Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia wins the first round against Obamacare.

I love Virginia...and you can tell my wife!

Just like Billy Joel told Virginia that only the good die young, democracy in our country will die young if our government keeps passing terrible legislation like Obamacare. But thank God for Virginia! They are leading the country to stop Obamacare from poisoning their state and hopefully will show the rest of the country how to fight against a government that is out of control.

Today a federal judge gave the blessing for Virginia to continue with its lawsuit against the U.S. government. THANK GOD! I have never thought twice about the state of Virginia in my life...but now they are one of my favorite states in the country. GO VIRGINIA!

In addition to their blessing by a federal judge regarding their lawsuit to stop Obamacare, Virginia's Attorney General stated that it is okay for their police officers to ask the immigration status of anyone they stop. The difference between Virginia and Arizona is that the Attorney General isn't making it mandatory that police officers ask for identification if they suspect someone is in the country illegally on a routine stop, he is just making the statement that they have the option if they want to do so...whenever they like. But I will take that over the opposite...of that.

Did you know over half of the battles fought in the civil war were fought in Virginia? What a fitting fact for Virginia's new slogan, "The Warrior State" (okay I just made that up). Virginians know how to fight and we need to give them our support! Woo hoo!



Anonymous said...

Were we supposed to vote today in Missouri? Proposition C or something?

Anonymous said...

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