Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cassel wants more big plays from Chiefs

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has gone on record that the chiefs need to throw the ball down the field more, and I couldn't agree more. The Chief's lack of a big play threat has been a big fat albatross hanging on the neck of an offense that has shown promise but has yet to break through and find consistency.

Cassel indicted that part of the Chief's problem was that the team hasn't shown much of its playbook this preseason, although last year's offense hardly struck fear in opposing defenses when it had the ball and was using its full array of plays. Getting the ball to running backs Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles is the primary focus of the offense, and rightfully so, but the Chiefs must be able to stretch the field to give its backs running room and keep safeties away from the line of scrimmage.

While no one is expecting the Chiefs to put up its Dick Vermeil era numbers, the team will need more points per game while its defense continues to experience growing pains. The problem the Chiefs face is it lacks a Randy Moss type receiver that can stretch the field. Dwayne Bowe has looked promising in spurts, and Chris Chambers can do this. Hopefully Charlie Weiss can use his creativity to keep defenses off guard with a few big plays so Kansas City's real strength, its rushing attack, can be effective.

Mission Couple Busted for Growing Marijuana

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A Mission Couple was arrested Friday. 300 Marijuana plants were found growing in their home in the 5200 block of Reeds Rd. Todd and Eva Norman both face felony charges of cultivating and selling Marijuana. That is quite an operation, who said dope smokers just sat around all day watching Family Guy Re-runs.

The latest bust comes on the heals of two other very recent drug busts in Johnson County. Last week an Overland Park man was arrested after Sheriff's Deputies found 96 pot plants growing in his house. Joseph Radetsky was charged with cultivating marijuana and not having a tax stamp for his marijuana. Did you know that you have to pay taxes on your marijuana in the state of Kansas? Also this month, a former Johnson County Sheriff's officer was busted for growing Marijuana and Mushrooms in his home.

I don't know what is going on here, in this economy we should be applauding individuals who show an entrepreneurial spirit, not arresting them. At least we got some dangerous drugs off the street, Johnson County is not doubt safer than it was last week. Watch out for those pot heads driving 40mph on 435, Far out man!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast-Food Ratings Released

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The full report, which can be found here, listed restaurants such as Panera and Chipotle as favorite large chains, while Subway lead the mega chains category. Starbucks lead the fast service category, and P.F. Changs was listed at number one for the full chains.

Many of these winners are no surprise due to its niche and value; Subway attracts both sandwich lovers and those looking for "healthier" options and Starbucks has had a large following for years. Some restaurants that did make the top five surprised me, most notably McDonalds at second place for mega chains. McDonalds is cheap, but it is hardly what comes to mind when I think of quality food on the go. Overall, the list has few surprises, and confirms that Americans mostly love the same fast-food restaurants as they did twenty years ago.

More Legal Trouble for Mizzou Football Program

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For the fourth time this month, a member of the Missouri Football Program is facing legal trouble. Early Sunday morning, Beau Brinkley, a reserve tight end, long snapper, and Kearney native, was arrested in Columbia on suspension of drunk driving and illegal window tint.

August started with a DWI arrest for assistant coach Bruce Walker (nice example). Personally, I believe he should have been fired immediately. A couple of weeks later, Will Ebner, one of Mizzou's returning Linebackers and likely starter was also arrested for drunk driving. A troubling pattern for MU Football was already emerging when we learned last week that leading rusher and starting tailback Derrick Washington had been suspended indefinitely by the team. We discovered a few days later that a restraining order had been granted by a woman who says Washington Sexually assaulted her. No arrest has been made or charges filed in that case.

