Friday, March 30, 2012

MLB All Star Game 2012 at Kauffman Stadium - Charity Gala

As the MLB All Star Game 2012 gets closer, here at Kansas City News we will keep you updated on all of the events as they happen.  The latest news on the 2012 All Star Game is about a charity fundraiser for the Negro League's Baseball Museum at 18th and Vine.  The Kansas City charity event will be called "Buck, BBQ and Baseball" - Buck for the late Buck O'Neil, BBQ because this event will feature some of The American Royal BBQ Contest's best BBQ, and finally Baseball because a portion of the proceeds from this charity event will go towards the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

This Kansas City charity event will be held during one of the biggest weekends that Kansas City has seen, or will see in the future as it is the first time the MLB All Star Game has graced our fair city since 1973.  It is predicted that the MLB All Star Game will bring around $50 Million dollars worth of revenue to Kansas City during that week, most of the revenue going to local Kansas City hotels, and Kansas City restaurants.  So far, the Buck, BBQ and Baseball charity event is going to feature great BBQ, a VIP party that will feature appearances by famous baseball players to be named later, and a performance by Kansas City jazz saxophone legend Darryl Terrell.  The VIP party will be held inside that actual baseball museum itself.  After the VIP party, guests will join together in the main hall of the museum event center and there will be live music by The KC All Stars, winners of KMBC-TV's "Best Band in Kansas City".

The Buck, BBQ and Baseball charity event has already received backing from several community leaders including Senator Roy Blunt, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  The MLB All Star Game film crew will also be shooting footage of the event and the museum itself to use during cutaway shots during the Nationally televised All Star Game events including the Home Run Derby, the Future's Game, the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, and of course the big day, The MLB All Star Game.

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Kansas city royals said...

Great article on a great charity bucket oatmeal was a great inspiration to many in Kansas City it is wonderful that you guys are having a charity event especially during the MLB All-Star game in July

Kansas City BBQ said...

Haha! Gotta love that spell check / auto correct, it changed your "Buck O'Neil" from above to "bucket oatmeal" - awesome. Still, can't wait for the MLB All Star Game week in Kansas City and this Buck, BBQ and Baseball event at 18th and Vine looks like a great way to kick it off!

KansasCityNews said...

Yes, this charity event will be for a great cause. Buck, BBQ and Baseball will be the perfect kick off to the 2012 MLB All Star Game in Kansas City and we welcome all of our visitors to our fine city!

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