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Saturday, August 31, 2013

DUI Checkpoints Labor Day Weekend 2013 Aug 31st Sept 1st Sept 2nd Sept 3rd

All the crazies will be out in full force as they have released the masses from work for Labor Day Weekend 2013. There will be plenty of DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City and Lee's Summit for August 31st, September 1st, September 2nd, and September 3rd 2013.

The Checkpoints for Labor Day Weekend will be in the usual suspect areas including but not limited to:

Southwest Trafficway
Beware of checkpoints along Southwest Trafficway in all areas, but especially near the Sun Fresh at around 40th Street. They LOVE to set up a giant DUI Checkpoint complete with large buses to cart people off to jail near that intersection.

Ward Parkway
Watch yourself on any part of Ward Parkway as well, but be especially careful around 78th Street where Ward Parkway splits and all of the Prairie Village people merge over to the right to cross State Line to get home. Often there is a DUI checkpoint set up just as you round the corner on Ward Parkway heading toward that Kansas / Missouri split. If you're headed toward the Plaza on Ward Parkway then beware of a DUI checkpoint as you head down the hill after the light at 51st Street.

Wornall Road
It has come to our attention that not everyone in Kansas City knows the correct pronunciation of the word WORNALL. It is pronounced as if you were saying WORNLE (sounds like NORMAL) - It is NOT pronounced WOR-NELL. There ya go, a little lesson for the day. There will typically be a checkpoint on Wornall Road near 75th Street in Waldo near the Wendy's. They have also been known to set up at 92nd and Wornall, just as you round the corner South of the light at 95th Street.

Lee's Summit
Lee's Summit is NOT the place to drink and drive (nor is anywhere for that matter) but those officers will be checking EVERYONE that they pull over this Labor Day Weekend 2013 on August 31st, September 1st, September 2nd and September 3rd. Get a cab if you're going to drive anywhere in Lee's Scumm-It.

We strongly encourage everyone not to drive if they are going to be drinking this Labor Day Weekend 2013, get a cab or have a sober friend drive. Have a safe weekend from your friends at KCMB News Kansas City.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

DUI Checkpoints July 27th, 28th Weekend Kansas City News

It's the weekend, baby! KCPD will be setting up DUI checkpoints in Kansas City at random locations once again this weekend, July 27th and July 28th. Beware of all of the usual sobriety checkpoints and also some new ones. But, as always, here at KCMB News we advise that you take the fear out of running into one of these roadblocks and just take a cab, or have a designated driver. Once again kids, the legal limit for DUI or DWI charges is .08 in Missouri and in Kansas. This level can be achieved by consuming more than one standard drink of alcohol per hour and then getting behind the wheel. Obviously for females, this amount can be lower, and for heavy drinkers, this number could be higher.

There will be DUI checkpoints in Kansas City this weekend so beware of the usual spots:

ANYWHERE along Ward Parkway, most often at the junction of 77th street where the road splits and goes into Kansas.

ANYWHERE along Southwest Trafficway, most notably anywhere near Westport.  Their favorite place to set up a DUI checkpoint in Westport is right on Southwest Trafficway near the stoplight that turns into the Sunfresh.

Other hot spots include the Waldo area, around 77th and Wornall, where they have recently upped the amount of DUI checkpoints that they set up due to the addition of The Well, a new popular Waldo bar. Additionally, the KCPD likes to set up roadblocks at the 93rd block of Wornall Road.

Stay safe out there this weekend Kansas City, there are several great cab companies, limo services and car services out there to help you avoid getting into trouble.

DUI checkpoints July 27th, July 28th by Kansas City News, official kc news site with breaking stories on The Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, charity events, the 2012 MLB All Star Game, weather, sports, MU, KU, ufo sightings, dui checkpoints, Kansas City neighborhoods, nightlife, concerts, the Sprint Center, the Power and Light District and current Kansas City news articles.

Friday, February 24, 2012

DUI Checkpoints Kansas City February 24th, 25th, 26th

Be careful out there this weekend! Here at Kansas City News we would like to bring you up to speed on the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City for February 24th, 25th and 26th. Remember, there is a new casino that just opened by the Kansas Speedway called Hollywood Casino and they will be swarming all over that place so be careful driving anywhere out and around The Legends Shopping Center.

Checkpoints will also be lurking in the usual places including:

Anywhere along Southwest Trafficway or Southwest Boulevard - avoid those streets if possible, especially on Southwest Trafficway near the Penn Valley Community College (around 31st Street) and also near the Sunfresh in Westport.

Avoid Ward Parkway all together if possible if you are trying to rocket out of the Plaza area from a night of embibing. Ward Parkway will have DUI checkpoints set up in a number of different areas including the most popular areas which are on the 77th block and the 79th street intersection where Ward Parkway splits into Kansas.

