Thursday, November 10, 2011

School District Loses 3 Cabinet Chiefs in Kansas City

The members of the Kansas City School District are jumping ship as it slowly sinks into the water. It was announced today that Chief of Finance Rebecca Lee-Gwin, Chiefs of Curriculum Mary Esselman and Chief Academic officer MiUndrea Prince are quitting the School Board in the wake of the Kansas City School District losing it's accreditation. For a map of the Kansas City School District see photo.

The panic will probably not end here as there is talk of dissolving the entire school board and installing a state controlled commission. Board member Arthur Benson gave a statement that he believes that the state is undermining the actions that the board has been taking to steer the Kansas City School District back on the right path. Most board members who are jumping ship are headed to Detroit, where they are putting together a state controlled school board to overtake leadership of Michigan schools that are in the dumpster.

The Kansas City School District cannot succeed because it is rooted too deeply in the ghetto, where kids know more about rappers, cell phones, gold chains, tennis shoes, guns and petty larceny than they do about math, science and history. Few to none of the schools located within the Kansas City School District are in good neighborhoods, the last one being Southwest High School, which is located in the semi good neighborhood of Brookside - the only problem is that in the case of Southwest High School, all of the residents of the immediate neighborhood are terrified to send their children to that school and opt to pay premium costs to have their children sent to private schools instead. There is no arguing with the facts, however, and you can't blame the residents of Brookside for avoiding Southwest High like the plague, the police were called to that school over 50 times in just 3 months for violence, arson, and other ghetto thug crimes. I wouldn't send my children anywhere NEAR a Kansas City public school, and the people of Brookside seem to agree.

Education of Kansas City's children starts at home people. If you are feeding your child McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken 3 or more times a week for dinner, letting them watch rap videos with Jigs grabbing their nuts and treating women like prostitutes, and having no male role models around them to teach them the value of a hard days work, then your children are probably going to grow up fighting the system and performing poorly in school. Those are the cold hard facts. I'm sure that the parents of children attending Kansas City public schools are whining and complaining like the Democrats always do, that something is wrong with the system and it's the city or the state's fault (another Democrat reasoning), but let us here at Kansas City News wake you up a little bit: If you're child is failing classes at ANY school, it is YOUR fault as a parent. Sit that child down and make sure that they do their homework, it's that simple folks, it really is. Quit blaming the city, state and your country for your own laziness - get off your butt and do something for your children and then maybe the test scores for the city as a whole will improve and the Kansas City School District can regain it's accreditation.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mizzou Leaving Big 12 for SEC July 1st 2012

After weeks of talk radio talk and rumors, it was finally announced today that Mizzou is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC on July 1st, 2012. There have been many speculations about the MU move, and fans have many different reactions to Missouri leaving the Big 12. Most of the more heated comments have been in reference to the MU - KU rivalry and what Mizzou's move to the SEC will do to that rivalry and the subsequent revenue losses that may occur in Kansas City and in Lawrence because of the MU move from the Big 12.

Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self was quoted today saying that "KU doesn't give a flip about whether or not KU plays Missouri" - and that is ok considering that the MU / KU rivalry really only exists in football, not basketball. KU is usually superior in basketball and usually loses severely to Mizzou in football every year. The Border War game at Arrowhead Stadium does not look like a possibility for 2012 as KU is trying to play down the MU move to the SEC as much as they can. In typical KU fashion, they are jealous that MU is getting more attention than they are, and they are making few if any comments about the future of the MU / KU rivalry that has existed since 1891, making it the longest living college rivalry in history. KU will maintain their history of putting black players on the basketball team but hoping that they don't sit next to them in the stands. Watch a KU basketball game on TV sometime and watch the home crowd at KU - all white people. The only black people at a home KU game are on the court. KU is so hypocritical and Anglo-Sax to the max. We really don't care what they think about Mizzou leaving the Big 12 for greener pastures anyway - they can just keep losing every football game just like they are doing now.

Mizzou, after leaving the Big 12 will face new rivals in the SEC, and a much more difficult schedule, with opponents in Alabama and Florida and other blue ribbon college teams. MU football has always produced pro players such as Jeremy Maclin so they will continue to do so in the SEC with no problem. The only financial loss that may come to the Kansas City area will be at the Sprint Center, but they are not based in Kansas City anyway, with all of their profits going to Maryland, home of Cordish who owns everything in the Power and Light District. It's just unfortunate that KU didn't just pick up their whole university and move it to Alaska somewhere - now THAT would have been a much better move. But, as Kansas City will find out next year, MU will continue to flourish and be a great new addition to the SEC, who officially welcomed them today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catholic Charities Celebration of Hope 2011 Gala

The 2011 Catholic Charities Celebration of Hope Gala at the Muehlbach Hotel Grand Ballroom was a SMASH HIT last night, November 5th. This is one Kansas City charity group that knows how to party! The ballroom was donned with a simplistic yet elegant decor and guests dined while watching a slideshow of sponsors and programs that are a big part of the Catholic Charities charity organization.