The events of this last month are unusual for a Missouri Football program that has been disciplined in the past. Head Coach Gary Pinkel needs to send a strong message to his players and coaches that this will not be tolerated. Missouri will have enough trouble on the field this season as they have been plagued with injuries as well. If nothing else, Mizzou nation can always be comforted by the fact that KU still sucks!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

USA Basketball Has Right Attitude at World Basketball Championships

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Team USA appears to be looking to send a message to the world that its poor showing in the last World Basketball Championship was a fluke. The Americans crushed Slovenia, 99-77 today to jump out to a 2-0 start. Team USA, which many have deemed the American "B" team due to its lack of high-profile stars such as Kobe Bryant or Lebron James, has looked impressive after appearing to be uninspired in its last WBC outing.
Now at 2-0 following big wins over Slovenia and Croatia, Team USA is looking to do something it hasn't achieved since 1994: win the World Championship. To do so, it will rely on young players that were absent from the United States' gold medal winning squad of 2008. After poor showings in 2002 and 2006, many pundits wrote off this team due to its lack of marquee players and the overall youth. Despite the low expectations, the Americans have looked dominant so far, with Kevin Durant appearing unstoppable at times.
What makes this year's team have a shot at the title is a new attitude. Young, hungry players are exactly what the national team needed for a rejuvenation. Many NBA stars look at the WBC as a secondary event compared to the NBA and the Olympics, and this attitude showed in 2006 when many players seemed disinterested and lethargic on the court. By fielding a team of young, hungry players eager to prove their skill to the world and other NBA players, this team will have a chance to win the WBC and earn an automatic berth into the next summer olympics.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Most Dangerous Airports - Top 10 Dangerous Landings, Takeoffs

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Most Dangerous Airports - Top 10 Dangerous Landings, Takeoffs

10.  San Diego Airport - Lindbergh Field
This airline claims the worst aviation accident in the history of California.  In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 182 collided with a student driven Cessna 172 in mid air causing both plains to plummet to the ground and killing 144 people including some people that were on the ground.  The reason that San Diego's Lindbergh Field makes it in at our number 10 spot of most dangerous airports is because of the unusually high amount of air traffic that this airport gets each day.  Pilots also complain about the proximity of a large parking garage that sits just 200 yards from the entrance to the runway.

9.  Madeira Airport - Portugal, Spain
In at number nine most dangerous airports is Madeira Airport in Portugal.  In 1977 a 727 overshot the tiny 5000 foot runway at Madeira and fell 130 feet down onto a beach and burst into flames causing 131 fatalities.  Since 1977 Madeira has extended their runway to 9000 feet, however in order to do this they had to extend each end of the runway directly over the ocean.  Pilots know that if they don't hit their mark on the runway they will plunge into the ocean from either direction.
8.  Eagle County Airport in Vail, Colorado
Located in a valley to maximize wind challenges, Eagle County Airport is a danger due to surrounding mountains, snow, and most curiously the altitude.  Airplanes lose power in higher altitudes, which is fine when they have reached cruising speed at 30,000 feet but it's bad when they need sudden bursts of power to maneuver a safe landing.  Takeoff is the most challenging for pilots as there is an extremely precise takeoff pattern which navigates them precariously through the mountains.

7.  Courcheval Airport, France
This airport made our top 10 most dangerous airport list because it is basically a giant ski slope.  Only small planes land here so it doesn't make the news every time there's an accident, but there are plenty.  There are some incredible video captures of takeoffs and landings from Courcheval Airport.

6.  Kai Tak Airport Hong Kong
Prior to 1998 when Hong Kong opened their new airport, Kai Tak was a traditionally dangerous airport.  Famous for it's flybys of downtown Hong Kong at 100 feet or less, the buildings around the airport made it impossible for planes to level their wings to land until they got under 300 feet.  There are several incredible photos of giant planes weaving in and out of buildings in downtown Hong Kong while attempting to land at Kai Tak.  In 1993 a 747 skidded across the runway at Kai Tak and landed in a harbour.  While this was a very highly publicized event, there were fortunately no fatalities.


5.  Gibralter International Airport
Gibralter airport makes our top 10 most dangerous airports
mainly because there is a four lane highway that passes right through the middle of the runway!  There is a stoplight, similar to one you would see at a railroad crossing that shuts down the highway whenever a plane takes off or lands.  This can stop traffic for up to 30 minutes.  The next challenge is the landing.  The rock of Gibralter creates an extremely complex wind circle that can throw the planes around quite a bit when they reach about 300 feet.  The swirling winds are very unpredictable and cause pilots to be on their "A" game every landing at Gibralter.

