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Saturday, August 31, 2013

DUI Checkpoints Labor Day Weekend 2013 Aug 31st Sept 1st Sept 2nd Sept 3rd

All the crazies will be out in full force as they have released the masses from work for Labor Day Weekend 2013. There will be plenty of DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City and Lee's Summit for August 31st, September 1st, September 2nd, and September 3rd 2013.

The Checkpoints for Labor Day Weekend will be in the usual suspect areas including but not limited to:

Southwest Trafficway
Beware of checkpoints along Southwest Trafficway in all areas, but especially near the Sun Fresh at around 40th Street. They LOVE to set up a giant DUI Checkpoint complete with large buses to cart people off to jail near that intersection.

Ward Parkway
Watch yourself on any part of Ward Parkway as well, but be especially careful around 78th Street where Ward Parkway splits and all of the Prairie Village people merge over to the right to cross State Line to get home. Often there is a DUI checkpoint set up just as you round the corner on Ward Parkway heading toward that Kansas / Missouri split. If you're headed toward the Plaza on Ward Parkway then beware of a DUI checkpoint as you head down the hill after the light at 51st Street.

Wornall Road
It has come to our attention that not everyone in Kansas City knows the correct pronunciation of the word WORNALL. It is pronounced as if you were saying WORNLE (sounds like NORMAL) - It is NOT pronounced WOR-NELL. There ya go, a little lesson for the day. There will typically be a checkpoint on Wornall Road near 75th Street in Waldo near the Wendy's. They have also been known to set up at 92nd and Wornall, just as you round the corner South of the light at 95th Street.

Lee's Summit
Lee's Summit is NOT the place to drink and drive (nor is anywhere for that matter) but those officers will be checking EVERYONE that they pull over this Labor Day Weekend 2013 on August 31st, September 1st, September 2nd and September 3rd. Get a cab if you're going to drive anywhere in Lee's Scumm-It.

We strongly encourage everyone not to drive if they are going to be drinking this Labor Day Weekend 2013, get a cab or have a sober friend drive. Have a safe weekend from your friends at KCMB News Kansas City.

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