Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warped Tour Death Kansas City - 26 Year Old Man Dies at Sandstone

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Reports are in that a 26 year old man died Monday at Sandstone Amphitheater while attending the Warped Tour.  According to Warped Tour concert goers several people were passing out at the concert and at least 2 people were taken to the hospital to be treated for dehydration.

The death has not been officially confirmed and there are rumors about that the death was a girl.  Concert attendees complain that the price of water at the Warped Tour was too high at $4 per bottle.

There were several heat related deaths in Kansas City on Monday, more details coming soon.

Update:  Police told us that the young man's name was Curtis Alan DeForest and that he was from Wichita, Kansas.  Foul play is not suspected - but since it's the Warped Tour we're assuming that alcohol / controlled substances were involved.  Who could listen to that crappy music and not be on something?

 We were also informed that water supply was plentiful at the concert that day via several hoses, pipes and misters that were set up around Sandstone throughout the Warped Tour show.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia wins the first round against Obamacare.

I love Virginia...and you can tell my wife!

Just like Billy Joel told Virginia that only the good die young, democracy in our country will die young if our government keeps passing terrible legislation like Obamacare. But thank God for Virginia! They are leading the country to stop Obamacare from poisoning their state and hopefully will show the rest of the country how to fight against a government that is out of control.

Today a federal judge gave the blessing for Virginia to continue with its lawsuit against the U.S. government. THANK GOD! I have never thought twice about the state of Virginia in my life...but now they are one of my favorite states in the country. GO VIRGINIA!

In addition to their blessing by a federal judge regarding their lawsuit to stop Obamacare, Virginia's Attorney General stated that it is okay for their police officers to ask the immigration status of anyone they stop. The difference between Virginia and Arizona is that the Attorney General isn't making it mandatory that police officers ask for identification if they suspect someone is in the country illegally on a routine stop, he is just making the statement that they have the option if they want to do so...whenever they like. But I will take that over the opposite...of that.

Did you know over half of the battles fought in the civil war were fought in Virginia? What a fitting fact for Virginia's new slogan, "The Warrior State" (okay I just made that up). Virginians know how to fight and we need to give them our support! Woo hoo!


Kansas City Swept Up in Gaga Mania

The mania over tickets to the show continued today, as many fans made desperate last-minute attempts to find good seats for the show. With Gaga's popularity, ticket prices at the Sprint Center have skyrocketed, with seats selling from $49 to upwards of $175.

Official information on the event can be found here.

Chiefs 2010 - Projections, Offense, Defense, Schedule

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Kansas City Chiefs News - Chiefs projected to go 6-10 according to NFL analysts

Today NFL expert Pat Kirwan predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would likely finish with a record of 6 and 10.  He explained that the Chiefs were definitely moving in the right direction but the changes that they have made would not affect the scoreboard that much in the 2010 season.  The Chiefs were 4 and 12 in 2009 and they have made enough improvement to possibly move up to 6 and 10 in 2010.  Many Chiefs fans are hopeful that the team can at least muster up a .500 season at 8 and 8 this year.

What improvements have the Chiefs made this year?

The Chiefs added star running back Thomas Jones, who many feel was a huge mistake on the Jets part for letting him go.  Jones adds a tremendous threat in the backfield and is a perfect compliment to Jamaal Charles as Jamaal is smaller and faster and Thomas Jones is stronger and can be used to punish defenses up the middle.  The Chiefs are looking to try their wings at the Wildcat offense this year involving speedy rookie WR Dexter McCluster, Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles as the cast.

The Chiefs also added a talented safety in Eric Berry, currently wearing number 29.  Whether or not Berry will make the starting line up is yet to be determined, but you can bet that he will see a lot of playing time when the Chiefs go to the Zone Nickle and the Dime defense strategies.

The Chiefs added Superbowl champion offensive lineman Ryan Lilja to their struggling offensive line.  Lilja is an experienced and capable offensive lineman and he brings a lot of talent to an offensive line that desperately needs a boost.  Lilja is close with co-lineman Casey Wiegmann, who is also a smaller lineman with great ability.

NFL analysts feel that the Chiefs do not have a legitimate threat at the wide receiver position.  Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has already been in the media this year for a few off color remarks that he made and is not really considered much of a threat to opposing defenses.  Aging Chris Chambers is not considered much of a threat either.  Young rookie Dexter McCluster could provide a spark downfield with his speed but at 5'8" 170lbs you probably won't see him going across the middle.  If the Chiefs receivers are not going to force opposing defenses to take their gameplan focus off the run, then obviously the Chiefs running attack will suffer.

Top NFL analysts are also commenting that the Chiefs are seriously lacking talent on the defensive line and linebacker positions.  The Chiefs were 31st overall against the rush in 2009 allowing 156 rushing yards PER GAME.  That stat has to change or they cannot win.

Even though the Chiefs will do well to end up 8 and 8 at season's end, the Chiefs fans are still very excited and optimistic to see their new team in action.  The Chiefs open their season with an unusual Monday Night Football appearance vs. the San Diego Chargers on September 13th.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School Event Helps Kansas City Children, Families

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Several thousand Kansas City area children were able to get fully prepared for the upcoming school year on saturday at the KC Back to School Event held at the Manual Career and Technical Center.

Thousands of children from low-income areas were able to receive school supplies, immunizations, books, uniforms and more. The event comes in the wake of the Kansas City School Board's decision to close several schools in the area, which garnered criticism from the general public.

While the event may have been a saving-face maneuver from the school board, it is comforting to see money and resources benefiting students and their families directly. With school closings and funding being cut in other education-related areas such as bus routes, sending a message of support to students and families was a good move by the Kansas City School District.


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