Wornall Road is always a popular spot for DUI checkpoints and they usually set those up around the Waldo area, near 75th Street or 77th Street. Wornall also has surprise checkpoints around 93rd Street on that blind corner where if you are driving south towards the intersection of 95th and Wornall, BANG! - there they are and you won't see a thing. Sometimes the Kansas City Police have a motorcycle posted up on the side street of 93rd looking to see if anyone tries to turn around and avoid the trap.

The best idea, of course is to avoid drunk driving and take a cab or find a sober friend to drive, this way you don't have to worry about DUI checkpoints in Kansas City at all! Be careful out there this weekend (February 24th, 25th and 26th) and drive safe!

You do not have to sign up to comment! If you have any trouble publishing your comment, try hitting the "Preview" button to publish from there. Thanks you from Kansas City News!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Kansas City News Headlines Friday September 30th, 2011

The American Royal BBQ 2011 - Kansas City News
The 2011 Contest and Kansas City event is under way this evening as over 100,000 people will pass through this year's American Royal BBQ 2011. Tickets are available to purchase at the gate but remember, just because you get into the event doesn't mean that you can get in to any of the parties and tents that are there. The tents and private areas are by invitation only, and are all just like small private parties. Some will have Kansas City DJs for entertainment, some will have live bands such as the Bayer Tent who will be featuring Spike Blake and Honky Tonk Rodeo. The American Royal will run through Sunday, October 2nd and will feature the "World Series of BBQ" contest. American Royal BBQ prizes are as follows:

Grand Champion:
Trophy & $10,000!

Automatic Return Invitations to American Royal Invitational Contest for next five years.

Reserve Grand Champion:
Trophy & $5,000

Second Runner-Up:
Trophy & $2,500

Third Runner-Up:

Fourth Runner-Up:

For each of four categories:

1st Place...................Trophy & $1,000
2nd Place.....................Ribbon & $500
3rd Place......................Ribbon & $400
4th Place......................Ribbon & $300
5th Place......................Ribbon & $250
6th -10th Places.........Ribbons & $100
11th -15th Places.....................Ribbons

The Zeros LIVE! at The Power and Light District - Kansas City News
If you don't feel like fighting the crowds at The American Royal BBQ 2011, you can head down to the Power and Light District and catch The Zeros, Kansas City's favorite 80's tribute band. The Zeros put on a great show, performing only "new wave" 80's music, none of the idiotic 80's hair band music. The Zeros hit the stage around 10pm and will rock until they shut the place down. The Power and Light District is losing momentum as it's owners, Cordesh Inc. continue to evict businesses in the district including the most recent closing of Raglan Road Irish Pub in September.

DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City - Kansas City News

Waldo Rapist Bernard Jackson Receives 18 Life Sentences - Kansas City News
It all started in 1977 when Bernard Jackson was convicted of his first rape at the age of 19. 6 years later, Jackson was released and he continued to torture, rob and rape women in the Waldo area until 1985 when Bernard was convicted of rape again and sentenced to 30 years. Jackson was then paroled in December of 2008, and was subsequently charged with additional rapes that occurred after his 2008 release. Bernard Jackson, a.k.a. the Waldo Rapist was sentenced today to 18 consecutive life sentences by assistant district attorney Ted Hunt for the rapes that Jackson committed back in the 1980's in light of new evidence that has been analyzed. Bernard Jackson's attorney, Carie Allen looked like some kind of bad joke today, her hair was fried out and she actually was seen laughing out loud several times during the case, yes, Carie, murder and rape are very funny topics, and your client is a ghetto stank piece of shit that belongs in jail - FOREVER.

Friday, September 16, 2011

DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City September 16th 17th

Well, it's time to brace for another weekend in Kansas City. There are several great events going on including The Foo Fighters concert, The Human League at The Uptown Theater, and several other events that will no doubt have the Kansas City Police Department putting up several DUI checkpoints in Kansas City this weekend of September 16th and 17th.

The checkpoints will be set up in the usual places and there may be a few surprises as well. Remember that there is almost always a DUI checkpoint along Southwest Trafficway, as well as anywhere along Ward Parkway but mainly near 77th Street and 79th Street. Wornall road will see it's share of DUI Checkpoints as well, hosting one at 75th and Wornall, as well as 93rd and Wornall as you round that blind corner heading up to the stoplight at 95th Street and Wornall.

