Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Parking Meter System for Kansas City

Nice little parking meter machines that will keep track of your vehicle - what a treat!
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KCMO testing “Pay and Display” parking Downtown

Curbside parking in Downtown is getting modernized.  The city is now testing Pay and Display parking stations. The system, widely used in other cities, replaces individual parking meters with pay stations that print a receipt for motorists to display on the dashboard.  Pay and Display reduces costs by using one machine to service many parking spots. It also increases compliance with parking laws by eliminating the situation where people take advantage of meters with time remaining. The new machines also increase convenience for motorists by taking credit cards.

Photo by KC Star

Photo by KC Star

The new system is currently being testing on Grand Boulevard and Walnut Street, between 11th and 12th Streets.

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John G said...

Like Kansas City, almost every major city now has Pay & Display machines that dispense parking receipts that you need to display through your windshield. While the machines are in improvement (from a payment perspective), dealing with paper receipts has its own practical issues. Receipts accumulate on the dashboard, they get stuck between the windshield and the dashboard, and they can be obscured by tinting or blow off the dashboard. I looked for solutions but could not find any and so I invented Park ‘n’ Display (

Park ‘n’ Display displays, holds and stores parking receipts, placards and even toll pass transponders. The device is attached to the inside of your vehicle's windshield with special hook & loop fasteners, making it simple to attach and detach. Our patent pending design allows for quick and easy insertion and removal of multiple receipts and placards so one can remove them all at once for disposal or for tracking business expenses.

The initial response by users to the Park ‘n’ Display device has been fantastic (especially from commercial users). Visit to see for yourself and to purchase Park 'n' Display.

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