4.  Princess Julianna Airport at St. Maartin
The airport at St. Maartin is almost like a tourist attraction.  Planes coming in for a landing fly directly over the heads of beach-goers who frequent a local bar known for it's airplane flyovers.  The local beach bar actually puts up a chalkboard sign listing all of the landings so that the customers can get in good position for the planes to fly directly over their heads!  There is also a local custom called "riding the fence" where people grab onto a fence behind the area where the jets take off, wait for the jets to kick into high and then HOLD ON! as the jets propel winds of up to 70 miles per hour.  Pilots of jets have reported seeing people being thrown as far as fifty feet from the fence.  So far no one has been hurt, and it remains a great tourist attraction.

3. Gustaf III Airport - St. Barts
For starters, pilots have to have a special license to even land at this airport!  A short, 12 minute flight from St. Maartin, this 1200 foot runway only hosts planes holding 30 people or less.  There is a pretty cool video of a plane missing the runway and going into the ocean (no one was hurt) but it shows why this is one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

2.  Toncontín International Airport
Toncontin Airport near Honduras is one of the most dangerous airports in the world and was the host to the country's worst aviation disaster.  In 1989, Tan-Sahsa flight 414, a Boeing 727, failed to follow the regimented step-down proceedures while making their descent and smashed into a mountain killing 127 of the 146 passenger on board.  There are extremely precise step down manuevers that are to be followed when landing at Toncontin.  There are several landmarks including a highway, a house with a pool, and most importantly there are two large white arrows on the runway itself.  Pilots must land the plane between the two large arrows or they will go off the end of the runway.  Planes that miss the mark have to re-elevate and come around and try again until they hit the mark.

1.  Lukla Airport - Nepal
Topping our list of most dangerous airports is Lukla Airport in Nepal.  There have been too many crashes at this airport to list.  Lukla has all of the danger factors; mountains, fog, extreme weather conditions, low visability, and if that isn't enough - you only have one chance to land.  Due to the short runway and the mountains immediately at the end of the runway, pilots do not have the option of overshooting the runway and making a second attempt at landing.  Once the initial descent is made to land, you're landing whether you like it or not.  Takeoff is also a challenge due to the ominous mountains at the end of the runway.  Pilots must gain immediate altitude to shoot over the mountains before crashing into the side of them.  The airport is a source to a local village that is extremely primative and relys on the supplies delivered by plane.  When a plane is going to attempt a landing, a siren is sounded warning the locals to clear the runway.

Missouri's "Adult Entertainment" Law Goes In Effect Today

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Missouri Republicans are having their way with strippers in the state. This morning at Midnight the new regulations regarding adult businesses in the state of Missouri went into effect. Under the new law, strip clubs must close at midnight, cannot serve alcohol, no full nudity, and touching of semi-nude dancers is prohibited. Adult businesses also cannot be located closer than 1000 feet from schools, libraries, parks, Churches, or daycare centers (this is the only part of the law that makes any sense). Bible thumping geek and Lee's Summit's own Senator Matt Bartle sponsored the bill.

I haven't been to a strip club in years, but this sure sounds like it will take all the fun out of it! I can't for the life of me figure out why this is an important enough issue to spend legislative time on. When will lawmakers realize they cannot legislate morality, and men will want to look at naked chicks, anytime, anywhere. Many of these businesses undoubtedly will shut down (which I believe is Bartle's intention), putting people out of work. That's a great idea in this economy. Now, would I want my daughter to be a stripper? No, but I also wouldn't want her to be a politician.

The legal fight likely will not be over for quite a while, but for now - looky, but no touchy. The "crime" is a misdemeanor and punishable by up to $500 and 90 days in jail. Maybe Bartle can get a member of his congregation a job enforcing this new law.

Friday, August 27, 2010

NFL's Move to an 18 Game Schedule Unfair to Players

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By now, most if not all NFL fans have heard of the possible lockout looming for the 2011-2012 season. With the owners likely to force a lockout to gain a more favorable contract, it seems rediculous that they would then force their players to play more games that matter.

