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Here at Kansas City News, we are very big fans of our Kansas City Chiefs. We follow their every move, from free agency moves to the NFL Draft, from training camp to cut day, and from preseason to the Super Bowl. Well, maybe not to the Super Bowl yet, but when and if they do go to the big show, we will be there! The Kansas City Chiefs started out as a little franchise team in Dallas, Texas, coincidentally called the "Dallas Texans" and after finding it difficult to raise interest in Dallas, they moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then they have put their mark on the NFL and especially the AFC West, going to 2 Super Bowls and winning one. The Chiefs have one of the biggest and best fan bases in the entire NFL, filling Arrowhead Stadium to the brim almost every Sunday no matter how the team is playing that season. From Len Dawson to Joe Montana to well, there really hasn't been another great quarterback in Kansas City since Montana so we will just leave it there, but the point is that the Chiefs have always put on a good show for the home fans and many great players have passed through our locker room. Tony Gonzalez, who has announced that he will retire a Chief, is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame, and we now have several rising stars on the team who will someday see that kind of success. Through the ups and the downs, in the sunshine and the rain, sleet or snow, we will remain Kansas City Chiefs fans forever - Kansas City News

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Dwayne Bowe finally puts down the ink...

The sometimes unreliable and lazy, yet occasionally incredible Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe returns to the Chiefs roster after coming to an agreement with Chiefs management. After holding out until the 2nd preseason game of 2012, Dwayne Bowe signed a 9.5 million dollar 1 year contract with the Chiefs. It is common for many veterans to avoid the training camp portion of the off season, and the Chiefs had a particularly grueling one this year in St. Joseph, practicing in 100+ degree weather for most of the time and staying in nasty, crampy dormatory rooms barely worthy of a college freshman, let alone a multi-millionaire. It is quite likely that Bowe simply wanted to remain in the comfort of his own home gym and do his work outs there. He will not be penalized or fined any money for his holdout and he will remain on the Chiefs roster at least 1 more year. Earlier in the offseason the Kansas City Chiefs organization put a franchise tag on Bowe, guaranteeing him a salary that was greater or equal to the highest paid player in the league at the wide receiver position. Was Bowe worth the 9.5 million dollars? This news writer does not think so. The Chiefs just don't throw the ball downfield that often, and Bowe is by no means in the top ten recievers in the NFL, not even close.

Dontari Poe Signs as Chiefs Sign 2012 Draft Picks
All of these draft signings means that first-round pick Dontari Poe has the pressure on to perform this season.

Chiefs Celebrate 50 Years in Kansas City
The Chiefs plan on hosting 50 community events this fall that will include player appearances, and will provide elementary schools with a Chiefs Play 60 kit that stresses physical exercise for children for 60 minutes a day. The team will also display numerous art works that will be placed inside Arrowhead Stadium.

Chiefs Rookie Mini Camp Begins 2012
Kansas City signed 15 undrafted free agents to add to a loaded draft class, so there will be a lot of competition for a roster spot. Having significant depth is crucial to winning in the NFL, as Kansas City learned the hard way in an injury-plagued season last year. Hopefully the Chiefs can get their draft picks better acclimated to the pros, while finding a steals amongst their UFAs. 

Chiefs Sign Tight End Dallas Clark - well, ok, no they didn't. But it looked like they were going to so we wrote it up. It's still fun to read :)
This move makes a lot of sense as one of Dallas Clark's best friends is Chiefs O Lineman Ryan Lilja.  Clark and Lilja bonded when they played together in Indianapolis, where they won a Super Bowl together.  Dallas Clark makes frequent trips to Kansas City anyway to visit Lilja, so it is probable that Ryan Lilja had a little pull in getting Dallas Clark on the Chiefs roster. 

Chiefs Sign Ropati Pitoitua, Defensive End
While it is no secret that Tyson Jackson has failed to live up to his lofty draft selection, Pitoitua hardly seems like a candidate who could take his starting spot. Still, Pitoitua has seen some significant playing time on one of the best defenses in the league, and with his young age, it is entirely possible he could improve significantly.

