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Friday, July 27, 2012

DUI Checkpoints July 27th, 28th Weekend Kansas City News

It's the weekend, baby! KCPD will be setting up DUI checkpoints in Kansas City at random locations once again this weekend, July 27th and July 28th. Beware of all of the usual sobriety checkpoints and also some new ones. But, as always, here at KCMB News we advise that you take the fear out of running into one of these roadblocks and just take a cab, or have a designated driver. Once again kids, the legal limit for DUI or DWI charges is .08 in Missouri and in Kansas. This level can be achieved by consuming more than one standard drink of alcohol per hour and then getting behind the wheel. Obviously for females, this amount can be lower, and for heavy drinkers, this number could be higher.

There will be DUI checkpoints in Kansas City this weekend so beware of the usual spots:

ANYWHERE along Ward Parkway, most often at the junction of 77th street where the road splits and goes into Kansas.

ANYWHERE along Southwest Trafficway, most notably anywhere near Westport.  Their favorite place to set up a DUI checkpoint in Westport is right on Southwest Trafficway near the stoplight that turns into the Sunfresh.

Other hot spots include the Waldo area, around 77th and Wornall, where they have recently upped the amount of DUI checkpoints that they set up due to the addition of The Well, a new popular Waldo bar. Additionally, the KCPD likes to set up roadblocks at the 93rd block of Wornall Road.

Stay safe out there this weekend Kansas City, there are several great cab companies, limo services and car services out there to help you avoid getting into trouble.

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