Personally, I would love to see the NFL's regular season extend to 18 games. I am a diehard football fan and the more games that matter, the better. Four preseason games seems a bit too much, especially considering that the majority of these games feature backups and players most fans will never see during the regular season. Two more regular season games shortens an already-too-long preseason, will generate more revenue and give me two more Sundays of NFL.

Only problem is, this new format pushed by the owners is hyprocritical given their stance on the labor dispute. To put it simply, the owners want players to make less money and play more regular season games. I know most NFL players live comfortably, but asking a player to risk injury two more times in the regular season with lessl long-term guarantees is unfair.

Three Trails Crossing Bridge Reopens This Morning

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The Three Trails Crossing Ramp repair has been completed. On July 17th, the approach to a bridge connecting I-470 west to I-435 West collapsed. The Collapse was caused by excessive rain that deteriorated the soil beneath the roadway. This left a huge gap of collapsed road leading to the bridge. Thankfully there were no accidents or injuries caused.

For the last several weeks, drivers from the southern suburbs in Missouri have been subjected to a complicated series of detours that have added many minutes to morning commutes. Engineers and geologists have been studying the collapse and have no definitive answers about a cause.

A 225 foot long bridge extensin was constructed to connect the undamaged roadway to the existing collector bridge to I-435. The project was completed 19 days early and cost 5.2 Million dollars. That figure includes a bonus for finishing early. Maybe the Kansas City Water Department should study this project to improve their efficiency! The phrase "completed early" worries me a little since I have to travel over the repair daily.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colorado Should Leave the Big 12 ASAP

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New reports indicate that Colorado is planning on staying in the Big 12 until the 2012 season, despite Nebraska's plans to leave after this upcomming season. The Buffalos indicated that financial reasons are behind the school's decision to stay put for a few seasons.
Only problem is, Colorado still plans on leaving the Big 12 for the Pac 10 once it gets its financial situation dealt with. The same school that can't afford to fire lame-duck coach Dan Hawkins because the buy-out is too high. My question is: why should the Big 12 let Colorado hang around? Why should it bail out a school who is leaving for "greener" pastures in the Pac 10. Especially a team that constantly finishes at the bottom of the league in the revenue sports.
Think about it this way. If you had a girlfriend who decided to leave you for another man, would you let her stay in your house until her boyfriend was available? This is what Colorado wants to do. Stay in the Big 12 until it is financially stable, then jump to the Pac 10. The Big 12 doesn't owe Colorado anything. Another issue is scheduling; when Nebraska leaves the Big 12 will be at 11 teams. With ten teams, the league can have an even schedule in football and basketball. The Big 12 shouldn't complicate its schedule and prolong the inevitable by letting Colorado hang around an extra year.
The Buffs decided to leave the Big 12 for another conference. The Big 12 should move on and carry on without Colorado after this upcomming season, whether the Buffalos want to or not.

New Plan for Polsinelli Shughart Building To Be Unveiled Today

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This afternoon, the Polsineeli Shughart Law firm along with Highwoods (owners of the Plaza), will release the redesign for a new office building. The building, planned at the corner of 47th St and Broadway, would be built where the iconic Balcony Building and Tower now stand. The new design is said to incorporate the current Tower into the new building.

The original design, released last week, has resulted in huge public outcry. The design called for the destruction of the historic Tower and Balcony building that has been a fixture at that corner since the Plaza's early days. Opponents of the plan are pushing to have the Plaza designated as a Kansas City Historical Place (who knew it wasn't already). They say consent of the owner is not required to get such a designation.

It's a shame in this economy that a $57 million dollar project has to run up against these kind of obstacles. It seems about the only projects going these days are government related (road work, sleeping Water Dept workers, etc). Polsinelli and Highwoods at least have the PR savvy to listen to the public outcry and make a change. That is more than can be said for New York City Muslims!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charles Should Start at Running Back

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Chiefs head coach Todd Haley continues to insist that Thomas Jones is the team’s starting running back as the start of the NFL regular season approaches. While Jones has had a steady and productive career, the Chiefs must make Charles its feature back for the offense to be successful this season.

