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Sunday, February 26, 2012

UFO Sighting Kansas City 2012 February Shawnee

February, 2012 - Two separate reports of UFO sightings in Kansas City came in to us over the weekend. These reports were extremely unique as both reports came in around the same time and were reported within 1 square mile of each other. This time, the visitors were flying over the vicinity of Shawnee, Kansas, one spotted from a home near Shawnee Mission Medical Center, and another from a man playing golf at the Milburn Golf and Country Club.

UFO Sighting #1
This report came in at about 4:45pm on Friday night from a married couple who were working in their back yard in the vicinity of Old 56 Highway in Shawnee, Kansas, near the Shawnee Mission Medical Center. They reported sighting a fairly large craft approaching from the West. The craft was silver / blue in color and had three round lights on the front of it. Then, about 200 yards behind the first craft, another, smaller craft was spotted, following - or possibly "escorting" the larger craft. The second, smaller craft was a blueish silver in color as well and had what appeared to be lights all around the outer ring of the cylindrical vehicle. The smaller craft stayed exactly the same distance behind the large craft the entire time they were flying. The UFOs continued their path until suddenly making a sharp, 90 degree turn in mid air and flew due South at extreme speeds (approx 500 mph according to the witness) until they were out of sight. As the craft were approaching, before they flew away, the husband grabbed his cell phone and snapped the photos that we posted here. It was nearly dark outside so the photos are not clear, but you can see enough to know that these are no ordinary aircraft vehicles. The couple stayed outside for about another hour, watching the sky for a possible return, but no more UFOs were spotted.

UFO Sighting #2
This sighting came in around 4:50pm from a man who was finishing up a chilly round of golf at The Milburn Golf Course and Country Club just a few blocks from the sighting from the couple above. This man was walking up the 18th hole fairway towards his ball when he heard a strange "whirring" sound, "like a giant humming bird" as he described it. He looked up and saw a quickly approaching pair of strange aircraft that he described as silver in color, one vehicle was larger than the other and flew in front, the smaller craft flying in a sort of formation behind the large craft. This matched the other couple's sighting to a tee (pun slightly intended).

We have had reports come in of UFO sightings before that were in the same general area and around the same time from multiple people, but NEVER have we had two sightings that were this close to each other. I mean we're talking BLOCKS away from each other, and within about 5 minutes. These UFO sightings were significant as well because one man was quick enough to grab his cell phone and snap a photo. Here at Kansas City News, we foretold at the end of last fall that more and more UFO sightings were going to be captured due to the fact that everyone now has a camera on their cell phone, in their pocket, ready to snap a quick photo. The only drawback at this point is the quality of the photos from most cell phones are crappy at best. But we're sure that very soon, as the quality of cell phone photos gets better and better, we will be seeing a lot more photos of UFO sightings in Kansas City and around the world.

Keep your cell phones handy, and keep watching the skies! Send us any UFO sightings you have to us at

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