Friday, March 30, 2012

MLB All Star Game 2012 at Kauffman Stadium - Charity Gala

As the MLB All Star Game 2012 gets closer, here at Kansas City News we will keep you updated on all of the events as they happen.  The latest news on the 2012 All Star Game is about a charity fundraiser for the Negro League's Baseball Museum at 18th and Vine.  The Kansas City charity event will be called "Buck, BBQ and Baseball" - Buck for the late Buck O'Neil, BBQ because this event will feature some of The American Royal BBQ Contest's best BBQ, and finally Baseball because a portion of the proceeds from this charity event will go towards the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

This Kansas City charity event will be held during one of the biggest weekends that Kansas City has seen, or will see in the future as it is the first time the MLB All Star Game has graced our fair city since 1973.  It is predicted that the MLB All Star Game will bring around $50 Million dollars worth of revenue to Kansas City during that week, most of the revenue going to local Kansas City hotels, and Kansas City restaurants.  So far, the Buck, BBQ and Baseball charity event is going to feature great BBQ, a VIP party that will feature appearances by famous baseball players to be named later, and a performance by Kansas City jazz saxophone legend Darryl Terrell.  The VIP party will be held inside that actual baseball museum itself.  After the VIP party, guests will join together in the main hall of the museum event center and there will be live music by The KC All Stars, winners of KMBC-TV's "Best Band in Kansas City".

The Buck, BBQ and Baseball charity event has already received backing from several community leaders including Senator Roy Blunt, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  The MLB All Star Game film crew will also be shooting footage of the event and the museum itself to use during cutaway shots during the Nationally televised All Star Game events including the Home Run Derby, the Future's Game, the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, and of course the big day, The MLB All Star Game.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chiefs Roster Moves 2012 Free Agency Draft Picks

Most Kansas City sports writers are basically writing updates, assuming that we already know about what happened the week before this, or the week before that. Well, here at Kansas City News, we're going to do you a favor that those half assed sports writers refuse to do, and that's give you a full recap. This week, some top analysts talked about all of the Kansas City Chiefs roster moves, free agency pick ups, and possible 2012 NFL Draft picks for the Chiefs. So here it is, Chiefs fans, a complete wrap up by the NFL's top source:

On what free agents the Chiefs are still looking at: Jerricho Cotchery, the WR from the Steelers, is visiting with them today. They like him and want to add a veteran WR so I think a deal is possible.

On whether Matt Cassel is good enough to take the Chiefs all the way: The Chiefs are building around their defense and their running game. If the Chiefs are as strong in those areas as they think they will be, then I do believe Cassel is good enough to get the Chiefs to another division title. Getting them deep in the playoffs is another matter.

On why the Chiefs didn't get Peyton Manning: The Chiefs never got in the game with Manning. Basically, they told him they wanted in and he told them, as well as some other teams, that he wasn't interested.

On whether the Chiefs will pick up a Nose Tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's starting to look that way. That's their one remaining pressing need. But the Chiefs also have the luxury more than other teams of drafting best available player. They can find a NT elsewhere

On who the Chiefs have yet to pick up: A veteran WR, like Cotchery. Maybe some backups that they like. They'll still sign some more players but I think at this point, with possible exception of a NT, they'll all be backups.

On the Chiefs drafting Luke Kuelchy in the 2012 NFL Draft: With Johnson and Belcher, the Chiefs are OK at ILB. But with their moves in free agency, they have the flexibility to draft him or any other player they like. That one wouldn't surprise me at all.

On whether or not the Chiefs will see the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football in 2012: Schedule should be out in April and it will be interesting to see how that works out. Would think that would be one of the more attractive games on Denver's schedule as far as TV goes.

On the recovery of Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry from their ACL injuries: The Chiefs are saying they will be. Those injuries, generally speaking, are nine-month injuries so that would put them all back by June, if it holds in their cases.

On who will be the Chiefs fullback in 2012: Looks like Hillis will do some of that. I can see him spending a lot of time in the same backfield with Charles or McCluster. Chiefs could also sign or draft a fullback.

On whether or not the Chiefs have the best players in the AFC West for 2012: Since free agency isn't over and the draft is more than a month away, it's too early to say. But they've got to at least be contenders in that regard. If Berry, Charles and Moeaki are healthy, I think I would take their lineup over anyone else's in the division.

On the Chiefs quarterback situation in 2012: I don't think Orton would have been a huge upgrade over Cassel. If the Chiefs surround either one with a strong defense and a strong running game, he should be able to win. That's the type of QB those guys are. As far as the rest of the Chiefs' QBs, they Chiefs are deeper with Quinn and Stanzi than they've been in a long time. I realize that's not saying much.