If the Chiefs need convincing, all they need to do is take a look at the Tennessee Titans. After initially splitting carries between Chris Johnson and LenDale White, the Titans gave Johnson the feature back title and he responded by rushing for over 200 yards. The Chiefs are in a familiar situation now, with a steady back in Jones and a home-run hitter in Charles. Last season, Charles rushed for 953 yards over the Chiefs final eight games, and provided an offensive spark the team badly needed.

I was excited that the team signed Jones in the offseason, and am in no way advocating the Chiefs render him meaningless. However, Jones has proven he can produce, and will provide a steady rushing attack should Charles struggle. Let Charles have his chance at feature back, and the Chiefs may find their own Chris Johnson.


Kansas City Water Department Workers Caught Napping On The Job

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A concerned citizen shot cell phone video of Kansas City Water Department employees sleeping on the job Tuesday. When confronted by a man holding a camera, the workers acted as if they had done nothing wrong. When asked if it was against city rules to sleep on the job, the Kansas City Water Department employee stated the he didn't know, but was just waiting on a concrete delivery. They had reportedly been sleeping for several hours after arriving one the job around 8:30 in the morning. Other local residents have also seen this crew sleeping several times before.
This incident highlights citizens' frustration with Kansas City government, and government in general. Scenarios like this most certainly play out day after day in this country. It is most disturbing in this day and age where many think the solutions to our problems lie in government intervention. With tight budgets everywhere, it seems the inefficiency of government operations could, and should be addressed.
Though you might likely take issue with the employees themselves, there is a bigger problem here. If these workers weren't sleeping, they likely would not have been doing anything productive either. The questions needs to be asked, if we are to believe that workers were waiting on a concrete delivery, why on earth does it take all morning to get a load of concrete delivered? In any event there are serious problems at the Kansas City Water Department.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Construction on the Way for Kansas City

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Drivers will be provided with an alternate route southbound I-635 towards Parrallel Parkway and then be forced to turn around and head northbound I-635 to eastbound Kansas 5 (yes it as confusing as it sounds).
As a native of central Illinois, I can applaud Kansas City for taking a proactive stance on its roads to prevent the car-ruining potholes that plague the area I grew up in. However, there is a fine line between maintaining good roads and keeping a city under construction for a decade. Take my daily commute for example: I deal with construction on 69 South from the 135th exit until the highway merges with I-35 every day commuting to work, and face slow delays due to construction on any other highway I may take around Kansas City. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, except we have been dealing with this for five years.
Perhaps the funding for repaving our roads every single year could be better allocated, or perhaps construction crews simply are not working fast enough. Despite the reasons, I am one Kansas City resident sick of road construction. Although maybe I deal with it another five strait years I will get used to it.

"Driveway Tax" Comes to Mission Kansas

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Last week Mission City council passed the so-called "Driveway Tax" to raise revenue for street maintenance. City officials estimate tax bills ranging from around $72 for homeowners up to $64,000 for the Target Super center located in Mission. A drive thru restaurant could pay in the neighborhood of $12,000 annually in the new program. The tax bills are generated by a formula that attempts to estimate the amount of traffic generated by a property to calculate the tax bill.

This form of taxation is new to the Midwest, though it in place in at least 18 municipalities in the state of Oregon. Oregon, however, is one of the few states without a sales tax making a tax like this more necessary. The city says they need the money desperately for deteriorating streets, but residents and business owners say this is the worst time possible for a tax increase.

On Monday, the Kansas chapter of The National Federation of Independent Businesses, issued a statement condemning the new tax that will stifle economic growth. NFIB claims the new tax will directly affect the small business owner, the very people who Kansans are looking to to create jobs. Concern is also growing that this new "drive through tax" would set a precedent for other Kansas cities.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Royals Take White Sox Series in Thrilling Fashion

