Monday, March 5, 2012

Chiefs Franchise Tag Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs News

The Chiefs are making some moves in the off season and the biggest one so far happened today when the Kansas City Chiefs put the Franchise Tag on Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs somewhat flaky but occasionally talented wide receiver. It's pretty sad when a team has to put a franchise tag on a mediocre player, who in the case of the Chiefs hardly gets a chance to make game changing differences. With two mid level quarterbacks on the roster, and an offensive line made of swiss cheese, the Chiefs have MUCH bigger fish to fry than to put a franchise tag on a slightly higher than mediocre wide receiver like Dwayne Bowe.

After an extremely lackluster 2011 Chiefs season, Dwayne Bowe put up a lukewarm 81 receptions for a measly 5 touchdowns - yikes! That's what the Chiefs call franchise tag material? Wow, we must be worse off than we thought. This is a sign that the Chiefs offense still has no direction whatsoever and we could be in for another 10 touchdown season total from this sputtering offense. Here at Kansas City News we have never been fans of Matt Cassel, figuring him to be the NFL's highest paid "back up" quarterback. With the franchise tag, Dwayne Bowe's salary will be 9.5 million dollars in 2012. He is a good back up quarterback, and did lead the New England Patriots to the playoffs when Tom Brady went down - but the fact that we paid this guy almost 60 million dollars to come play for the Chiefs is just plain ridiculous. With mediocre quarterbacks like Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton at the helm, putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe just doesn't make any sense. If there is no one to get the ball to our receivers, then why are we putting such a high priority on them? The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be a defensive team, there is no doubt about it. We've made Romeo Crennel, who will absolutely be focusing on the defensive side of the ball, our head coach. And what is worse, we've brought in a terrible offensive coordinator from Miami in Brian Daboll, who had a miserable offensive season in 2011 with the Dolphins.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to realize where their priorities are and they need to do it fast. Putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe is not the first thing that Chiefs fans wanted to hear in this off season. What we want to hear is that the Chiefs are going to look for a REAL quarterback, invest top draft picks on offensive lineman, and try to find a way to get our offense back on track. Thank God that Jamaal Charles is coming back, that should take some of the spotlight off of our hideous passing game. The Chiefs defense looks great and I think that the defense alone can get The Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 wins in 2012. Let's just hope that they don't put the franchise tag on any more wide receivers - who's next, Dexter McCluster?

Kansas City News announces that the Kansas City Chiefs put the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe, March 5th, 2012.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Charity Event in Kansas City Roof Giveaway from Gahagan Eddy

In a grand gesture of Kansas City charity, Gahagan-Eddy, LLC., a Prairie Village building and roofing company, is now accepting nominations for the Gahagan-Eddy Roof Giveaway, in which the company will donate a new roof to a local home in celebration of its ten years serving Kansas City with excellence and honesty. The winner of the Gahagan-Eddy Roof Giveaway will be selected from local nominations collected through March 31. Gahagan-Eddy encourages all of Kansas City to nominate individuals or families in need of the gift of a new roof. This is a great Kansas City Charity event and Kansas City News encourages everyone to nominate someone for the free roof giveaway! Nomination forms are available at (or, at select Kansas City locations, and at the Gahagan-Eddy Johnson County Home Show booth March 2-4.

"Gahagan-Eddy has thrived as a local company serving Kansas City for 10 years, and we want to give back to the community that helped build us," said Bryce Gahagan, Gahagan-Eddy co-founder and principal. "A new roof is a valuable necessity that some homeowners cannot expend the funds for in this economy or due to other extenuating circumstances, and we want to help one of those deserving families. We encourage everyone to nominate a family or individual who deserves this valuable gift. It could make an incredible difference in the life of someone in our community.”

Roof problems that may qualify a home for a new roof include deterioration, leaks, algae, poor installation, neighborhood aesthetic, blow-offs, ponding, hail damage and wildlife or insect issues. The Gahagan-Eddy Roof Giveaway is open to homeowners in the Kansas City metro area who are deserving of a new roof due to a medical situation, military service, a general hardship, or because of their community involvement and service to others. This is a wonderful Kansas City charity event!

The winner of the Gahagan-Eddy Roof Giveaway will be contacted April 6, with the new roof installed later that month. Gahagan-Eddy is now accepting nominations through March 31.

About Gahagan-Eddy, LLC.

Gahagan-Eddy, LLC., is a building and roofing company based in Prairie Village, Kan., serving homeowners with exacting standards who appreciate flawless "ultra-premium" service under the Gahagan-Eddy Building Company and Gahagan-Eddy Roofing Company brands. The founders, Bryce Gahagan and Mark Eddy, met while building homes for a Fortune 500 builder known for value-producing homes for the masses. The duo felt that there was a better way. Founded in March 2002, Gahagan-Eddy has earned the distinction of being a referral-based business that caters to specific client needs with high-quality service. Gahagan-Eddy is an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau and was awarded the “Super Service Award” on Angie’s List, awarded to only the top 5 percent of contractors.

Bryce Gahagan has also appeared on "The Apprentice" (Season Five) with Donald Trump. He was famously "fired" when Trump told him, "You're fired. And I think you have great potential, too." Gahagan was known for his view that, "Whatever you choose to do in life, do it, but do it better than anyone else."

For more information on Gahagan-Eddy, LLC., please visit

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

UFO Sighting Kansas City 2012 February Shawnee

February, 2012 - Two separate reports of UFO sightings in Kansas City came in to us over the weekend. These reports were extremely unique as both reports came in around the same time and were reported within 1 square mile of each other. This time, the visitors were flying over the vicinity of Shawnee, Kansas, one spotted from a home near Shawnee Mission Medical Center, and another from a man playing golf at the Milburn Golf and Country Club.

