Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kyle Orton Not Starting Palko Starts vs Bears

Todd Haley looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet, we've seen heroin addicts with more spunk and inspiring speech pathology. Haley has been getting pounded with the same question over and over in the past few days; who will you start vs the Bears on Sunday? The answer comes out as quickly as the question - "our starter is still Tyler Palko", and though we did pick up Kyle Orton he will remain the third or fourth option at quarterback for the lowly Chiefs. Tyler Palko has a career passer rating of 50.1, has thrown ZERO touchdowns in the NFL and has thrown 6 interceptions. Palko is easily the worst quarterback in the NFL, and Chiefs fans are baffled as to why he would remain the starting quarterback in the second half of an NFL season that is clearly all over for the Kansas City Chiefs.

By this time the only people who are paying attention to Chiefs news are the hard core Chiefs fans who watch the team's every move no matter how poorly the team is performing. Though not as sad as Royals fans who have to sit through a grueling 162 game season with a losing team who's owners will spend no money to improve the team, the Chiefs fans only have to suffer through 17 weeks of watching an underfunded team struggle against the current that is the NFL. Though it would seem that the Chiefs stand a better chance of going into history as world champions each year, it is actually the Royals who have won the championship most recently in 1985. The Chiefs haven't gone all the way since 1970, and do not look like they are going to return any time soon.

I remember a time in Kansas City when you never saw a Chiefs game turned on anyone's TV, but you always saw people tuning in to watch the Royals. Growing up in the 80's I don't even remember anyone EVER watching a Chiefs game. The first time that I became aware of who the Chiefs even were was when the Kansas City Police used to hand out Chiefs Cards to us kids (looking back it makes me wonder who's idea that was??). The Royals were so popular in Kansas City that people even listened to the game on transistor radios, sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway when the game wasn't televised.

The Chiefs are clearly the most popular sports team in Kansas City right now, but that can only be attributed to the fact that NFL football is just simply more fun to watch than baseball in general. HD television, increased advertising revenue, and perhaps a more violent society has contributed to the popularity of the NFL (now that would make a good topic for a thesis, "how a more violent society has led to the increased popularity of the NFL" - go ahead and use that one students if you need a topic). The Chiefs Tailgate parties are also a huge reason for the team's dedicated fan base, and the Chiefs invest a lot of money to insure that the tailgate parties flourish and that the Chiefs fans have a reason to keep renewing their season tickets each year even though the team cannot compete in the NFL.

The Chiefs look like they are probably going to end up going 5-11, or maybe 6-10. The defense looks decent, but with Tyler Palko at the helm they are in trouble. Kyle Orton might be able to bring something to the table, but without blocking up front, and Orton's lack of scrambling ability, he may not put up good numbers either. If you've even read this far into this article I commend you on your support of the flailing Kansas City Chiefs, or maybe you are just spacing off at work again...

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mizzou Takes Border War from KU One Final Time

In the final Border War between the MU and KU football squads, it was no surprise that Mizzou was victorious over KU once again on a chilly Saturday afternoon on November 26th, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Missouri Tigers effortlessly trampled the Kansas Jayhawks in a 24-10 victory to forever seal the vault on the Border War with a total victory record of 56-55-9 over KU since the Border War games started on October 31st, 1891. The MU / KU Border War was the longest living rival in football history, and it ended abruptly with the Mizzou victory on Saturday.

The reason that the Border War will cease to exist in the future is due to the recent announcement by Mizzou that it would be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC effective July 1st, 2012. KU fans were extremely upset with the decision by MU to leave the Big 12, and the city of Kansas City will certainly lose revenue with the loss of the annual game that would usually fill Arrowhead Stadium to capacity. In 2011, attendance was only 47,000 due to an absolutely pathetic KU football team, who only won a couple of games during the season and were expected to lose in embarrassing fashion to the dominating MU football team. MU fans showed up in droves and filled in their side of the stadium as usual, but KU fans pouted and decided to stay home instead of attend the game and be ruthlessly taunted by MU fans.

In 2012, Mizzou will move up to a better league in the SEC, and face more suitable rivals as KU was unable to provide much competition, losing the Border War series overall in the span of over 100 years. One reason that the MU / KU rivalry was so intense is that most KU fans live in the city of Overland Park, Kansas which directly "borders" the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Many bars would fill up along the border of the state line that divides Kansas and Missouri, where MU fans and KU fans would talk smack and taunt each other during the border war games, which almost always ended in an MU victory. This final Border War game was a great game overall, and ended a century-long rivalry between the Missouri Tigers and the perpetually over matched KU Jayhawks.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Marijuana Legal in Kansas City Rumors Continue

That's OK, Kansas City, we know that we are usually in the back of the pack when it comes to making changes or modernizing our city in any way. Rumors have surfaced once again that marijuana could become legal in Kansas City pending a few small hurdles. The latest rumor is that the state of Missouri is trying to legalize marijuana for those who are 21 and over. This would mean that it would be legal for legal citizens of Missouri to possess and use marijuana. It would obviously still be illegal for anyone to drive while under the influence of marijuana, but we're not sure on what the law would be pertaining to having marijuana on your person while driving, but not under the influence. It would be legal for anyone 21 and over for possess, purchase and use marijuana with basically the same applicable laws as alcohol.

