Monday, August 31, 2009

Cassel's Injury 2 - 4 Weeks

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel's mystery injury is a strained medial collateral ligament that will keep him out for 2 - 4 games, announced just minutes ago from Chiefs officials.

Cassel sustained a game-ending injury after just a few plays on Saturday night, leaving the Chiefs with only a stubborn and repetitive running game to show the fans. The Chiefs game plan was going to feature the run and sprinkle in some Bowe, Lelie, Engram and Bradley. When Cassel went down it seemed that the Chiefs abandoned their passing game. This was most likely a knee jerk reaction by the coaching staff as Thigpen actually looked pretty good when they finally gave him a chance in the 2nd half. Instead, the Chiefs literally called the same flat running play 12 times in a row. Seriously, they called 12 running plays in a row. What is this, Tecmo Bowl 1992?

Chiefs fans booed relentlessly throughout the game. Granted, the Chief's best chance to win will be on the ground, but it would have made the fans happy to see a couple of long chucks down the field or a risky trick play.

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