Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Larry Moore Recognizes Adam Blue Productions, KC All Stars for Kansas City Charity Event Contributions

KMBC-TV's Larry Moore recognized Adam Blue Productions and also The KC All Stars recently for their contributions to multiple Kansas City charity organizations in the past several years. In Moore's testimonial he tells Kansas City viewers that these charity organizations "could not have raised the amount donations that they did in recent years without the help of Adam Blue Productions and The KC All Stars".

Adam Blue Productions is the largest band booking agency in Kansas City, and they have recently branched out to include Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona, Vero Beach, Tampa Bay, and South Beach Florida, and they have also incorporated Nationally and will expand to include 473 US cities by August of 2012 via their new National band booking website "Bands for Hire Live!". Adam Blue Productions donates their efforts to several major Kansas City charity organizations including The American Red Cross, The Dream Factory, The Make a Wish Foundation, The Whole Person, The American Heart Association, Children's Mercy Hospital, Wayside Waifs, The Kansas City Zoo, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and several other Kansas City charity organizations.

The KC All Stars, voted "Best Band in Kansas City" 3 years in a row, were also mentioned by Larry Moore as being a strong contributor to the Kansas City charity community as well.

Both Adam Blue Productions and The KC All Stars have contributed countless hours and donations to local Kansas City charity organizations and will continue to do so according to CEO Adam Blue; "Absolutely, we plan to build on our past contributions to the wonderful charity organizations in Kansas City by doing our best to assist them with the success of their operations with a special focus on Kansas City charity events." Larry Moore deserves a lot of credit as well as he MC's and hosts several large charity events in Kansas City each year. Together as a team, Larry Moore, Adam Blue Productions and The KC All Stars are making a positive difference in the Kansas City community.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you guys, Adam Blue Productions does a great job with the charities in KC.

Karen Laughlin said...

Keep up the great work, it is so important that we help out all of the charities in Kansas City. I know that Adam Blue and his company help a lot of them, but we always have to keep the donations coming and constantly add to our base of local companies that help out our local charities. This was very well deserved, many thanks to Adam Blue Productions for their work with the charity organizations.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Adam Blue Productions, they are an asset to Kansas City and it's various charity organizations.

John O'Connor, Sr. said...

Great story Larry, companies like Adam Blue Productions and other groups that help out the local charities deserve this recognition.

Rebecca Martin - KC Rep said...

Adam Blue Productions and The KC All Stars are both to be commended for their hard work with all of the charity organizations in Kansas City, it was nice to see them get some recognition.

Robert Jones, American Heart Association said...

Adam Blue Productions has been a big part of Kansas City history and they have gone to great lengths to assist local and National charities in need. They have provided us with services for over 15 years and it was great to see them get recognized by Larry Moore and KMBC!

Angela Camoron said...

Great news story! We have worked with Adam Blue Productions for the last 10 years on our annual fundraiser, and they work very hard to help us raise as much money for the kids as we can.

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