A few surprise DUI checkpoints could pop up near the Power and Light District and there will be a lot of police activity on the Plaza due to the recent ghetto thug gatherings there. Also, if you are under 18 years old, remember that there is a curfew on the Plaza of 9pm. The Human League concert will most likely cause police to set up a DUI checkpoint somewhere on Main street or Broadway near midtown. The Chiefs game is an away game this week, so there could be a number of checkpoints set around 3pm when the game is over and people are coming out of the bars. Let's all have a safe weekend Kansas City! Courtesy of Kansas City News, September 16th, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

DUI Checkpoints for Kansas City, Shawnee July 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Kansas City Police and Shawnee Police have announced that they will conduct DUI checkpoints on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd in many areas of the city.  Exact locations were not disclosed, but the usual suspects are:

ANYWHERE along Ward Parkway or Southwest Trafficway, the area around 75th and Wornall and 93rd and Wornall.  There will most certainly be a LARGE DUI checkpoint next to the Sunfresh in Westport, as they usually have the school bus at that one, waiting to take away drunk drivers by the hundred.

Remember that the best rule of thumb when you've been drinking and you are stopped by a DUI checkpoint is to tell the truth.  Tell the officer that you have been drinking but stopped earlier in the night so that you could drive.  Lying to the police will get you pulled out of your car every time.  They can smell the booze on you no matter how strong the breath mints are you ate.  Just tell the truth, act cool and tell your drunk ass friends in the back seat to shut the hell up :)

Be safe this 4th of July weekend and get one of your teetotaler friends to drive, take a limo, use a car service, or heck, you can even use the Pedicab Service of Kansas City for a real kick.  Save the dangerous part of the weekend for the lighting of that questionable looking large firework that your insane brother brought to the picnic.  Light fuse and GET AWAY.

Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day DUI Checkpoint in Kansas City Yields Arrests

According to the Kansas City Police Department's website, Alcohol is related to 63% of the city's traffic deaths in 2010. While that figure is alarming, it might be more alarming that the other 37% of the time everyone involved was sober - that just goes to show that people can't drive whether they have been drinking or not. But seriously, the KCMO Police has a new weapon in the battle against the drunken driver. The new mobile DWI enforcement center was unveiled this week, and what better way to christen their new toy than with a St Paddy's Day Party on Southwest Trafficway!

The state of the art vehicle was paid for with a US Government grant. The cost was nearly $400,000. The previous command post was a modified RV that was nearly a quarter century old. Up to five suspects can be processed at one time, breath tests administered, and computer links to Police Headquarters.

Police made 41 arrests in their Westport checkpoint on Thursday night. More than 800 vehicles were stopped. One arrest was made for assault on a Police Officer, three for possession of marijuana, and numerous persons arrested on various warrants. Though I am not usually a proponent of DUI checkpoints, if you were stupid enough to be driving drunk near Westport on St Patrick's Day, you deserve to be arrested - and made fun of. Enjoy your thousands of dollars in fines and fees!

Friday, September 10, 2010

DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City Sept 10th, 11th

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DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City September 10th, 11th

Well, it's the weekend again and it's time to look out for the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Liberty, Prairie Village and all of our lovely Kansas City neighborhoods where people will be getting wasted and driving around.

There are a few events going on this weekend that may trigger some DUI checkpoints that may not have been there on a normal Sept 10th or 11th.   The Prairie Village Jazz Festival will be going on on Sept 11th and will attract some more police attention than usual in Prairie Village (if there could possibly be more police attention in Prairie Village) so there could be a checkpoint around 83rd and Mission.

Other than that, the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City will probably be in the usual places:  77th and Wornall, Ward Parkway where it stems off into Kansas around 77th Street, anywhere on Southwest Trafficway and possibly a few dotted around Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Liberty and Prairie Village.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Checkpoints in Kansas City - Dui Checkpoints August 20th, 21st

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Checkpoints in Kansas City - Dui Checkpoints August 20th, 21st Weekend 

Checkpoints for Friday August 20th and Saturday August 21st are going to be in force throughout the Kansas City area.  The city of Kansas City has recently been given a substantial budget increase due to a Federal Dui Checkpoint Multi-Offender Grant that went into effect in July of 2011.  The Kansas City Police Department was given a large budget increase to set up checkpoints in the area to seek out prior dui offenders and drivers driving with suspended licenses.  Obviously this budget increase allowed the police to set up checkpoints pretty much every weekend.

The Kansas City Police have been on the local news stations repeatedly urging Kansas Citians not to drive drunk so it is no secret that they are placing multiple checkpoints around the city and they are not hiding this fact.  It is a really bad time to drink and drive in Kansas City!  Take a cab, phone a friend, stay home and play Madden 2011 or MLB The Show 10 but don't drink and drive around as a dui will really cramp your style.

Common checkpoints in Kansas City occur at 74th and Wornall, ANYWHERE on Ward Parkway but usually where Ward Parkway splits and enters into Kansas around the 77th Street area, avoid Southwest Trafficway at ALL COSTS, and of course anywhere in the suburbs the police are furious.  If you have to have a couple drinks and drive then stick to the highways when possible.

Disclaimer for those who may bitch about comments on this dui checkpoint article: This website and it's contributing writers do not condone or encourage drinking and driving.



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