Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Plan for Polsinelli Shughart Building To Be Unveiled Today

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This afternoon, the Polsineeli Shughart Law firm along with Highwoods (owners of the Plaza), will release the redesign for a new office building. The building, planned at the corner of 47th St and Broadway, would be built where the iconic Balcony Building and Tower now stand. The new design is said to incorporate the current Tower into the new building.

The original design, released last week, has resulted in huge public outcry. The design called for the destruction of the historic Tower and Balcony building that has been a fixture at that corner since the Plaza's early days. Opponents of the plan are pushing to have the Plaza designated as a Kansas City Historical Place (who knew it wasn't already). They say consent of the owner is not required to get such a designation.

It's a shame in this economy that a $57 million dollar project has to run up against these kind of obstacles. It seems about the only projects going these days are government related (road work, sleeping Water Dept workers, etc). Polsinelli and Highwoods at least have the PR savvy to listen to the public outcry and make a change. That is more than can be said for New York City Muslims!

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