Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chiefs Fan Puts Sign In Yard to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt

Northland resident and Chiefs season ticket holder Mike Mason and his neighbors are fed up. On Monday night, Mason and some neighbors erected a 55 foot sign in his front yard with a message to Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli to make some changes in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

The sign was intentionally designed as a morale building tool for Chiefs fans as they were going to write positive messages on the sign to motivate Chiefs fans in the neighborhood. That was last season - after the events of the 2011 season, these Chiefs season ticket holders are asking for their money back. The sign in the front yard reads "Attention Scott Pioli & Clark Hunt from a 33 year season ticket holder", the sign points out that the Chiefs are $32 Million dollars under the spending cap as well as questions starting quarterback Tyler Palko and the pitch play to Jackie Battle in the end zone that resulted in a safety against the Jets on Sunday. Mason and his fellow season ticket holding neighbors are saying that "enough is enough" and that they want their money back...oh, and a free hot dog.

It is no secret that The Kansas City Chiefs, like the Kansas City Royals do not spend enough money on players. The owners of both franchises simply pocket the left over money from the salary cap pool that is set aside to make team improvements, draft high dollar players and coaches, and generally improve the Chiefs and the Royals' chances of competing with the other teams in the league. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt pockets the cap money and instead of spending the cap money on badly needed players, Hunt spent the money revamping Arrowhead Stadium, essentially finding even more ways to make money off of Chiefs fans. Hunt also raised all ticket prices and also parking prices at Arrowhead to a whopping $27 per vehicle in 2011. David Glass, owner of the Royals, has done the exact same thing, he has pocketed all of the Kansas City Royals cap money and instead of going out and getting high dollar players and/or keeping Royals players who become great (like Zack Grienke), Glass also revamped Kauffman Stadium with more bars and distractions for fans to spend more money on, and more importantly provide something to do besides watch the atrocity that is happening down on the field.

When David Glass and Clark Hunt decided to revamp both stadiums they might as well have said "Hey fans! Don't pay any attention to the team that is pathetic and getting their asses kicked on the field down there, look at this shiny new BAR! And look at these neat little pictures of ex Chiefs and Royals players on little spin cards, and DON'T FORGET TO STOP IN AND SPEND SOME MONEY AT OUR NEW GIFT SHOP! But whatever you do, do NOT pay attention to the actual sports teams because they suck."

What Clark Hunt and David Glass are doing to our beloved sports teams is criminal. They are pocketing all of the money and spending mere pennies on improving the teams and coaches. Just think of all of the money the Glass family are going to pocket after hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game - they are going to make a MINT on that freakshow. The fans in Kansas City are so dedicated that they will continue to attend the games anyway. It is a shame, but most fans only go to Chiefs games to tailgate and to get drunk. Chiefs season ticket holders like Mike Mason have a right to be upset, and hopefully this message will get to the greedy owners that are ruining this city's great sports legacies.

More on Mike Mason's Chiefs yard sign on the video below:

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Man Escapes from Prison Lafayette County Jail Tommy Haubrich

Just like in the movies, Tommy Haubrich, who was serving consecutive sentences for robbing Walgreens pharmacies has done the near impossible - he escaped! Tommy gained access to a maintenance room that led to the roof of the Lafayette County Jail on Saturday night and escaped from the prison. It was not until Sunday afternoon that prison officials discovered Haubrich had escaped so we're guessing that he is probably almost over the wall in Mexico or somewhere in the deep woods in Canada.

Haubrich pled guilty in 2010 to charges of robbery as he and a few buddies were going around knocking over local Walgreens stores robbing the pharmacies in order to get pain pills. Details weren't mentioned but they were probably after the popular pain killer Oxycontin, which has a high street value and a large client base as many Americans are addicted to Oxycontin (check out the TV show "Intervention" for a close look at Oxycontin addicts and their daily habits). It is highly unlikely that Tommy Haubrich is dangerous, and he is most likely trying to lay as low as he can, making his way toward an area of the world where he can find shelter, hide out, and probably score some Oxycontin.

