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Monday, December 5, 2011

Frank White Fired From Fox News and Royals Organization

Notorious Royals second baseman Frank White was fired by Fox News and the Kansas City Royals for unknown reasons. According to Jack Harry and Frank Boal the firing did not have anything to do with Dayton Moore but more to do with Dan Glass. Kevin Shank was also fired. The story so far is that Frank White, All Star Second Baseman for the Kansas City Royals was sent to a downtown Kansas City hotel to get news from a Fox News employee that he was no longer needed at Fox or in the broadcast booth for the Royals.

Frank White took over the broadcasting job for the Kansas City Royals when Paul Splittorff passed away and has been calling Royals games ever since. His firing did not come as a surprise by those close to the organization as it was well known that Frank White did not get along well with the front office of the Royals organization. The reason that this has become such a big story is that there has not been an explanation given to the public from the Royals front office yet, and also the manner in which he was fired was considered by most to be unethical. Sam Mellinger from the Kansas City Star reported that "Royals general manager Dayton Moore is being blamed in many circles for White’s ouster from the broadcast booth, which multiple sources adamantly dispute and classify as a collaborative decision."

Jack Henry reported that Dayton Moore had little or nothing to do with the firing of Frank White, but rather the firing came from Royals upper brass member Dan Glass, acting out his father David Glass' wishes. It will be a shame to see anything keep Frank White from participating in the 2012 All Star Game to be held at Kauffman Stadium next summer, as they will surely be planning a huge celebration and honorary ceremony of former Royals stars including George Brett, Willie Wilson and of course Frank White. These players were the pillars of a generation of Royals success, in fact the ONLY success that the Royals have ever experienced since their inception. In fact, the 1985 Royals are the only professional sports team that has ever won a World Championship for Kansas City and neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor the Kansas City Royals have even come close since the 1985 Royals World Series Win. Most sports writers and news reporters in Kansas City writing these days were not around to see that 1985 team like we were and they need to show some respect. All they have to write about is some fiddling around with Mexican/Puerto Rican/Dominican baseball players and insane trades and shady ownership of the Royals and they will never understand how it felt to be at Kauffman Stadium during the early 80's when the Royals were on the NATIONAL front and they probably never will. We certainly hope that Frank White's firing won't keep him from participating in any ceremony honoring the 1985 Royals at the 2012 MLB All Star Game, and we hope that the young sports writers out there who are products of the "plastic generation" who have little or no emotion or sense of Royals pride understand Frank White's situation and not pretend that they were there when everything was REALLY happening.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Royals Winning Streak 6 Games

The Kansas City Royals keep the party going. Now into a 6 game winning streak, our boys in blue are playing like they are vying for a playoff slot. Many concerned Royals media are very irritated that the Royals are putting up wins, as each win takes them further away from a good draft spot in 2012. On 810 AM today a few skeptics claimed that "other teams are wisely dropping games to get to a better draft pick and the Royals should do the same". That sounds familiar to me as an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, in the 2008 and 2009 seasons I was hoping that the Chiefs would drop all of their remaining games in order to get a great draft position - but alas, they would usually win just enough games to get them mediocre players in the draft like Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson.

This raises an interesting question when it comes to baseball, however, as baseball players base their entire careers on batting averages, and pitching wins, losses and ERA scores. How can a Major League Baseball team throw games on purpose without some players having to take a personal blow to their batting average or pitching stats? How would they even get the players to agree to do something like that? As we in Kansas City are WAY too familiar with, The Kansas City Royals are more or less a launching pad for star players who cut their teeth here and then immediately ask to be traded away (Zack Greinke, Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Carlos Beltran), The Royals refuse to pay any of these star players the salaries that they want, and away they go to other teams. The politics of the Kansas City Royals administration is appalling and it is a direct smack to the face of the faithful Royals fans. But, obviously they don't care at all, they keep all the money, turn Kauffman Stadium into a giant BAR, and trade away any players that show any promise.

The recent Royals winning streak is a cute little gesture of a small time team winning with heart and determination, but in the big picture The Royals will probably not return to the World Series in the next century. Thank God for the 1985 Royals, who continue to keep the team out of the record books for longest streak without a pennant. Thank you George Brett, thank you Bret Saberhagen, thank you Willie Wilson, you guys stuck it out here in Kansas City and brought home the gold........probably for the last time.


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