On whether or not the Chiefs should beef up on DBs just because Peyton Manning is in the AFC: I don't know they need to bring in an extra CB just for two games a year. Flowers is one of the better CBs in the league. The Chiefs seem to like Routt. We'll see how he works out.

On whether the Chiefs will take a quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's possible. Since they have no pressing needs other than NT, they have the flexibility to take a guy if one is there that they'd like. Makes a lot of sense to me. Cassel is still trying to establish himself. If he doesn't get that done this year, the Chiefs are going to need a new starting QB. Quinn is on a one-year contract. So it wouldn't surprise me. It's not Pioli's style to trade the farm for anyone, so they won't be making any bold moves like Washington made trading up to get RG3 (rookie black "shimmy and move, shuck and jive and then throw the ball quarterback" who's nickname is an idiotic RG3). That's why I think it makes sense that this is the year they draft a QB. If Cassel fails this year, you have a guy on hand to replace him. If Cassel turns out to be the guy, then you've got a QB you can trade. - Kansas City News note: Cassel will NOT be the guy...EVER.

On the Chiefs "ghetto fabulous" and not so bright wide receiver Dwayne Bowe: No, I think they'll keep him. They need him. Imagine what their receiving group looks like without him. Hard to say whether they can get a long-term deal done but I would think a holdout is possible.

On what the new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will bring to the Chiefs in 2012: The Chiefs will probably do a lot of different things. But it will be based on the running game. In their perfect world, I think they'd like to give it to Hillis and to Charles 20 times a game.

On how much cap room the Chiefs have and what they will do with it in 2012: Yes, about $15 million as of now. They'll need about $6-8 million of cap space for rookies, in my estimation. So they have some room left. But you bring up a good point: They will save some of it to try to re-sign Albert, Dorsey and, if he plays on the one-year contract, Bowe. That's something Pioli likes to do.

On what the Chiefs plans are for star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja: Yes, I think he will be a starter this year. Let's see what happens in the draft but my guess is Lilja starts this year. They seem to be happy with where the line is right now with Albert and Winston and T, Lilja and Asamoah at G and Hudson at C. They do need some backups, though.

On the Chiefs beefed up receiving crew - is it a waste of roster space and cap dollars? Not at all. They'll throw the ball. If they don't get some big pass plays, they won't score enough points. But this thing will be built around defense and the running game. They won't be asking Cassel to win a lot of games for them. They will ask him to lose none.

Is Routt as good as Carr? Judging from the contracts they got, no. Carr got $10 million a year, Routt about $6.
Losing Carr gives a fragile feel to KC's defense, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean Routt can't be good enough to help the Chiefs win.

Crennel vs. Haley: Haley did some good things but he was a bad fit with Pioli and his volatility wasn't good for the Chiefs. Crennel is about the most stable coach there is and I think that reliability will be exactly what the Chiefs need right now.

On drafting Fletcher Cox in the 2012 NFL Draft: Dorsey's contract is up after this year and Jackson will carry a huge number but it;s not unsustainable. Salary cap should rise significantly next year. No position would be a huge surprise to me for the Chiefs at this point. They have few pressing needs, so they could go in a lot of directions, including DE.

On the chances of Tebow landing in Kansas City, maybe just to sell tickets: No. You don't make trades to sell tickets. That's always a mistake. You make trades to win games and I don't see how Tebow helps them do that. Besides, the Broncos wouldn't send him here in a million years. - Kansas City News Note: Absolutely not, we don't want "God Boy" in here anyway.

On the Chiefs chances in the AFC West in 2012: Look at this division. Mediocre teams won it the last two years. With Manning in Denver, it looks like it will be improved next year but still, winnable to the team that makes the most improvements. Right now, the Chiefs might be winning that race, even including Manning to Denver.

The Kansas City Chiefs - Reports on Chiefs and AFC West

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Brandon Carr Contract with Dallas Cowboys not That Big of a Deal

Cowboy's fans, two words: calm down. The recent signing of Brandon Carr to the Dallas Cowboys is not that big of a deal. Carr was / still is an AVERAGE player at BEST. His rating in the free agency market was WAY overstated, and he is just not that great of a player. The fact that the Cowboys actually paid 50.1 million dollars for this average guy player is laughable! Brandon Carr has only had 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE CAREER with The Kansas City Chiefs, people. This is the most ridiculous NFL free agency deal since the Chiefs signed lackluster quarterback Matt Cassel for 48 million just because he had ONE good season with a Super Bowl bound New England Patriots that my grandma could have thrown successfully behind, and the fact that the Denver Broncos showed an interest in him.