Breaking out of prison isn't easy I'm sure and Tommy Haubrich proved that he has what it takes to bust out of the joint. He was reported to have over 100 years of prison time coming to him and it must have been too much to fathom for this prisoner as he took matters into his own hands and broke out of jail. Haubrich is described as being 5'10, 200 pounds and is what authorities are calling "clean shaven". Tommy probably won't be clean shaven for long with that report floating around the news, he will hear that and begin growing a beard and mustache immediately. He might even head for the Ozarks as it would take quite awhile to find anyone down there since it became a ghost town back in 2009.

The Lafayette County Jail is located in Lexington, Missouri, but the internet has very little information on the jail - no photos, inmate info or anything that we could find. A sneaky little prison in a broken down town where the 31 percent of households have children and only 48 percent of households have married inhabitants. The mean income for Lexington, Missouri is a mere $17,000 per year. It sounds as though Haubrich had somewhat of a plan in place, and most likely arranged for transportation to assist him in his escape. If he indeed has access to a motor vehicle he is most likely miles away from Missouri by now.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chiefs Jets 2011 AFC Playoffs Out Of Picture

It is official, The Kansas City Chiefs will not be making an appearance in the NFL Playoffs in 2011. While we had placed our hopes in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, they just couldn't carry the team today vs the New York Jets. Tyler Palko did his usual job of scrambling around, getting sacked and throwing interceptions, but the defense just didn't show up today. The Chiefs defense needed to get some pressure on mediocre quarterback Mark Sanchez but were unable to do so. Sanchez threw 2 touchdowns and effortlessly ran 2 more in himself with absolutely no resistance from the Chiefs defense.

The Chiefs almost set a record in penalties and penalty yards today as they had 11 total penalties for over 100 yards, 81 of those yards came on ONE DRIVE when the defense committed 5 penalties for 81 yards, and eventually coach Todd Haley got involved and get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty all by himself when he berated the referees during the penalty fueled drive by the Jets.

Dwayne Bowe dropped an easy touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, but the game was way over by then and although it was a disappointment, it didn't really impact the game. In another comedic moment, kicker Ryan Succop fluffed an onside kick attempt, rolling his left foot over the ball and kicking the ball about 2 yards forward awkwardly, giving the Jets the ball on the Chiefs 38 yard line. Murphy's Law could not have applied more to this game as what could go wrong did go wrong for the Chiefs. It was an embarrassing performance by the Chiefs and it was a good thing that the game wasn't a Sunday or Monday night game where the entire world would have been watching.

With the Chiefs season officially over, they will crawl into a Packers fan filled Arrowhead Stadium on November 18th, and essentially play an away game at home since Arrowhead will be filled with bandwagon fake Packers fans with their freshly purchased Rodgers jerseys and their flaky pride put out for all to see. It would be great if The Chiefs could just skip the game all together as seeing the stadium full of fake Packers fans cheering all game is going to be infuriating. Hey Packers fans who live in Kansas City, why don't you just MOVE to Green Bay and get the fuck out of our stadium - you guys are spineless and weak and I hope someone spills beer all over you and your fake Packers jersey. What tools you are.

At this point, the only thing that the Kansas City sports fans have to look forward to is the 2012 MLB All Star Game set to take place in Kansas City next year.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chiefs Jets 2011 Kansas City Chiefs

With thier hopes of making the playoffs barely breathing, The New York Jets may have to win out the remainder of their games to earn a spot in the AFC playoff picture. Their remaining 4 games will include facing The Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at MetLife stadium at 12pm followed by bouts against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and finally the Miami Dolphins. After watching several Jets games this season, this just isn't going to happen. Anyone watch the Sunday night game in week 4 vs the Ravens? After watching that debacle, coupled with the Jet's recent loss to the luckiest team in the world Denver Broncos on Thursday night, I just don't think that the Jets have what it takes to be a playoff contender.

