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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man Dies After Police Hit Him With Taser

Travis Maupin Killed by Police Taser - KCMB Kansas City News

Unfortunately, police officers have to use deadly force at times in their job. In the worst situations, an officer may have to open fire on a criminal who attacks police or is threatening the lives of others. Other times, an officer may have to use deadly force with… a taser?

That is the situation that developed in Osawatomie, where a 32 year old man died after police hit him with a taser responding to a domestic disturbance. Travis L. Maupin had locked himself in his home off of Chestnut Avenue around 1:00 a.m. last night when police arrived at the scene in response to a domestic disturbance - Maupin had allegedly strangled a woman in his home. Maupin eventually came out of his home and was willing to talk to the police, however he ran away as paramedics began to check the woman for injuries.

After setting off on foot, the Miami County police officers chased after Maupin and eventually caught up to him. When he resisted the officers, they hit him with a taser. Travis Maupin was quickly rushed to the Miami County Medical Center, and was later pronounced dead.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has been asked to look into the death of Maupin, as requested by Osawatomie authorities. The situation is bizarre, as the whole objective of tasers are to restrain people without causing them death or any serious harm. It is entirely possible that Travis Maupin had a preexisting health condition, or was under the influence of a substance that resulted in his death when the taser was used.

The use of tasers by police officers has been a hotly debated topic for several years. Many feel like it offers the police a weapon for potential abuse, and that officers are too willing to use a taser since they know it will not kill the suspect. In the past, there have been examples of police using tasers too quickly or willingly, even on women and children. Others also argue that briefly electrocuting someone is a violation of basic human rights. Maupin’s death will only heighten this debate.

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