UFO Sighting #1
This report came in at about 4:45pm on Friday night from a married couple who were working in their back yard in the vicinity of Old 56 Highway in Shawnee, Kansas, near the Shawnee Mission Medical Center. They reported sighting a fairly large craft approaching from the West. The craft was silver / blue in color and had three round lights on the front of it. Then, about 200 yards behind the first craft, another, smaller craft was spotted, following - or possibly "escorting" the larger craft. The second, smaller craft was a blueish silver in color as well and had what appeared to be lights all around the outer ring of the cylindrical vehicle. The smaller craft stayed exactly the same distance behind the large craft the entire time they were flying. The UFOs continued their path until suddenly making a sharp, 90 degree turn in mid air and flew due South at extreme speeds (approx 500 mph according to the witness) until they were out of sight. As the craft were approaching, before they flew away, the husband grabbed his cell phone and snapped the photos that we posted here. It was nearly dark outside so the photos are not clear, but you can see enough to know that these are no ordinary aircraft vehicles. The couple stayed outside for about another hour, watching the sky for a possible return, but no more UFOs were spotted.

UFO Sighting #2
This sighting came in around 4:50pm from a man who was finishing up a chilly round of golf at The Milburn Golf Course and Country Club just a few blocks from the sighting from the couple above. This man was walking up the 18th hole fairway towards his ball when he heard a strange "whirring" sound, "like a giant humming bird" as he described it. He looked up and saw a quickly approaching pair of strange aircraft that he described as silver in color, one vehicle was larger than the other and flew in front, the smaller craft flying in a sort of formation behind the large craft. This matched the other couple's sighting to a tee (pun slightly intended).

We have had reports come in of UFO sightings before that were in the same general area and around the same time from multiple people, but NEVER have we had two sightings that were this close to each other. I mean we're talking BLOCKS away from each other, and within about 5 minutes. These UFO sightings were significant as well because one man was quick enough to grab his cell phone and snap a photo. Here at Kansas City News, we foretold at the end of last fall that more and more UFO sightings were going to be captured due to the fact that everyone now has a camera on their cell phone, in their pocket, ready to snap a quick photo. The only drawback at this point is the quality of the photos from most cell phones are crappy at best. But we're sure that very soon, as the quality of cell phone photos gets better and better, we will be seeing a lot more photos of UFO sightings in Kansas City and around the world.

Keep your cell phones handy, and keep watching the skies! Send us any UFO sightings you have to us at

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Friday, February 24, 2012

DUI Checkpoints Kansas City February 24th, 25th, 26th

Be careful out there this weekend! Here at Kansas City News we would like to bring you up to speed on the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City for February 24th, 25th and 26th. Remember, there is a new casino that just opened by the Kansas Speedway called Hollywood Casino and they will be swarming all over that place so be careful driving anywhere out and around The Legends Shopping Center.

Checkpoints will also be lurking in the usual places including:

Anywhere along Southwest Trafficway or Southwest Boulevard - avoid those streets if possible, especially on Southwest Trafficway near the Penn Valley Community College (around 31st Street) and also near the Sunfresh in Westport.

Avoid Ward Parkway all together if possible if you are trying to rocket out of the Plaza area from a night of embibing. Ward Parkway will have DUI checkpoints set up in a number of different areas including the most popular areas which are on the 77th block and the 79th street intersection where Ward Parkway splits into Kansas.

Wornall Road is always a popular spot for DUI checkpoints and they usually set those up around the Waldo area, near 75th Street or 77th Street. Wornall also has surprise checkpoints around 93rd Street on that blind corner where if you are driving south towards the intersection of 95th and Wornall, BANG! - there they are and you won't see a thing. Sometimes the Kansas City Police have a motorcycle posted up on the side street of 93rd looking to see if anyone tries to turn around and avoid the trap.

The best idea, of course is to avoid drunk driving and take a cab or find a sober friend to drive, this way you don't have to worry about DUI checkpoints in Kansas City at all! Be careful out there this weekend (February 24th, 25th and 26th) and drive safe!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gorillas Escape From Kansas City Zoo

Run for your lives! Just kidding, the two 19 year old gorillas that escaped from the Kansas City Zoo have been returned to their cages.

On Sunday, February 19th, two full grown gorillas named Ntondo and Mbundi found that the door to their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo had been left open, allowing them to escape and wander around freely for a short period of time. When it was discovered that the gorillas had escaped from their enclosure, zoo officials and staff rushed zoo patrons into a safe area temporarily while the gorillas were gathered and "guided" back to their enclosure with the use of water hoses. While no one was threatened or injured, news of the gorillas escape sent shock waves throughout the zoo and it's staff and patrons on Sunday.

Randy Wisthoff, director of The Kansas City Zoo said that disciplinary measures would be taken once they find out who was responsible for leaving the door open to the gorilla enclosure. An investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture and the American Zoo and Aquarium association will be held as a matter of standard procedure. Since no one was injured or threatened, and the gorillas were quickly contained, the zoo will most likely continue to operate as normal.

Ah, there's nothing like a small taste of freedom, and I'm sure that the gorillas Ntondo and Mbundi had a great time for the few minutes that they were out and about at the zoo. I would imagine that it would have been much harder to capture and contain a tiger or a lion, so since it was only 2 full grown and well trained gorillas that escaped on Sunday everyone should consider themselves fortunate in this case. Since most animals in the zoo are very well taken care of and fed, most probably would not even pose much of a threat to humans, unless of course they were provoked, which we at Kansas City News would certainly not attempt!

The two gorillas that escaped from The Kansas City Zoo were estimated to have weighed about 400 pounds each.

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