Monday, January 3, 2011

Weis Officially Gone - Chiefs / Patriots Playoff Prediction

Weis Officially Leaving the Chiefs, ESPN's Trent Dilfer says Chiefs Match Up Well with Patriots
by Kansas City News

Although the reasons are somewhat a mystery, Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is officially taking the "demotion" job as offensive coordinator in Florida.  Todd Haley claimed to have no knowledge of this move when interviewed on Friday, but this was clearly not the case.  Haley probably just didn't want to disrupt the upcoming Chiefs / Raiders game any more than it already had been.  There's no doubt that the Chiefs were troubled by the rumors that circulated about Weis' departure, and could have been a contributing factor in Sunday's loss.  Haley claims that Weis is going to Florida to be with his son, who is also involved in the Florida football program.  Kansas City sports analyst Jack Harry said after the game today that he believed that Haley "forced Weis out because he is looking over his shoulder (Haley) and fearing for his own job".  Leave it to Jack Harry to tell it like it is!  Well, except for our site - we REALLY tell it like it is - but then again we don't have to worry about the FCC either.

Also the Chiefs got some street cred today from ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer.  When asked who he thought could give the New England Patriots the most problems, Dilfer responded "I really believe that The Kansas City Chiefs could give the New England Patriots a lot of problems. Look back, teams that New England has struggled with are teams that have familiarity with the other staff (referring to Cassel), the Kansas City Chiefs could do a great job of defending this offense of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots".  Here's a clip:

Friday, December 31, 2010

Charlie Weis Florida Rumor - Weis Headed to Florida?

Charlie Weis Rumored to be Headed to the University of Florida
by Kansas City News

A rumor that came from the Gainesville Sun from reporter Pat Dooley claims that Charlie Weis is headed to the University of Florida to become the offensive coordinator for the Gators.  Pat Dooley, during a radio broadcast from Gainesville instructed the offensive coordinator from Florida to "pull his car over because this is going to shock you", and then announced that Weis could be taking his job soon.

The likely replacement would be Josh McDaniels according to Kansas City sources.  This rumor is at this time unconfirmed and when asked Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said that this was the first that he had heard about the news.  Kansas City Chiefs fans have been back and forth on Charlie Weis' play calling all season, sometimes they like him, sometimes they don't.  But then that's nothing new for Chiefs offensive coordinators.

We will keep you posted...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meth Head Shot and Killed in Ruskin Heights

Police were called to a Burglary in progress this morning in the Ruskin Heights area of Kansas City. When they arrived they found two white males (in Ruskin?) outside a vacant house. One man had a 3 foot long metal pole in his hand. When confronted by Police and told to drop the pole, the man charged. Big mistake - DRT (Dead Right There). If you prefer to live, do follow the directions of a Police officer. Their main goal every day is to return home in one piece, and they will shoot you if they feel their lives are threatened.

The dead man is one Kenny Gurley, 40 years old. He was killed in the back yard of the home directly behind where he lived with his pregnant girlfriend. Kenny is (was) a Meth Addict. Know this, if you do Meth - IT WILL KILL YOU - one way or another, eventually it will kill you.

A few burglaries had been reported in the neighborhood in the last week. According to his family, Kenny had been clean for a year and started a guttering business before recently relapsing into his Meth Habit. Sad, for his family - Sad for his unborn child.

Also sad for the Police Officer that had to pull the trigger. It can't be easy to shoot someone, and of course later to find out that person had a child on the way - and incidentally, Kenny was probably a decent fellow when not doing drugs. I've known a few like him.

Of course, the family will likely sue the Police Department - another frivolous lawsuit for the courts. Remember kids, Drugs are Bad, mkay.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rich Gannon Ban - Petition to Ban Rich Gannon

Petition to Ban Rich Gannon Starts in Kansas City
by Kansas City News

A petition has been started in Kansas City today to ban the services of Rich Gannon from commenting during televised Kansas City Chiefs games.  Chiefs fans claim that Gannon is extremely biased towards the Chiefs and demonstrates this bias throughout his commentary of televised Chiefs games.  Gannon consistently "talks up" the Chiefs opponents and downplays the Chiefs success, often pointing out the strengths of Chiefs opponents and what they need to do to beat the Chiefs.  Most notably, Rich Gannon comments on how talented the opposing team's quarterback is, and how they can exploit the Chiefs defense.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are publicly expressing their dislike for Gannon's commentary, both on broadcast radio, print and online fan sites.  Although exact details of Gannon's departure from the Chiefs is somewhat cloudy, it is obvious that he and the Chiefs parted ways on very negative terms.  The fact that Rich Gannon went to play for The Oakland Raiders, Kansas City's biggest rival, demonstrates this.

To sign the petition to ban the commentating services of Rich Gannon, please visit:
Rich Gannon Ban - Sign Petition

Iowa Beats Mizzou in Insight Bowl

What a turd of a game. I wish I had just gone to sleep instead of watch this one. At least I didn't travel half way across the country to see this piece of shit in person. Last night the Missouri Tigers lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes 27-24. If these two teams play 10 times, there is no way Iowa wins twice. Missouri blew this game, simple as that. This is the second year in a row the Tigers have laid an egg in a bowl game, losing last year's Texas Bowl to Navy.

Blaine Gabbert looked great for most of the game, and certainly put up steller numbers - 41 completions in 57 attempts, 400 plus passing yards with a TD throwing and one rushing, and most importantly to the outcome of the game, 2 uncharecteristic Interceptions, one of which was ran back for the winning Touchdown. Gabbert will likely declare himself for the 2011 NFL Draft (if there is one) because scouts are high on him making this probably his last game in a Missouri Jersey.

Luckily, no one really cares about Bowl Games and they are completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. There is only one Bowl that means anything, the National Championship. Did any of you even remember what Bowl game Missouri played in last year? Didn't think so.


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