Monday, June 4, 2012

Chiefs National Anthem Contest Kansas City News

The Kansas City Chiefs will hold a National Anthem contest to determine who will be on the field at Arrowhead Stadium on August 24th, 2012 for a preseason game vs. the Seattle Seahawks singing the National Anthem. This sounded exciting until we realized that it is just a preseason game, and we know that there is no game more boring than a Chiefs preseason game. Just the same, it's a chance to get up in front of several hundred drunken Chiefs fans and sing our National Anthem. I suppose it doesn't have to be sung at all, you could play it on electric guitar like Ace Frehley did in 2009 which was EPIC! But more than likely the winner will be a little teenie bopper tween high school theater type or something like that. Actually, skill will likely have little to do with the final winner as it eventually comes down to an online vote between the top 5 finalists. So basically, a popularity contest - thus our prediction that it will be a younger kid, because the power of the United Soccer Moms of Overland Park are overwhelming and they all know how to vote online with their iPads. Hey, we could always hope for a another William Hung! - Kansas City News

So let the American Idol of The Kansas City Chiefs begin, as there will be semifinals in front of "judges", who are members of the Chiefs staff and probably know nothing about music (or football), giving it that American Idol feel, before the final 5 contestants are put to the test via online voting.  Perhaps the 300 fans in attendance that night will even get a treat of epic failure like when the Eli Young Band royally screwed the Anthem up and messed up the Air Force fly over. At least their hair looked nice and spiky, and for some reason all four members of the band stood out on the field while only one of them sang. What a bunch of talentless California dweebs. Maybe they will pick some really old white lady who looks like Betty White, that would be funny. We know Chiefs fans, they are brutal and self righteous, and if they take a few minutes to log off of the blogs at Arrowhead Pride (not likely) then they might just vote someone very unexpected as the winner as a joke. Too bad we won't be able to watch the beginning audition videos as those are always the best part of American Idol, the first round where all of the scrubs who actually think that they can sing come in, now THAT part is worth watching. - Kansas City News

Now that "Idol" mania is sweeping the country (and I do mean the COUNTRY, as in hillbillies), there are about 38 shows that are carbon copies of American Idol out there now, all of them sucking more than the last, it's certain that this contest will bring all of the wannabe's out of the closet. But in the end it will be a contest of who has the most aunts, uncles, friends and cousins voting online that will determine the winner.

More on the National Anthem Contest From the desk of the Kansas City Chiefs:

Chiefs “Voice of the Kingdom” National Anthem Contest Overview

This social media based anthem performance contest is intended to increase interactivity with fans through multiple touch points while building excitement for the 2012 game day experience at Arrowhead Stadium. The competition will include both online and in-person contests culminating in an online fan vote for the 2012 “Voice of the Kingdom.” This winner will perform the National Anthem in front of 77,000 fans at the August 24th Chiefs vs. Seahawks game. - Note from Kansas City News (there will NOT be 77,000 fans at this game)

Chiefs National Anthem Contest Schedule
Round 1
Entry submission period will be from Monday June 4th, to Sunday July 1st.  Video and audio performance submissions will be accepted. Performances for the Chiefs National Anthem Contest should be 1 minute and 30 seconds in length. Submissions will be given to a panel of 4 preliminary judges (Chiefs staff) and they will group all entries for the Chiefs National Anthem Contest into a top 20 list of semifinalists.

Round 2: Semifinals
On July 6th, the 20 semifinalists will be announced.
On July 14th, live auditions of the 20 semifinalists will take place at Arrowhead Stadium. Semifinalists will performa an a-capella version of The National Anthem in front of a panel of celebrity judges. These performances will be taped by 65TPT for potential finalist posting.

Round 3: Finals
5 finalists will be chosen on July 16th and their taped performances will be placed online at and the winner of the Chiefs National Anthem Contest will be decided by online voters who are allowed to vote once per day for their favorite contestant. Online voting will be cut off on July 23rd at Noon. On July 25th, the grand prize winner and the runner up will be announced.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds great, I'm going to talk my daughter into trying out, she has a lovely voice and she has sung the National Anthem at our church before.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone is going to make up their own words to the National Anthem for this? That would be funny.

Anonymous said...

yeah, if it's one thing Chiefs fans have to have it's a sense of humor, that team is the dumpster baby of the NFL

Chiefs National Anthem Contest said...

The Chiefs have had some major screw ups doing the National Anthem in the past, remember the Eli Young experience? This contest should be very interesting, however, as the country bumpkins will be crawling out of the woodwork.

Carol H. said...

We're trying to convince our son, who just got married, to try out for this. I think that he has a beautiful voice and could win the Chiefs National Anthem contest in Kansas City. Look for him in the semifinals, he's the 6'4 blonde with equally big vocal chords!

Anonymous said...

That's funny, we are trying to get our 7 year old daughter to try out to sing the chiefs national anthem. Maybe we will see you at the semifinals, or hopefully the finals in july.

chiefs national anthem contest said...

We submitted our video for the Kansas City Chiefs National Anthem contest last week and haven't heard anything back yet. Maybe it wasn't our son's best work?? Does anyone know when the Chiefs staff or contest judges are supposed to get back to us with any news?

Anonymous said...

And the winner of the Kansas City Chiefs national anthem contest is William Hung!

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