Chiefs Free Agent Signings 2012 - Recap
The Chiefs nabbed quite a few defensive backs, including former K-State standout Tysyn Hartman. Also keep an eye on Parks, who had a very productive career at Florida State. Kansas City could use some improved depth at safety, and one of the incoming DBs could very well be suiting up for the Chiefs sometime this fall.

Chiefs 1st Draft Pick 2012 is Dontari Poe
The Chiefs took Dontari Poe with their first round pick in the 2012 NFL draft, addressing a need at nose tackle with a talented, but raw prospect. While Poe was projected to fall into the later portion of the first round, Scott Pioli felt that the Chiefs need for a NT was too high, and grabbed the former Memphis standout. by Kansas City News

NFL Draft News - Chiefs Consider Ryan Tannehill
Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has made several headlines recently with his comments on Kansas City’s draft strategy. First, Pioli made it known to the press that the Chiefs were strongly considering taking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, then Pioli followed those comments up bymentioning that he would like to draft a quarterback ever yearby Kansas City News

Chiefs Roster Moves 2012 and Free Agency
Most Kansas City sports writers are basically writing updates, assuming that we already know about what happened the week before this, or the week before that. Well, here at Kansas City News, we're going to do you a favor that those half assed sports writers refuse to do, and that's give you a full recap. by Kansas City News

Brandon Carr Deal - Not That Big of a Deal
Cowboy's fans, two words: calm down. The recent signing of Brandon Carr to the Dallas Cowboys is not that big of a deal.Carr was / still is an AVERAGE player at BEST. His rating in the free agency market was WAY overstated, and he is just not that great of a player. by Kansas City News

Franchise Tag Put on Dwayne Bowe - Will He Hold Out Anyway?
The Chiefs are making some moves in the off season and the biggest one so far happened today when the Kansas City Chiefs put the Franchise Tag on Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs somewhat flaky but occasionally talented wide receiver. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Finish 2011 Season Strong - Needs Include More Money Spent, Offensive Line, Quarterback
Hey, at least the Kansas City Chiefs squashed all of that Tebow hype, and exposed him to be what he really is: an unusually large man, who can run the ball fairly well, and....well, that's about it. Tim Tebow couldn't throw a good pass if his life depended on it and that was more than obvious in Sunday's Chiefs Broncos game. by Kansas City News

Packers Perfect Season Comes to and End - Bandwagon Packers Fans Go Home Frustrated and Ridiculed

Fan Puts Up Protest Sign in Front Yard - Calls Out Pioli
Northland resident and Chiefs season ticket holder Mike Mason and his neighbors are fed up. On Monday night, Mason and some neighbors erected a 55 foot sign in his front yard with a message to Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli to make some changes in the Kansas City Chiefs organization. by Kansas City News

2011 Post Season Out of the Picture - Jets are Also a Bust at 1 Arrowhead Drive
It is official, The Kansas City Chiefs will not be making an appearance in the NFL Playoffs in 2011. While we had placed our hopes in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, they just couldn't carry the team today vs the New York Jets. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Jets 2011
With thier hopes of making the playoffs barely breathing, The New York Jets may have to win out the remainder of their games to earn a spot in the AFC playoff picture. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Bears 2011 - Chiefs Stomp Bears - McCluster Leads the Way
The Kansas City Chiefspounded the Chicago Bears like they weren't even there today, revealing that the Bears are not even close to a playoff quality team and are extremely inept at running the ball or throwing the ball. by Kansas City News

Palko Gets the Start Over Orton for Upcoming Bears vs Chiefs Game
Todd Haley looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet, we've seen heroin addicts with more spunk and inspiring speech pathology. Haley has been getting pounded with the same question over and over in the past few days; who will you start vs the Bears on Sunday? by Kansas City News

Chiefs Sign Kyle Orton
Today the Kansas City Chiefs must have decided that they did not trustTyler Palko or Ricky Stanzi to take over quarterback duties for the injured Matt Cassel as they went to the "quarterback couch" and picked up Kyle Orton, formerly of the Denver Broncos, who was replaced earlier in Denver's season with backup quarterback Tim Tebow. by Kansas City News