The Dallas Cowboys signing Brandon Carr will prove to be a complete bust in the coming years, trust us, we here in Kansas City have been watching him play for years and have seen NOTHING that would show him to be a superstar talent in any way shape or form. 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE career? Yeah, that's worth 50 million dollars, any day. After the smoke clears from this ridiculous contract signing, you will not be hearing much from Brandon Carr. Dallas is a team that is notorious for having players with "great potential" that just never seem to get the job done, and the signing of Brandon Carr fits perfectly with that game plan.

We certainly will not miss Brandon Carr here in Kansas City, and Dallas has to be having some serious buyer's remorse right about now. Just because Carr was the only defensive back in free agency that had ever played the game of football doesn't mean that you have to throw 50 million dollars at him. But, on the other hand, congratulations to his agent, who got an incredible amount of money for one of the most average players in the league. In other news, Kyle Orton signs with the Dallas Cowboys as well. Who cares.

Kansas City News Factoid: Did you know that The Kansas City Chiefs used to be the Dallas Texans?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney on Ice Free Ticket Food Drive Union Station Science City - Kansas City News

Union Station Science City Food Drive for FREE Disney on Ice - Treasure Trove Ticket - Sprint Center
Science City at Union Station is teaming up with Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove to sponsor a food drive that will run from March 14th to March 17th at Union Station at the Science City Entrance. This food drive is a result of the empty shelves many of the poor children experience during this time of year where there are no large food drives going on and they have gone through the Christmas supplies.
The food donated will go to Operation Breakthrough – – which is a Kansas City charity group dedicated to helping underprivileged children by providing them food, shelter and educational outlets that would not be available to them without donations. For this food drive, the first 100 families visiting Science City at Union Station who bring a donation of food for Operation Breakthrough will receive a FREE ticket to a select performance of Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove when it plays at The Sprint Center March 21st – 25th. Requested food items include jelly, cereal, canned pasta such as ravioli or spaghetti, complete boxed dinners, canned fruit, granola bars, stuffing and mashed potato mix. Please come by and donate and if you are one of the lucky first 100 families you will be rewarded with a free ticket to Disney on Ice!
More on Operation Breakthrough: Every day Kansas City's Operation Breakthrough serves 500 children living in poverty in our community. Many of these children live in homes where there is little or no food. The Operation Breakthrough Food Pantry helps to ensure that these children will have something to eat when they go home at night. The mission of Operation Breakthrough is to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment. Operation Breakthrough also strives to support and empower the children's families through advocacy, referral services and emergency aid.
More on Disney on Ice Treasure Trove: Families who donate one or more food items can receive ONE FREE ticket per family. Tickets are limited and this offer is for the 100 families to donate. Select performances to use these ticket vouchers include: Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 PM; Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 PM; or Friday, March 23 – 10:30 AM. Ticket vouchers must be redeemed at the Sprint Center box office to pick up your tickets for the performance. Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove sets the gold standard with a magical medley of Disney tales in one jam-packed ice show that commemorates the legacy of Disney animated films. Tickets to this brand-new skating spectacular start at only $13 and are available at the Sprint Center Box Office, TicketMaster outlets or charge-by-phone at 800-745-3000. Opening night tickets are a family-friendly $10. To learn more about Disney On Ice, go to, or visit us on Facebook and YouTube. One ticket per family. Supplies are limited.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream Factory Gala Event 2012 at Starlight Theatre

One of Kansas City's purest and most respected charity groups, Larry Moore's "The Dream Factory" will hold it's annual Gala at Starlight Theatre on April 20th, 2012. The Dream Factory is a volunteer driven charity that works to make dreams come true for children who have been diagnosed with life threatening illness and disabilities. Each year, several of these children are given the chance to live out their "dream", and the Dream Factory does it's best to make those dreams happen for the child.

This year's 2012 Gala at Starlight Theatre will feature a casual cocktail hour, followed by a delectable sit down dinner that will feature a film showing all of the dreams that came true in 2011 for the children. The dinner will be followed by our famous live auction and a guest appearance by KMBC-TV's Larry Moore. The delightful evening will be topped off with entertainment straight from Los Angeles, California in the form of The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra, provided by Adam Blue Productions. Dave Stephens was featured in last year's lighting of the Plaza Lights performing "Zat You Santa Clause" and has been a jazz legend for over 2 decades. Guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor, the Dream Factory Gala 2012 will be a magical and rewarding night that will benefit many children who could use a "dream".

Tickets are $100 per person and are available at the Dream Factory website at Sponsorship packages are also available for larger groups and companies that wish to donate. The Dream Factory Gala is a Kansas City charity event that you will not want to miss! A beautiful night out under the stars at Starlight Theatre, a great dinner, superstar entertainment by Dave Stephens and all for a great cause. We will see you there!