This is NOT the same law as the "medical marijuana" law that has passed in other states, although Missouri is considering that law as well. For now, the state of Missouri is only focusing on making marijuana legal and like alcohol, only available for sale to those 21 and over. We're not sure where they would sell the marijuana, but it would no doubt be government controlled and operated in order for the state to make the most tax profits from the sale of the marijuana. Private merchants will probably be able to sell marijuana if they purchase a license to sell marijuana, which will no doubt be VERY expensive and probably require a thorough background check, etc. The state of Missouri isn't just going to hand out licenses to grow and sell pot without making you pay through the nose for a permit / license. As far as personally growing your own marijuana, you would probably have to have a permit for that as well, otherwise it would still be illegal.

It looks like we're getting close to legalizing marijuana across the board, but the government has to make sure that they have their hands in it and can make as much money as they can from the cultivation and sales through taxation. As we stand right now, Missouri has to obtain 140,000 signatures to propose the legalization of marijuana in Missouri, then the issue would be put to a vote. It is hard to say how Missouri would vote on the legalization of marijuana - remember that a lot of Missouri is still mostly hillbillies who are devout religious freaks and may raise a stink about it.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kyle Orton Signs with Chiefs - Kansas City News

Today the Kansas City Chiefs must have decided that they did not trust Tyler Palko or Ricky Stanzi to take over quarterback duties for the injured Matt Cassel as they went to the "quarterback couch" and picked up Kyle Orton, formerly of the Denver Broncos, who was replaced earlier in Denver's season with backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Kyle Orton was signed to a one year deal after only starting a handful of games for Denver in the 2011 NFL season, by popular demand from Denver fans, religious fanatic Tim Tebow was put into action early in the season. The Denver Broncos released Kyle Orton soon after and he has been on waivers ever since. This now leaves the Kansas City Chiefs with 4 quarterbacks including one Matt Cassel on injured reserve. Kyle Orton was a miserable 12 and 21 as a starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, throwing 8434 yards, 49 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. Kyle is known for being an ultraconservative quarterback, rarely taking any chances down field, and stick to the dink and dunk passing. Orton usually throws the ball within about 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage, which really won't be much of a change from Matt Cassel, who rarely threw the ball further than 20 yards or so.

The Chiefs will lose the mobility that Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko bring to the table and this may result in a tough outing for the slower and less elusive Kyle Orton. The Chiefs offensive line is questionable at best and due to a recent injury to star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja, they will be even less likely to effectively block for the quarterback. Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko were both running for their lives during the past few games due to the weak offensive line and with a slower quarterback in Kyle Orton this doesn't look good. It has not been announced yet whether Orton will start on Sunday night when the Chiefs take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on National TV, but since the Chiefs only have about 10 passing plays in the playbook, this should be a quick study for Kyle Orton.

All we can say to Kyle Orton is, be ready to be sacked - a lot.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2011 Kansas City

Whether you're ready for the holidays or not, they are upon us. Kansas City will be kicking off the festivities with the Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2011 on Thursday, November 24th at the Country Club Plaza.

Plaza Lighting 2015 Ceremony Info

The fun kicks off at 5:15pm with some pre-show entertainment from the same group of kids who performed last year. The lackluster "american idol / glee" style of performance was pretty lame and the only bright spot in the line up was the Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra who will unfortunately not be performing this year. The plaza lighting ceremony 2011 will be hosted by KSHB Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak and his faithful dog Stormy. The actual switch to turn on the plaza lights will be thrown by Eric Stonestreet from the TV show "Modern Family" who is a Kansas City native who struck out to find fame in show business.

2011 marks the 82nd annual plaza lighting ceremony and the weather is supposed to cooperate, looking at a mild 45 degrees or so and dry. There will be over 300,000 people in attendance to watch the plaza lighting ceremony 2011 so you should try to get down to the plaza early enough to find a good place to park. We have provided a plaza lighting ceremony parking map below for your convenience:
There will be two fireworks displays this year. As usual, there will be a fireworks display on top of the Intercontinental Hotel and another fireworks display from behind the main stage in front of Halls. Have a good time welcoming in the holiday season at this year's plaza lighting ceremony 2011 and be safe driving!

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