Tyler Palko to Start for Injured Matt Cassel
It was officially announced today thatTyler Palko will be the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs following last week's injury to starting quarterback Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel was tackled after a pass attempt and landed awkwardly on his right (throwing) hand, causing an injury which is possibly season ending. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Chargers - Monday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium
Halloween night at Arrowhead Stadium will feature a rivalry bout between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs have a chance to to share a piece of the lead in the AFC West if they can best the Chargers on Monday night footballby Kansas City News

Chiefs Defense Improving - Becoming A Defensive Team Again
Well hello Kansas City, I do believe that we have a defense! This Sunday's Chiefs Raiders game only solidified the proof that the Chiefs can hold their own in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball. Although the Chiefs have historically been regarded as a tough defensive team, especially at home, it has been over a decade since the defense has been anything over average. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Raiders 2011
It's as good as it's going to get for the Kansas City Chiefs right now vs. the Oakland Raiders this Sunday as the Raiders are limping around on a hobbled quarterback position. by Kansas City News

Suck For Luck Campaign 2012
For those of you who don't know, the Suck for Luck campaign 2012 is a competition in the NFL to be the worst team in the league in the 2011 season (thus "suck") in order to get the number 1 draft position for the 2012 season and potentially draft Stanford University super star quarterback Andrew Luck (thus "luck"). by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Vikings 2011
We hate to say it, but this game might actually be a win for theKansas City Chiefs vs the Minnesota Vikings, who suck almost as bad as the Chiefs. Now remember, we do not WANT to win due to the ongoing "Suck for Luck" campaign in which we must LOSE every possible game this season in order to acquire super star quarterback Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft for next season. by Kansas City News

The Music Continues at Arrowhead Stadium
Over the years the entertainment has changed several times at Arrowhead Stadium. In the very early days when the Kansas City Chiefs first arrived here from Dallas (where they were known as the Dallas Texans) they had a small marching band who actually sat in the stands and performed the type of music that you might hear at a college game today.  Today the official band of the Kansas City Chiefs is The KC All Stars, an incredible upbeat dance bandby Kansas City News

The Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium Pay Tribute to 9/11 on Sunday
For all of you Chiefs fans who are attending the Chiefs season opener this sunday September 11th, the Chiefs are asking that you please take your seats 20-30 minutes before kickoff (noon) because they are going to be doing a special pre game program dedicated to those who served and those who passed during 9/11 2001by Kansas City News

Tony Moeaki Injury 2011 Chiefs Tight End Out With ACL
Well we finally made it through the grueling Chiefs preseason. Although in retrospect it was by a stroke of luck that we had football going on at all, so in that light we'll take what we can get.  But the bright light at the end of the tunnel went dark when we lost our starting tight end, Tony Moeaki to a torn ACL injury today. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Bills 2011 Home Opener
The Kansas City Chiefs preseasonis a little different than other NFL team's preseason - if you haven't been able to tell that already. But that will all be over soon and September 11th, 2011 will be upon us and the Chiefs home opener against the Buffalo Bills will be happening at Arrowhead Stadiumby Kansas City News

Madden 12 Chiefs Player Ratings Released
With the release of the country's most popular game, Madden 12 just around the corner (August 30th), EA Sports has released the Madden 12 Chiefs player ratings. As Chiefs fans, it was definitely the consensus that our ratings should be considerably higher after the great season that we had in 2010, and Madden 12 delivered. by Kansas City News

Heading into this year's crazy free agency period, the Chiefs knew that WR was an area that still needed to be addressed. Kansas City added some much needed help to its wideout corps today by signing former Arizona Cardinal WR Steve Breaston to a five year dealby Kansas City News

As predicted, Kansas City ended up trading down in the first round of the 2011 NFL draftto select Pittsburg WR Jonathan Baldwin. Kansas City passed on some talented defensive players and a few offensive lineman to get Baldwin, which has led to some debate as to whether or not this was the right move. by Kansas City News

The 2011 NFL draft is only a few hours away. While ESPN and sports radio will be providing analysis and coverage for hours this afternoon, the draft will officially begin at 7:04 p.m. when the Carolina Panthers are officially on the clock. by Kansas City News