The Dream Factory Gala Event 2012 at Starlight Theatre will support the goals of this great Kansas City charity which include:
  • Create smiles on the faces of children who are either seriously or chronically ill
  • Promote a better family atmosphere during a time of great suffering
  • Involve the whole country in the pleasure of granting dreams to children in need of a little ray of sunshine in their lives
  • Locate children who are seriously or chronically ill and insure that their dreams come true
  • Raise the funds necessary to provide these dreams whenever the need arises, and never be forced to refuse any child’s request due to the lack of funds
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MU beats Baylor - Proves Superiority Over KU Advances in Big 12 Tournament 2012

No more proof is needed, after MU completely destroyed Baylor today, it has been proven beyond a doubt that MU is far superior to KU in basketball. KU was easily defeated by Baylor last night and then MU turned around defeated Baylor tonight, proving easily that MU could have stomped all over KU in the 2012 Big 12 Tournament.

The Missouri Tigers, lead by English, defeated the Baylor Bears today by a score of 95 - 76, absolutely TROMPING the Bears, who last night walked all over the Kansas Jayhawks, eliminating KU from the Big 12 Tournament in 2012. KU will be watching the rest of the tournament from their couch as MU advances to the Big 12 Finals. The ease in which the MU Tigers defeated the Baylor Bears shows how bad MU would have defeated the KU Jayhawks had they met in the tournament. As the MU players interviewed stated tonight, "Kansas City is OUR house, NOT ANYONE else's HOUSE" - an obvious territory marking aimed at all of the superficial KU fans that litter our fine city. KU is now a National joke, and MU will be remembered as champions. They should be given the number 1 ranking that the deserve by the time the Big 12 Tournament wraps up, as Kansas proved that it had no business being ranked number 1 in the first place.

A small number of KU fans could be heard grumbling and booing in the beginning of today's match at The Sprint Center in Kansas City, but the KU fans soon shut their mouths as MU just creamed the Baylor Bears, silencing any doubts as to whom was the better local team. MU now owns the Sprint Center and KU must go crawling back to the small hippie town of Lawrence, Kansas where smoking pot and listening to Phish is the main hobby.

MU has fought all the way to the top of the heap in the Big 12 in the 2012 season, and they will be leaving for the SEC being the crowned champions of Kansas City. What a great send off for MU as they go on to compete in a much more competitive and more respected league, leaving KU back in "middle school" so to speak in the lowly Big 12.

24K. English6/102/261219
1P. Pressey4/86/858315
10R. Ratliffe7/111/150515
12M. Denmon4/106/631215
3M. Pressey2/30/02005

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Friday, March 9, 2012

KU Loses to Baylor MU Beats Texas 2012 Big 12 Tournament

Mizzou gets the last laugh as KU pathetically loses today to Baylor, thus knocking KU out of the Big 12 Tournament. Meanwhile, the better of the two local college teams, MU, stomps all over Texas like they weren't even there. That's KU out, MU in, and the Jayhawks will watch the rest of the Big 12 Tournament from their couches while the Tigers march on to the finals.

Today's Big 12 Tournament excitement started with a match up between Baylor and KU at The Sprint Center in Kansas City under the big spotlight. The number 1 seeded KU Jayhawks were immediately eliminated from the tournament by a thorough beating from Baylor as they sidestepped, juked, picked, blocked and SLAMMED against the weak KU defense all day long. The Jayhawks exit the Big 12 Tournament with little more than a "squawk" and they will watch the rest of the tournament from the couch. A fitting end to the KU Jayhawk season as they looked weak all season, losing to MU in Columbia in a decisive win by the Tigers, and then getting extremely lucky a few weeks later when Mizzou allowed the Jayhawks to miraculously come back from a 19 point hole at halftime. As KU walked off the court at the Sprint Center today in complete shame, the news started coming in from the second, more important game...

Enter the MU Tigers, the Big 12's best team by far, only ranked number 2 due to a skewed college NCAA ranking system that has always favored the hawks. MU showed the world which team was the best once and for all as they stomped all over Texas by a whopping score 81-67. Texas never stood a chance against the amazing MU Tigers basketball super power, and the Tigers had their starters pulled by the end of the game. Had KU and MU met in the Big 12 Tournament, it is now obvious that MU would have pummeled KU by a very large margin with almost no effort. KU showed how weak they were today, and MU showed how strong that they are.

MU will now go on to brighter pastures in a more elite league in the SEC, it was nice knowing you KU, but MU is going to need some better competition going forward.

2012 Big 12 Tournament - MU defeats Texas - KU loses to Baylor and is eliminated from the tournament, March 9th, 2012 - Kansas City News

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