Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pedicab Service now offered in Downtown Kansas City

There is a new "green" way to get around Kansas City's hot spots. Tricycle Transit is a new company that started operations last Friday in the Crossroads District. The company operates Pedicabs similar to the one shown in the photo to the right. It's a bicycles operated by a driver and seats up to 3 people. Currently operations are limited to the Crossroads district and Westport, but they hope to expand in the near future to other areas including Waldo, River Market, and Zona Rosa. Fares are $2 per block no matter how many passengers.

With winter fast approaching, it may seem like a less than ideal time to start this type of operation. Owner/Operator Jay Matlack acknowledges this fact, but wants to have the operation fine tuned by Spring when he expects business to take off. I suppose if a passenger is sufficiently lubed up, the cold might not be a problem. I think come summertime they should employ hot chicks in bikini tops to drive the "tricycles".

Good luck to Jay on his new endeavor, I truly wish him luck. You can reach Tricycle Transit at 913-221-8768.

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