Looking Back - the Chiefs 2010 NFL Draft Picks
With the 2011 NFL draft a day away, the Chiefs could benefit from taking a look at its 2010 draft class. Many experts deemed Kansas City's 2010 draft a success before the rookies strapped on shoulder pads, and the group lived up to the hype. by Kansas City News

Bill Muir Named Chiefs Offensive Coordinator
The Chiefs named Bill Muir their new Offensive Coordinator today. He has been the Offensive line coach for the Chiefs since 2009. Muir was also the Offensive Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under Head Coach Jon Gruden. He obviously has the experience, and a Super Bowl ring. by Kansas City News

Hand Washing Lessons at Arrowhead Stadium, Chiefs Sign Kevin Curtis
There seems to be a flu-like illness making its way through the Chiefs locker room. Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe missed practice on Wednesday due to an illness (he was back on Thursday), and Guard Brian Waters missed practice Wednesday and Thursday (no word on availability for the game Sunday). This has the Chiefs coaching staff worried. A hand washing mini-seminar was given to the players this week. by Kansas City News

Charlie Weis Leaves Chiefs
Although the reasons are somewhat a mystery,Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is officially taking the "demotion" job as offensive coordinator in Floridaby Kansas City News

Charile Weis Florida Rumor
A rumor that came from the Gainesville Sun from reporter Pat Dooley claims that Charlie Weis is headed to the University of Florida to become the offensive coordinator for the Gators. by Kansas City News

Rich Gannon Ban - Petition To Ban Rich Gannon
A petition has been started in Kansas City today to ban the services of Rich Gannon from commenting during televised Kansas City Chiefs games.  Chiefs fans claim that Gannon is extremely biased towards the Chiefs and demonstrates this bias throughout his commentary of televised Chiefs games. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Win AFC West
The Kansas City Chiefs took out the Tennessee Titans today effortlessly, the game was over by halftime and for some reason I thought that the Titans had a running back?  What was his name again?  Oh well, I can't remember. by Kansas City News

Matt Cassel Returns for Chiefs vs Rams Game After Appendix Surgery
I'm going to go ahead and call it - after listening to coach Todd Haley's interview today it really looks like Matt Cassel is going to be a go for Sunday. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Chargers 2010
The Kansas City Chiefs were dominated by the Chargers in every phase of the game Sunday. It can only be described as a forgetful performance by the Chiefs. Brody Croyle certainly would like to forget his only start of the season, and 10th consecutive loss as a Chiefs Starter. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Chargers - Why We Lost the Game on the First Drive
The Chiefs lost this game on the very first drive.  What moron would call 4 running plays in a row when The Chargers KNOW that the running game is all we have? (oh, that link goes to a Charger's website where they talk about the fact that they KNOW that the run is all we have)... by Kansas City News

Matt Cassel Appendectomy Surgery Report
Today the question about why Matt Cassel was suddenly absent from Wednesday's practice was answered when it was reported from The Chiefs camp that Cassel had an emergency Appendectomy this afternoon. by Kansas City News

Eli Young Band in Kansas City Blows National Anthem
That's BRUTAL!  The Eli Young Band from Texas completely blew the National Anthem at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, forgetting the words - TWICE - and screwing up the timing of the jet fly over.  The Chiefs fans were immediately all over this guy, booing and laughing as this poor singer struggled to remember the words to our country's theme.  by Kansas City News

Chiefs on Top of the AFC West
With today's thrashing of the Denver Broncos, The Kansas City Chiefs continue to dominate the AFC West.  The media has not yet fully accepted the fact that the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC. by Kansas City News