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Winning games these days sure has become hard for the Royals, and this weekend's series against the Chicago White Sox certainly proved this. The Royals and White Sox games all went to extra innings, with the Royals taking two out of three to win the series and finish its recent ten-game home stand at a respectable 6-4.
Yuniesky Betancourt was the hero in game one, belting a game-tying grand slam and later winning the game with a walk-off single. Betancourt, who has been critized all season for his poor play at short-stop and his generous contract, stepped up to give the Royals a win when some had already started heading for the exits. Jason Kendell was the hero in game three, hitting a game winning single into the outfield gap to drive home Gregor Blanco in the 10th inning. The series as a whole provided close, competitive baseball, with an added bonus due to the White Sox being locked in a heated division race with the Minnesota Twins.
While the results were positive, there are still some glaring concerns with this team, most notibly the younger players. Blanco has been solid, however Kila Ka'aihue continues to swing hard at absolutely anything, and other young players are struggling as well. The good news for the Royals is Zach Grienke appears to be back on track and Joakim Soria is consistently dominant at closer.
The Royals have some pieces to build with, and appear to be putting together a solid pitching corps and bullpen. However, the offense has to get better, which includes the younger players that are getting action to close out the year. Betancourt saving the team with a grand slam makes for a good story, but it would be nice if the team could win some games without the heroics. But where would the fun in that be?

Megadeth and Slayer invade Kansas City Monday Night

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Lock up your daughters, Kansas Citians - Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament will destroy Kansas City metalheads tonight at Sandstone Amphitheatre. The carnage begins at 7PM, Monday August 23rd, but for those of you who simply cannot wait to pay $8 for a beer, the doors open at 5:30. Both Megadeth and Slayer released new albums in 2009, so look for a pounding mix of new material and ear numbing classics.

Original Bassist Dave Ellefson rejoins Megadeth this year after an 8-year hiatus, rested and ready to deliver throbbing baselines and ominous backing vocals. Slayer's lineup has remained largely unchanged. These four guys have been Reigning Blood since 1981. After the annihilation on Monday night at Sandstone, fans who haven't had enough can follow the American Carnage Tour to Denver on Wednesday night.

Dave Mustaine, front man for Megadeth, will also be pimping his new book today at 12:30PM at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Times have sure changed, 20 years ago the only way Dave would have seen 12:30 is if he was still awake from a previous night's drinking binge!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chiefs Show Improvement, Concerns Against Bucs

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The Chiefs' second preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offered reasons to be both optimistic and pessimistic for the upcoming season for Kansas City fans. The offense looked to finally be establishing a rythem, while it was the same old story for the Chiefs' defense.
After looking like a high school team on offense against the Atlanta Falcons in the team's first preseason game, Matt Cassell and his receivers showed promise yesterday. The team's receivers got open and hung on to the ball, two glaring problems against Atlanta. Cassell seemed to settle down a bit, and the team developed some rythem on scoring drives. The Chiefs will be able to run the ball with the steady Thomas Jones and electric Jamaal Charles, and if the passing game remains steady, the offense could put some points on the board.
Another boost to the team has been the special teams, most notably Javier Arenas. The rookie had a long kickoff return to help set up one of the team's scoring drives, and has shown game-changing return ability the team has lacked since Dante Hall. The Chief's already boost reliable kickers in Ryan Succop and Dustin Colquitt, and with a strong return game, the Chief's special teams could be a difference maker this season.
However, with the good comes a lot bad, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The front seven continues to struggle with almost no pass rush and poor defending of the run. The secondary, which was viewed as a strength entering the season, has struggled with tackling and drawing penalties. While the secondary's problems can likely be corrected, it is starting to appear that the Chief's front seven lacks the personel to get the job done at a consistent basis. Romeo Crennell is one of the best defensive coordinators in the game, but he certainly has his work cut out for him.
The Chiefs showed much needed improvement from its starters in its second preseason game. The team still has a long way to go, luckily there are two preseason games still remaining. The team looks better, but it will need every second of its next too exhibition games to move back towards being a competitive team.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wizards Rough Up New England Revolution

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Wizards Rough Up New England Revolution

The Kansas City Wizards took the Revolution behind the woodshed on Saturday night. The final score was the 4-1. Birahim Diop had two goals in the first half and an assist in his first start in the MLS in eight years. Both goals were assisted by Wizards leading scorer Kai Kamara, the second one a dazzling header over a New England Defender in the 27th minute. Diop returned the favor with a beautiful pass that Kamara tapped in the near post in the 65th minute. Four minutes later, long time Wizard and Springfield, Mo native Jack Jewsbury knocked in the Wizards fourth goal to end any hopes of a New England comeback.

