Sunday, July 31, 2011

Royals Take Series Against Indians

With a strong performance from Danny Duffy and some timely hitting, Kansas City was able to defeat Cleveland today, 5-3. The win gave Kansas City a series victory over their struggling AL Central rival, and the Royals have now won eight of 12.

Duffy, who was filling in for the injured Kyle Davies, was able to escape several jams and struck out six in five innings of work. He gave up eight hits, but was also able to pick off two runners. Joakim Soria picked up the save, his 20th in 26 chances.

Offensively, the Royals were aided by Alex Gordon, who has been putting on a clinic during Kansas City's hot streak. In the month of July, Gordon batted .323 with four home runs and 13 RBI, and has raised his average on the season to .302. Gordon's emergence, paired with strong seasons from Jeff Francoeur and Billy Butler, has given the Royals offense some much-needed consistency.

Kansas City has tomorrow off, then starts a home series against Baltimore on Tuesday. The game is scheduled to start at 7:10 pm

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grandma Kicks Burglar in the Balls

Kansas City grandma and ball kicking expert Jessica Thomas was out on a walk with her grandchildren in the vicinity of 43rd and Pittman just east of Arrowhead Stadium when they returned to find that the front door of their home had been kicked in. Grandma said that they had only been on a short 15 minute walk to due to the extreme heat. Upon entering her home (why the hell she didn't just call the police immediately we don't know) an armed burglar nabbed her 2 grandchildren and told her to get in the house.

Grandma decided not to cooperate with the burglar and engaged him in hand to gun combat "you don't mess with the grandkids. That's the mother lion instinct," with this in mind she attacked the burglar who then attempted to beat her down with his gun, breaking her arm and cutting her forehead in the process. Grandma put up a good fight however, and in an adrenaline fueled rage proceeded to kick him in the balls. In grandma's own words; "I threw myself in front of the door and decided at that point I was going to make a field goal kick in his groin, and I did".

After grandma kicked the burglar in the balls, he fled the scene and everyone was safe save for grandma's broken arm and the burglar's sore balls. She says that she believes that the burglar lives in her neighborhood and she intends to put a sign out in her front yard saying that she forgives the man (say what?).

I guess the lesson here is, if you're going to enter into the career of burglary, you should probably wear a cup, or grandma will kick you in the balls.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Murderer Commits Suicide

The Crossland Economy Studios in Independence is short one room to rent today. That's because the coward murderer Rufus Young thankfully blew his brains out in one of the rooms as Police closed in on him Thursday night. Rufus was wanted in the shooting death of his ex girlfriend and her mother the night before.

After fleeing her home, Naushay Riley went to her mothers house as Rufus Young followed. In the company of Naushay's two small children, Young shot her and her mother Jackie, at the house on east 40th Terr. Two more parentless children in the city, and the cycle continues.

Rufus Young was no stranger to gun violence. He was released from prison in 2006 for the murder of a 17 year old in St Louis in 1994. As for Mr Young's decision to end his own worthless life, I wish more of the world's garbage would take themselves out. It sure would save a lot of money and trouble taking care of them for the rest of their lives.

There's also a lesson here for the ladies. What on Earth was this woman doing with this loser? She had a job, and a house, and she is making babies with a convicted murderer? Ladies you've got to choose your man better than that.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trolley Track Attacker Appears in Court

James Kemp was shackled to other inmates this morning at his first hearing at the Jackson County Courthouse. It was a routine first appearance and a new court date was set for Aug 22. Kemp is facing 8 Felony counts (4 Armed Criminal Action, 2 Kidnapping, 1 Sodomy, 1 Robbery) in connection with attacks on the Trolley Track Trail near the Waldo section of Kansas City, and at the Top of the Wornall Car Wash. He is being held on a $250,000 cash only bond.

According to court documents, DNA from the first attack where he Sodomized a woman on the Trolley Track Trail June 16th matched Kemp. Fingerprints from the second attack also match Kemp. Reportedly, he confessed when confronted with the evidence. The second attack is particularly chilling. The victim was able to get the duct tape off of her wrists to fight off her attacker and it really sounds like she was in a life or death battle.

His poor, pregnant wife was on the news last night making a fool of herself claiming that her husband is owed an apology and he would never do anything like this. She, along with Kemp's brother and sister think a confession was coerced by the cops. Yeah, coerced after he saw all the evidence they had. This fucking idiot has ruined lots of peoples lives. Hopefully his (future ex) wife and unborn child can move on and make something of themselves. I actually feel bad for her. Yes, Mr Wonderful does have feelings.

Chiefs Sign WR Steve Breaston

Heading into this year's crazy free agency period, the Chiefs knew that WR was an area that still needed to be addressed. Kansas City added some much needed help to its wideout corps today by signing former Arizona Cardinal WR Steve Breaston to a five year deal.

This deal makes a lot of sense for both Kansas City and Breaston. The Chiefs needed a player who has some experience, but still has a fairly long career ahead of them. Breaston has been in the league for only four years, but has been productive. He was slowed by injuries last season, but still managed to post 47 receptions for 718 yards (despite having Derek Anderson as his quarterback). Breaston's best season came in 2008, when he snagged 77 receptions for 1,006 yards.

Breaston also finds himself in a much better situation in Kansas City. He has played for Todd Haley before and knows the coach's offense. Better yet, he is going to a team that has a lot of offensive firepower and an established quarterback.

Now that Kansas City has addressed its biggest need on offense, the team can focus on giving its defense a boost. Expect the Chiefs to make a run at a nose tackle or linebacker sometime over the next couple of days.


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