Dwayne Bowe Sets Single Season Touchdown Receiving Record for Chiefs
Dwayne Bowe has matured quickly under the guidance of Todd Haley and apparently all of his new found maturity was sucked directly away from me as is apparent from reading this article. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Fall to the Raiders then Broncos
Wow, all I can say is....Wow - the Chiefs suck so bad that it is embarrassing.  The Kansas City Chiefs are officially done for the year.  We had a good couple of games, but after losing to the Mexi-Jigger Raiders and then to the incredibly crap Denver Broncos, we are Officially Done. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Broncos - A Must Win Game
The Chiefs go into Denver today after a bitter loss to the extremely weak Oakland Raiders, who lucked out with a last minute miraculous pass to some receiver that no one has ever heard of, leading to a field goal by fat-legged Janikowski. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Raiders Rivalry - We Fix Tacos and Chitlins for Raiders Tailgates :)
As the AFC West standings reveal, the only two teams left standing in this division are The Kansas City Chiefs and The Los Angeles Raiders.  The Chiefs are a stellar 5 and 2 and the lowly Raiders are only 4 and 4 due to a recent streak of luck that has befallen them. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Buffalo 2010
This one was supposed to be easy. With the red-hot Chiefs facing lowly Buffalo, everyone predicted an easy Kansas City victory. In the end, the Chiefs were lucky to escape with a win, as Ryan Succop nailed a field goal as overtime expired to give Kansas City a 13-10 victoryby Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Texans 2010
Going into Houston on Sunday, we knew the Texans offense could score in a hurry. No lead would be safe. Matt Schaub and Company wore down the Chiefs defence, and absolutely shredded them in the 4th Quarter scoring 21 points. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Fall to Texans in 4th Quarter - Move to 3-2 Record
Despite a strong effort from its offense and a breakout game from WR Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs blew a late lead and lost to the Houston Texans, 35-31by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Colts 2010
The Kansas City Chiefs' magical start to the 2010 season finally hit a roadblock today, as the Indianapolis Colts beat the NFL's last unbeaten team, 19-9by Kansas City News

Shaun Smith Crotch Grabbing Incident
In Sports, there is all kinds of touching between men that is inappropriate on the street. Hugging, ass slappingand apparently crotch grabbing as our friends in the picture have illustrated (maybe that's only OK in St Louis). Chiefs Defensive Lineman Shaun Smith, or as the media is starting to refer to him, "The Genital Giant", has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for what it termed as "Unnecessary Roughness" for the crotch grab on San Francisco Lineman Anthony Davis. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs 49ers Victory - Chiefs Go To 3-0!
Chiefs fans rejoice! It hasn't felt like this for so long. Wins number one and two for the Chiefs left us wondering if the Chiefs are contenders or pretenders, but Sunday's dismantling of an improved 49er team leaves no doubt, this team is for real. The Final was 31-10. by Kansas City News

Alex Mack Calls Out Shaun Smith for Crotch Grab
Alex Mack, Chiefs Defensive Lineman Shaun Smith got a little too physical in the Chiefs 16-14 win over Cleveland on Sunday. According to Mack, Smith grabbed the Center's private parts during the game. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Browns - Chiefs Go To 2-0
No that title is not a misprint, the Kansas City Chiefs have opened the season 2-0. Kansas City won a close road contest against the Cleveland Browns to remain undefeated and on top of the AFC West standings. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Defeat Chargers on Opening Night
After a season filled with close (and not so close) loses, unanswered questions and a somewhat promising finish, the Kansas City Chiefs made starting out the 2010 season on the right foot a priority. The team did just that, upsetting AFC West juggernaut San Diego in the rain, 21-14. by Kansas City News

Cassel Speaks Out About Throwing The Ball Down Field More Often
Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has gone on record that the chiefs need to throw the ball down the field more, and I couldn't agree more. The Chief's lack of a big play threat has been a big fat albatross hanging on the neck of an offense that has shown promise but has yet to break through and find consistency. by Kansas City News

Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Chiefs Upset Steelers, Ruin Steelers Season
Just had to laugh at all of the Steeler fans that showed up at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs game on November 22nd.  The Steeler fans in Kansas City are a joke! All of them have on brand new jersey's - revealing that they are indeed "bandwagon" fans and not true die hard Steeler fans. I didn't see one Bettis jersey, etc. by Kansas City News