This was a huge win for the Wizards who have had their ups and down this season. The victory over New England catapults the Wizards back in the race for the playoffs in the Eastern Division of the MLS. Kamara's eighth goal of the season puts him among the league leaders.

The Wizards are next in action on Saturday the 28th when they travel to Los Angeles to take on Landon Donovan and the Galaxy. The Los Angeles Galaxy not only hold the best record in the MLS, but also have two stars from the United States recent World Cup run in Donovan and striker Edson Buddle. It will be a tough test for the Wizards, and a result will be critical to any future playoff plans they might have.

Roger Clemens Indited By Congress

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Roger Clemens' steroid saga is reaching its final chapter, and it looks like its going to be a dicey one for the seven-time Cy Young award winner. Clemens is being indited for lying for congress, proving that the truth is the best way to go in light of steroid accusations.

Clemens and Barry Bonds have repeatedly denied using performance enhancing drugs, and as a result their steroid sagas have dragged on for years. Even worse, both will likely serve time in jail for lying to congress about their PED use.

Compare these stories to those of Andy Petitte and Miguel Tejada, and its easy to see why admitting the use of PEDs is a must for the accused. Pettite came out and admitted he took steroids to recover from injury, and Tejada admitted to lying to congress and ended up with just a fine and probation. You rarely hear about these players' accusations now, and both have had productive years after the allegations.

I know legendary players such as Bonds or Clemens want to save face and preserve their legacy, however lying to congress and the public seems to be causing more trouble in the long run. Since I'm sure this isn't the last star who faces steroid charges, hopefully players in the future avoid a further tarnished legacy - and jail time - by telling the truth.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Checkpoints in Kansas City - Dui Checkpoints August 20th, 21st

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Checkpoints in Kansas City - Dui Checkpoints August 20th, 21st Weekend 

Checkpoints for Friday August 20th and Saturday August 21st are going to be in force throughout the Kansas City area.  The city of Kansas City has recently been given a substantial budget increase due to a Federal Dui Checkpoint Multi-Offender Grant that went into effect in July of 2011.  The Kansas City Police Department was given a large budget increase to set up checkpoints in the area to seek out prior dui offenders and drivers driving with suspended licenses.  Obviously this budget increase allowed the police to set up checkpoints pretty much every weekend.

The Kansas City Police have been on the local news stations repeatedly urging Kansas Citians not to drive drunk so it is no secret that they are placing multiple checkpoints around the city and they are not hiding this fact.  It is a really bad time to drink and drive in Kansas City!  Take a cab, phone a friend, stay home and play Madden 2011 or MLB The Show 10 but don't drink and drive around as a dui will really cramp your style.

Common checkpoints in Kansas City occur at 74th and Wornall, ANYWHERE on Ward Parkway but usually where Ward Parkway splits and enters into Kansas around the 77th Street area, avoid Southwest Trafficway at ALL COSTS, and of course anywhere in the suburbs the police are furious.  If you have to have a couple drinks and drive then stick to the highways when possible.

Disclaimer for those who may bitch about comments on this dui checkpoint article: This website and it's contributing writers do not condone or encourage drinking and driving.


Carnahan Supports Extending Bush Tax Cuts

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In a stunning announcement Thursday at the Missouri State Fair, Robin Carnahan said she supports the extension of the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts. Carnahan is currently running for Missouri's open Senate Seat vacated by retiring Senator Kit Bond.

She is locked in a close race with current House of Representatives member from the Springfield area, Roy Blunt. Robin Carnahan is currently the Secretary of State for Missouri. Both candidates have been firmly entrenched in Missouri politics for years. Carnahan's father and Blunt's son are both previous Governors of the state. Polls show a modest lead for Blunt, who is likely riding a wave of backlash against a Democratic Congress and President seen as failing to get a still struggling economy on the right track.

