plan for the future.

The Royals are 27-23 since Ned Yost took over and has won 10 of its last 13. The club is talking playoffs, and in the weak AL Central that notion may not be too far fetched. Reigning Cy Young winner Zack Grienke appears to have found his other-worldly form, the team has an all-star closer in Joakim Soria, and the batters have an excellent .283 average overall.

Despite all the success, the Royals need to realistically assess how good their team really is and its chances to snag the division title and earn a playoff spot. Much of the team’s success can be attributed to strong seasons from veteran players such as Jose Guillen and Scott Podsednik, who are not getting any younger.

The Royals will have to keep a realistic approach in the next several weeks about where they stand in the division. Billy Butler and Grienke, the team’s best hitter and pitcher, benefited immensely from playing time at a young age, and top prospects like Kila Ka’aihue could do the same and help the club build a building block for the future. It will be interesting to see what the club does in the next month or two, but the new position the Royals find themselves in shows the team may slowly be crawling out of the cellar.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron James to Announce Future Plans - In Grand Style

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The nation waits impatiently as Lebron James’ announcement of where he will play next season comes tonight. As fans and analysts both speculate on James’ future home, the upcoming decision by the reigning MVP has the nation in a frenzy.

For the first time in sports history, an athlete will have its own one hour special focused solely on his or her decision of whether or not to change teams. While Lebron’s inner circle has put together a TV special that will benefit the Boys and Girls club, the whole process feels a bit over the top.

The TV special, which will air on ESPN, has given the speculation of James’ future a new spin. Many analysts argue that Lebron wouldn’t have a special to announce he is staying with the Cavs, while others feel James wouldn’t disrespect the Cavs and fans in Ohio, his home state, with an elaborate celebration of his leaving town.

No matter what James’ decision will be, the special shows the power he has over the media and fans across the nation. It will be interesting to see not only where he ends up, but if the NBA’s hottest star sets a precedent for how future free agent stars announce their decisions.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

President Obama to Visit Kansas City

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President Barack Obama will be visiting Kansas City tomorrow, including a stop at Smith Electric Vehicles.

The White House announced the President will deliver a speech to the workers while touring the facility. The tour is scheduled to take place around 12:30 p.m.

The President may be making some stops at political fundraisers as well in the area, specifically those for Senate candidate Robin Carnahan.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stricter Penalties Needed for Accidents, Incidents Caused by Cell Phones

An Olathe woman was injured in a car accident last night, apparently distracted by her cell phone. Police say around 9:40 p.m. last night, the woman struck a barrier on the ramp between Interstate 435 West and Interstate 35 North. She was not wearing a seatbelt.

This incident highlights why many states are outlawing texting while driving, and pushing to ban the use of cell phones in automobiles all together. Drivers are simply too distracted while using cell phones on the road, and the results are often dangerous for both themselves and other drivers.

With accidents becoming more and more common due to mobile phones, all states should pass legislature to ban texting while driving, and enforce stricter penalties for passengers who violate traffic laws or get into accidents while talking on their phone. With many hands-free options and the option to text at a red light or stop, drivers need to be smarter on the road, or incur stricter penalties.


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