The Celebration of Hope 2011 Gala featured a delicious dinner, incredible works of art including pieces by Kansas City artist Bill Drummond, who's artwork was displayed throughout the ballroom and foyer. After dinner, the charity event and auction raised in the neighborhood of $200,000 towards the charity which helps the community in numerous ways (see below for more specific information about the Catholic Charities of Kansas City). The evening was capped off with entertainment from Kansas City's Dueling Piano act Roll Over Beethoven sponsored by Adam Blue Productions. The dueling pianos had everyone up and dancing early and all of guests had a great time. The dueling piano guys got all of the ladies up on the stage to sing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and they did a great job! Then Joe Kelly was coaxed up on the stage to be a "human trumpet" during a Johnny Cash song and then "Sweet Caroline".

More information on the Catholic Charities of Kansas City

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph responds to the gospel mandate by caring for the vulnerable, honoring the life and dignity of all persons, and engaging the community in providing compassionate social services and advocacy.

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph lives as a Gospel witness in the community, caring for all in need and pursuing just ways for the common good.

Interesting Facts

- Since 1879, Catholic Charities of Kansas City - St. Joseph, Inc., has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and families by providing social services regardless of race, gender, economic or religious background.

- Catholic Charities in Kansas City, Missouri, was founded in 1879.

- Although named Catholic Charities, more than 75% of those served are not of Catholic faith.

- Catholic Charities served more than 200,000 individuals in 2009-10 with food, shelter, and utilities along with hope-filled services of more than 60 community-focused programs.

- Catholic Charities administrative and fundraising costs are impressively among the lowest in the region, with more than 90 cents of every dollar directly helping someone in need.

- Catholic Charities continues to earn an aggregate client satisfaction score of more than 98% in its annual Continued Quality Improvement assessments.

- Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph is accredited through the Council on Accreditation, a comprehensive process by which an organization completes a thorough self-study and on-site review by trained Peer Reviewers. Catholic Charities has achieved this highest recognition for delivering quality child and family services, behavioral healthcare services, and community support and education services that comply with nationally recognized standards of best practice.

- Catholic Charities-USA is the nation's largest private network of social service agencies.

Friday, November 4, 2011

UFO Sightings Kansas City 2011 Kansas City News

Here at Kansas City news we run into all sorts of reports of UFO sightings in and around Kansas City, and occasionally we also get some great photos. We liked the one on the right so well we decided it had to go up immediately :)

Though this particular UFO sighting took place in Florida, we like the photo well enough to include it in our Kansas City News archive of UFO sighting photos from KC. Too bad all of the UFO sighting photos can't look like this one! Thank you to our friends in Vero Beach, Florida for sending that photo in.

Latest sightings in Kansas City include two sightings in Smithville over the lake. At or around 10pm on Thursday night November 3rd, 2011 two separate reports came in from Smithville, Missouri about an odd shaped round silver colored disc hovering over the lake about 200 - 300 feet in the air. The strange disc floated above the lake for about 30 seconds and then took off making a "whirring" sound according to one couple who witnessed it, and the second report of the incident confirmed the strange whirring sound as well. The UFO was lit around the edges with white lights but was not rotating or spinning in any way. Both reports said that the UFO was just hovering very still over the lake, and didn't make any significant movement until it took off heading due South and upward. The visibility at Smithville Lake is great, we've been out there several times back in the days when Groove Agency used to perform at the Smithville Marina! We weren't lucky enough to have any UFO sightings on those nights, but if you live or party at Smithville Lake, be sure and take a look up in the sky every once in awhile and make sure that you're not being watched!

We appreciate all of your emails and if you have a UFO sighting to report in the Kansas City area please email us at and thank you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UFO Sighting Kansas City October 2011

Thank you so much for all of your recent submissions for UFO sightings in Kansas City 2011, out of all of them, we liked the photo we received to the left of a UFO spotted and photographed in the area of highway 50 and 291 highway near Lee's Summit. It appears to be either one large craft with several lights and sections, or several small craft in formation. Either way this was a great photo of the UFO sighting, looks like they almost didn't get the camera out in time! We did not use any formatting on this photo - we left it as is.

UFO sightings in Kansas City increased exponentially in October 2011 with nearly 300 sightings reported in the Kansas City, Lee's Summit and Raytown areas in particular. Most sightings were reported between 6pm and 8pm, and there were several different types of UFOs spotted. We have had sightings of large, looming, dark craft that hovered hundreds of feet off the ground in plain sight just off the highway above traffic below, and then suddenly whoosh off into the night sky at speeds of over 500 miles per hour and completely disappear from sight. We have had UFO sightings that were comprised of several smaller craft flying in formation that had green lights and what might be described as yellowish "windows" on top flying right along a deserted road in the rural areas of Raytown.

Many UFO sightings were reported but the most by a landslide were reported in October. For some reason, the aliens decided to visit Kansas City in October this year. We're not sure what the correlation might be, but this October was hot with UFO sightings all around the KC area. In a previous UFO sightings in Kansas City report we noted that most of the sightings occurred between October 3rd and October 7th, and most of them near Lee's Summit, MO. We were actually on the phone with one couple who was traveling down 470 highway when they spotted a small formation of strange triangular aircraft, flying about 1000 feet in the air to the East of the highway, heading North toward downtown. The couple said that the craft were small triangles with blue and almost silver colored lights that blinked on and off in a pattern of sorts. After about 30 seconds in sight, the little triangles disappeared into the night in a blast of what they described as "light speed". This was on October 7th, 2011, at around 7:30pm, about the time that we decided that we had better start reporting these sightings in the news. Please keep your submissions of UFO sightings in Kansas City coming to us at and keep watching the skies!


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