Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kansas City News Celebrates 2 Years on July 12th

We're turning 2 years old!  We want to thank everyone for stopping by and reading our articles here at Kansas City News.  We've recently become a main fixture on page 1 of Google for the search "kansas city news" which is not a very easy task - we beat out several local newspapers, tv news stations and other Kansas City news sources and we appreciate it!  For our birthday we've given ourselves a little makeover, hope you like the new logos and artwork.

We are a grassroots website that is based solely in Kansas City, Missouri.  We are not some national website like that generically reports (more like regurgitates) news stories without any real Kansas City insight.  All of our authors live in Kansas City, and they work hard to bring you honest, refreshing, and even downright opinionated Kansas City news stories.  We take pride in reporting the news to you in an honest manner, we don't dilute our stories by trying to be politically correct, we don't worry about whether or not we're going to offend anyone or not.  This is the news, and we tell it like it is, we're hoping that most of our Kansas City readers find that approach refreshing.  For our entire lives the news has been spoon fed to us by a limited amount of resources who force their opinion on us, and choose what news we get to hear and what news to edit out.  Kansas City has always been stuck with about 3 TV stations, and one newspaper to report the news and it's time that an honest, tell it like it is news source stepped up to tell Kansas City news the way it should be told.

We know that a crowd is gathering, we know that we gain more and more readers every week in Kansas City as we watch our website traffic stats rise.  Whether you read our articles because you appreciate our honesty and lack of appropriate filters, or you just stumbled in, we want you to know that we hope you continue to follow our Kansas City news stories.


Kansas City News


KansasCityNews said...

Oh, and don't forget that our birthday is coming up on July 12th! We will be 2 years old.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, we are new readers but love the site.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Your page is definitely an interesting read, and yes, it does give me something to do at my job besides work.

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