Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wyandotte County Casino Approved

The Kansas Lottery Commission approved contracts to build two casinos in Wyandotte County, KS. The contracts were awarded to two separate entities. The companies approved are Kansas Entertainment LLC and Penn Hollywood Kansas LLC. Kansas Entertainment LLC was approved to build a $387 million dollar casino next to the Kansas Speedway. Penn Hollywood Kansas LLC was approved to build a casino near the new Schlitterbahn Water Park.

Well I guess it was just a matter of time before the rednecks filling the stands at Kansas Speedway would be joined by the degenerate gamblers. Even worse, not one, but two, casinos were approved to be built within a few miles of each other. I just hate that Wyandotte County finally has a nice area that is attracting people. I am not a race fan, but people are being drawn to the area by other attractions such as Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabella's, Dave and Buster's, The Legends Shopping Center, dining, and entertainment venues. To this point, if you can avoid the area over race weekend this is still a relatively nice area.

I know some people are excited by the idea of 2 casinos in the area, but I'm not. Wonder why? Take a drive over to the casinos in Missouri. Notice the increased law enforcement. Trust me, it isn't because there is a parade in town. It is because there is an increase in crime in the area. Also, notice the very large empty buildings that are no longer occupied because the casino went under and very few businesses need that kind of room to operate. They look really nice, don't they? I guess on a high note, there will be an increase in revenue from all of the arrests.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Eventually, you had to know that the rednecks that like to watch NASCAR and piss their income away at Cabella's on guns would eventually want to make it a tri-fecta. As the old joke goes, if you want to hide a welfare check from a redneck, put it in their work boots. They need somewhere to throw this money away. I am excited to hear the promises of better schools and increased pay for public servants as a result of the casino money. That never happens either. For normal people, enjoy the end of what could of been a nice place in Kansas, but will just be the equivalent of a retail trailer park.

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