DUI Checkpoints After Chiefs Games
After speaking to a few Kansas City residents about this phenomenon, we told that the KCPD attempted a DUI checkpoint after a Chiefs game a couple of seasons ago. The KCPD set up a DUI checkpoint on Southbound 435 and immediately backed up traffic on the major highway for almost 17 miles! Just imagine being a trucker heading to your destination and having to sit through 17 miles of parking lot gridlock. The results of the DUI checkpoint were astounding. After stopping over 4000 vehicles, only 7 arrests were made. by Kansas City News

Gearing Up for the New Chiefs Season
Head Coach, Todd Haley, demoted Chan Gailey and took over the Offensive Coordinator duties. Now, in addition to assuming the duties of Head Coach, he will also take over the play calling. Haley was the Offensive Coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals last year before coming to Kansas City. by Kansas City News

New Chiefs Season Under Way
I would assume like many Kansas City homers, I woke up today with a slight hangover and sense of excitement. Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train" was blairing through my head on repeat. Yes!! It is football season in Kansas City! It starts tonight. Your Kansas City Chiefs will start a new era against the Houston Texans with a 7:00 kick off tonight in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Off Season Moves
In watching Herm Edwards fill in on Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN, I thought about how much I respect the man as a person, but how much I also like to see him on the ESPN sets instead of our beloved sidelines. Even the least passionate Chiefs fans know that there has been a ton of needed change at 1 Arrowhead Drive. by Kansas City News

Tony Gonzalez To Retire As A Kansas City Chief - Hall Of Fame
At a recent party hosted by Tony Gonzalez supported charity "Shadow Buddies", Tony announced to the eager crowd that he would officially retire as a Kansas City Chief. This means, when Tony is eventually inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, that the uniform that hangs in Canton will be a Kansas City Chief's jersey - most likely with #88 on the back. by Kansas City News

Breaking Down the Chiefs Wide Receivers
The Kansas City Chiefs have made an effort to surround QB Matt Cassel with more weapons to work with, including an upgraded receiving corps. The Chiefs already boast one of the top rushing attacks in the league, and if the team can find some consistency and explosiveness with its wideouts, Kansas City will likely have one of the best offenses in the NFL. by Kansas City News

The Chiefs 2011 Schedule
Kansas City surprised the NFL last season with a remarkable turnaround, transforming from one of the league's worst teams into the AFC West champions. Kansas City has made a lot of good moves this offseason, and its younger players will be more experienced when the 2011 season starts. by Kansas City News

The Chiefs Free Agent Prospects
Now that the NFL lockout is officially over, the Kansas City Chiefs can focus on the 2011 season. Today marks the beginning of what will likely be the wildest free agency period in the history of the league. Kansas City has money to spend and some glaring holes on the roster, which means the Chiefs will likely be a big player in this year's free agency period. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Sign Brandon Carr and Justin Houston
After signing OLB Tamba Hali to a five year deal, Kansas City only had two key free agents left to sign and get into camp. The Chiefs have now reached terms with cornerback Brandon Carr and rookie LB Justin Houston, putting Kansas City at full strength on the defensive side of the ball. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Sign Amon Gordon
In an effort to add some much-needed depth to its defensive line, the Kansas City Chiefs have signed free agent Amon Gordon. Gordon has been a bit of a journeyman in his NFL career, having played with the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks. by Kansas City News

Chiefs 2011 Schedule
Even though the NFL is still not a certainty this season, they have released the Chiefs 2011 schedule, which includes 3 Monday night games and a notable increase in schedule difficulty. The Chiefs kick off the season with a couple of easy teams, The Buffalo Bills and The Detroit Lions.  Although we know that the Chiefs love to beat the difficult teams and lose to the easy teams (cough, cough, the Raiders in 2010), these two games should get the Chiefs off and running to a 2-0 start. by Kansas City News

Chiefs Mike Vrabel Retires
Whether we have an NFL season or not, Mike Vrabel's NFL days are over. Vrabel has retired from the NFL to take a position at Ohio State as linebackers coach. Ohio State is Vrabel's alma mater. by Kansas City News

Chiefs 2011 Draft Recap
The 2011 NFL draft is over, and most experts felt that Kansas City did a decent job. While the Chiefs' first pick was somewhat of a surprise, Kansas City addressed areas that had to be upgraded, and did a good job of building quality depth. by Kansas City News

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