With that being said, let's turn to our Kansas City Chiefs. You cannot give enough credit to the Chiefs defense right now, they are performing so well that we don't even need an offense, well, maybe just a little bit. But seriously, if the Chiefs defense can just get a pick 6 this Sunday, or a fumble recovery touchdown, or at least put the offense on the 2 yard line - we could win this game. The only reason that the last game looked so close was because the Chiefs weren't awarded the defensive score that we earned in the play where we clearly had a safety and the refs called holding on a nonexistent player (number 69? Jared Allen? Are you here?) when the holding play DEFINITELY occurred deep in the end zone. With those 2 points on the board and a resulting kick coming to the Chiefs, that game would have looked like a blow out. Slow and boring, yes, but a blowout none the less.

The Chiefs defense has taken the team on their shoulders, led by Tamba Hali (8 sacks, 2 forced fumbles), Derrick Johnson who is playing like a man possessed, taking out the Bear's star running back Matt Forte within his first few carries last week with a SMASHING tackle, and of course the emergence of our rookie draft pick Justin Houston who has finally started showing some signs of life at line backer. Mark Sanchez cannot be looking forward to this game, as he will be sacked repeatedly and will hopefully even cough up a few fumbles. The Jets running game is almost nonexistent with the ever slow Shonn Greene gaining just a couple yards per carry at best. Old man Ladainian Tomlinson leads the pre game chants, but that's about it. He's good for a few catches in the flat, which has proved to be a weakness in the Chiefs defense in the past so they should keep at least one eye on that.

Tyler Palko will again get the start this week, as he faces his old college teammate from the University of Pittsburgh Darrelle Revis. There has been no mention of Kyle Orton since he was injured after just one snap last week. Thomas Jones should be fired up as well as he returns to MetLife Stadium where he was the star running back a few years ago. Our prediction for this game is Jets 24, Chiefs 13 as the Chiefs will put up a good fight but will eventually be overmatched by Jets wide receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes who will probably bust a big play or two in between Sanchez sacks.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jardine's Jazz Club in Kansas City Bad Checks

As many of you know by now, Jardine's jazz nightclub on the Plaza in Kansas City abruptly closed their doors last weekend and pulled the rug out from under 15 employees and at least two musical acts that were scheduled to perform that weekend. One of the bands, The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra was scheduled to perform 2 shows on Saturday, and were called at the last minute with a message that the entire staff at Jardine's had been fired and there would be no one available to work the shows. Jardine's proceeded to close the establishment entirely, putting a note on the door that they were "closed for repairs". The note later changed to say that Jardine's would be reopening on December 14th, and that the Kansas City bands booked to perform would go on as scheduled.

Since this happened, several former Jardine's employees are coming forward with their versions of the story, most of them claiming that the owner of Jardine's, Beena Johnson is an alcoholic and a cocaine abuser and has been screwing employees out of their pay for years as well as using mental and physical abuse on them. Former Jardine's employee "Stevie" and another employee who came forward today "Laura" says that Beena physically abused them and held back their pay for weeks at a time.

The latest breaking news from our sources at Kansas City News is from band leader Dave Stephens, who's show was cancelled suddenly last Friday night at Jardine's. Dave has come forward and told us that a check that was written to pay him for his band's performance during Thanksgiving week was bad and that Jardine's had put a stop payment on the check. Dave claims that he is out $3000.00 and that he had already paid all of his band members for the show, leaving him holding the bad check. This should be a stern warning to all Kansas City bands who are thinking of performing at the new Jardine's if it reopens with it's former management, even if you get a check from them, it doesn't mean that it's any good! If you are going to perform at Jardine's, you need to get your fee in CASH, up front, before you play a single note.

I can imagine that the media will be swarming Jardine's on December 14th if they decide to open their doors to the public, as the management has yet to return any phone calls to any of us.

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