Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smart Gun Invented by Colorado Teen Kai Kloepfer

Biometric electromechanical firearm safety is the key behind the new smart gun, invented by Kai Kloepfer, a teen from Colorado who's invention of the smart gun earned him a $50,000 first prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Kloepfer will use the prize money to design and develop his new invention which renders a gun useless when in the wrong hands. The new smart gun employs the biometric safety feature, which recognizes the gun owner's fingerprints and "locks" the gun if anyone but the owner tries to use it.

Kai Kloepfer is a Colorado teen who has been a witness to his share of senseless gun violence in his lifetime. Shootings in Kloepfer's immediate neighborhood include the disaster at Columbine that ended the lives of 12 people, and also the movie theater shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado that also claimed the lives of 12 people. At age 16, Kloepfer got the idea to invent a smart gun that would make a serious dent in the amount of wrongful deaths that occur from gun violence. Kai Kloepfer noticed that almost all illegal or accidental gun mishaps occur when the gun is in the hands of someone who is not the owner of the gun. A smart gun that recognized the fingerprints of the user would therefore keep guns in the hands of those who legally own them, and if anyone else tries to use the gun it would not operate. Furthermore the gun will "lock" immediately when the owner removes his hand from the sensor on the handle. The sensor in the gun handle has said to be 99.99% accurate for recognizing fingerprints.

The smart gun would prevent criminals from obtaining illegal firearms and would also prevent children in homes from "playing" with guns and injuring themselves or others. There is also a possibility that the military will take an interest in the smart gun, as the gun would be rendered useless in enemy hands. The gun could also be programmed for multiple users, and the scanner would be able to tell if the fingers on the gun are actually attached and alive (eliminating the possibility of cutting off a finger and using the finger to unlock the gun).

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