Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time Warner Cable's new "Turbo" Upgrade = SCAM

I'm sure that you've seen the irritating commercials for Time Warner Cable's new "Turbo" upgrade for their internet service. They claim that for an extra $25 per month (which is ghastly), you can increase the speed of your internet.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call "bullshit" on this one.

I recently moved into a new home and since my choices are pretty limited as far as choosing a cable company (AT&T sucks, no internet if you go to Satellite) I signed up for Time Warner's basic internet and cable TV package.

For a few months, my internet speed was good. Then it recently started to mysteriously slow down. And this was a coincidence because at the same time my internet speed started to slow down, Time Warner came out with those internet "Turbo" upgrade commercials. Hmmmm...Very interesting.

Here's what I think - I don't believe that it's possible to "Turbo" your internet speed. I DO, however, think it's possible for Time Warner to "Slow Down" your internet speed from their end. This, in turn, causes the consumer to become frustrated with their internet speed, they see the commercial for the "Turbo" upgrade, and they take the bait and sign on for another $25 per month.

This is a SCAM, people, and I think it sucks.


John said...

I have been thinking the exact same thing......whatever the case is....I have "turbo" now....which is UP TO 20mbps but it bounces around from 1mbps all the way up to 19 every other minute. So my internet is going fast and then slow, fast and then slow, fast and then slow. HORRIBLE. I hate this company with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

We got rid of Time Warner Cable all together. We had to pay the early termination fee but it was worth it. Get rid of all that crap. We went to Antennas for TV, as there are over 30 local stations now that you can pick up with a good antenna. If you want to watch other shows, just get a media receiver and use NetFlix (about $8 per month)

For the internet, get ATT, they were running a special for $29.99 per month. The lowest package in terms of MBPS is still faster than Time Warner's "Turbo".

How do we know? We had ATT come out and install their $29.99 DSL internet, and meanwhile we left our Time Warner Turbo hooked up and we did a speed test with them back to back. It wasn't even close. I think we have like 8mbps on ATT and it blew Time Warner away on three consecutive speed tests.

Problem solved :)

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