Some see Carnahan's support of extending the tax cuts as an attempt to move more to the middle of the political spectrum. Her popularity has waned as the economy fails to improve and the passage of Obamacare. With the passage of Prop C, Missourians sent a message that they were opposed to National Health Care. In October of 2009, she enjoyed a 4 point lead in the polls, but by the end of the year it was a near dead heat.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rachel Perez of Desoto Kansas Abandons 6 Year Old Boy in Attic

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Rachel Perez of Desoto Kansas Abandons 6 Year Old Boy in Attic

Welfare workers were alerted to a home at the 8200 block of Center Drive in Desoto Kansas where resident Rachel Perez had abandoned her 6 year old boy in an unfinished attic.  The 6 year old boy has down syndrome and was discovered on Tuesday in the attic covered in his own feces and weighing at about 20 pounds (a healthy 6 year old boy should weigh about 45 pounds).

Rachel Perez had been keeping her son in the attic of the home that she was renting with her two daughters.  The attic where the boy was kept was unfinished, about 3 feet tall and often reached temperatures of over 100 degrees.  When Desoto police arrived at Perez' home she told them that her son was not there and she was taken away by police on previous warrants.  When Perez' family members urged police to return to search for the boy, they found him abandoned and malnourished in the attic on the brink of death.

Rachel Perez is now in police custody and was arraigned today before a judge for child abuse and for aggravated child endangerment.  Courtroom witnesses reported that Rachel Perez appeared "void of emotion".  Rachel is currently 5 months pregnant.  Medical experts say that malnourished children can develop medical problems later in life such as damage to the nervous system and brain damage.


Neighborhoods of Kansas City - Independence

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Neighborhoods of Kansas City - Independence, Missouri

In our ongoing breakdown of Kansas City neighborhoods, in the interest of those who may be considering moving to Kansas City, we will focus this article on the city of Independence.  If you wish to catch up on the articles that preceded this article please visit:  Kansas City neighborhoods, ghettos, downtown, plaza, brookside, waldo and more and our more recent article on the outer city of  Lee's Summit.

Independence, Missouri, was the birthplace of former President Harry S. Truman and is an important hub for The Church of the Latter Day Saints, or the "Mormons" as they are more commonly referred to.  Independence was a common starting point for those who traveled along the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and The Santa Fe Trail and is therefore known as the "Queen City of the Trails".  The population of Independence is approximately 130,000 as of 2010, and it's racial makeup is 91.87% White, 2.59% African American, 0.70% Asian, 0.64%, and Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.69% of the population.  The median household income is around $38,000 per year.

And that's about where the positive facts end.  Independence gained recent fame by becoming the 3rd largest manufacturer of Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) in the entire United States.  It is currently the birthplace of a new form of Crystal Meth called Blue Meth, or "Smurf Dope".  Needless to say, Independence has some seriously bad neighborhoods.  Mostly white trash, petty-crime-committing drug addicts who frequent the multitude of porno shops and payday loan stores that litter the streets everywhere you look.

On a good note, Independence has areas where a few older "farm-type" folk reside and their respective neighborhoods are fairly docile - just don't go up the street to get gas at Quik Trip or you will immediately be immersed in the local criminal trash.  Basically, Independence is a place to be avoided at all costs - unless you need to break into a house, go next door to the pawn shop and get cash for the items you just burglarized, then go next door to the porn shop to meet a drug dealer who will sell you some shiny new Blue Meth.

Stay tuned for more Kansas City neighborhoods - broken down honestly by people who have lived here for over 35 years.  Don't listen to that real estate agent who is trying to unload a house on you that has been on the market for so long the real estate firm is offering a bonus to the first agent to move someone in.


David Glass Selling the Royals?

Rumors that Royals' owner David Glass is considering selling the team have surfaced lately around Kansas City. These rumors have been swirling around the internet and talk radio for weeks, however Glass insists he has not heard about them until recently. Glass denied that he has any interest in selling the team.

While Glass may be telling the truth, as the old saying goes where there is smoke there is usually fire. It would not be surprising if Glass had at least somewhat considered the move, given the team's struggles both on the field and financially since he has taken over.

It is no surprise Glass has denied these initial allegations, but it will be interesting to see if anything close to the issue develops into the future. Perhaps it is all pure speculation, but the poor fortunes of the Royals may be prompting Glass to make a move. A change could be beneficial for both sides.


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