Monday, July 9, 2012

Bill Self Booed Off the Field at 2012 Celebrity Softball Game

Everything was as it should have been on Sunday night at the K for the 2012 Celebrity Softball Game. The only standing ovation of the entire night was when George Brett came to the plate for his turn at bat. The King of Kauffman Stadium got the ovation that he deserved and it was an honor to be present to witness Brett take his batting stance once again. In an opposite reaction, Bill Self, head coach of the KU Jayhawks, was practically booed off of the field. Why Bill Self was even in the game is a mystery as he is certainly no celebrity, but the crowd really let him have it when his name was announced, and they continued to boo him down to the ground EVERY time he came to bat. He tried to kind of smile it off, but it must have been quite humiliating to be booed so viciously by a sold out Kauffman Stadium that night, but he had no business being out there in the first place, so justice was swiftly served by the true blue Kansas City Royals fans. Other players such as former MVP and World Champion Steve Garvey, got literally no reaction at all, dead air! Other celebrities who received silent welcomes were model Chrissy Teigen, and the lackluster Haley Reinhart from the insidious American Idol, who got absolutely no reaction at all. For some reason they also stacked both of these incompetent girls on the American League's side, and the only girl on the National League's team was a professional softball player Jennie Finch - now how is that fair? Oh well, it was all in good fun, and a lot of fun we had.

Our seats are directly behind home plate, and it was great to see such a magnificent selection of baseball heroes march past us as they took the plate, swung the bat and even played tricks on each other. At one point in the game while pitching against Dave Winfield, several players came to the mound and continued to pour Gatorade all over the ball before they pitched it. The 2012 Celebrity Softball game was a high scoring affair with a lot of home runs and a lot of hideous base running.

George Brett at bat 2012 Celebrity Softball Game
It will probably be the last time the fans at Kauffman Stadium will see George Brett take his famous left handed stance in the batter's box, and we were honored to be a part of the event. George Brett will likely never be surpassed as the greatest Kansas City Royals player that has ever lived. Brett even took the mound towards the middle of the game for the American League, which was great. Perhaps the crowd at Kauffman Stadium should have withheld their boos when Bill Self came to bat because it got his "feathers" all ruffled up (haha) and he went and hit a home run over the little fence that they had put up in the short outfield.

The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display and it was a perfect ending to a wonderful night. Stay tuned to KCMB News online as we will be posting a video of Bill Self getting booed after the game airs tonight on ESPN at 9pm.

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Anonymous said...

Who batted in fron of Brett in the first inning and got a single, Matt Cassell??

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that Self hit a home run. And of course he deserved to be there - he is the only coach somewhat near the KC area that has actually won a championship.

MU fans never cease to amaze me. The ovation he deserved? Right, a guy who has 8 straight Big 12 titles, two final fours and a national title should get booed. OH MY GOD HE IS SUCCESSFUL AT KU. Deserves to get booed for sure.

PS - Norfolk State. Nice way to end the greatest season your team had in 20 some years right?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had went just for the chance to booo the ever arrogant Self. Hopefully he thinks about how he was treated by KC, in KC, the next time he calls KC a ku town from the comfy confines of Lawrence or JOCO.

Kansas City News said...

Hey! We mentioned the home run :) Bill Self is a good kid, he just didn't know just how unpopular he actually is in Kansas City. Jayhawks fans are loud and proud and they dominate most blog boards, but when it comes right down to it, The Jayhawks are not very popular in Kansas City as was clearly shown at Kauffman that night.

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